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The Hollywood Reporter
Its high-octane but low-stakes action might be just the thing for moviegoers weary of summer's operatic superheroes.
Above all, real-life couple Shepard and Bell bring genuine chemistry to this high-energy excursion.
Just slam the pedal to the floor, blast on past the weaknesses in the plot, and enjoy the ride.
Hit and Run isn't a catastrophe, but it leaves loose ends and a more adventurous map by the side of the winding road.
The movie feels like a grown-up version of little boys making whooshing noises and staging collisions while playing with toys on a living room floor. It belongs to the same star-and-his-pals-cutting-up genre as the lesser comedies by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.
Pretty much everything shot by Shepard and co-director David Palmer looks as if it was done in one take. Hit & Run is closest in tone to the Tarantino-penned "True Romance," but it lacks that movie's menace.
A slow, meandering misfire of a movie.
Village Voice
That even the criminal class has gone sensitive and finicky eco-conscious has some potential for comedy-or drama, as in Oliver Stone's undervalued Savages-but there's no single detail that might convince a viewer that the characters played by Dax Shepard and Bradley Cooper might ever have been compelled to steal for a living, and this alienates the crime picture from any social context or sense of actual danger, making it essentially a celebrity goof-off.
Slant Magazine
Far more frustrating than the film's banally conventional plot structure is its characters' lack of depth.
Interminable scenes of macho posturing and mock-Tarantino dialogue (including a lengthy dissection of the word fags!) mark time between a number of ineptly staged car chases that would embarrass the makers of "Cannonball Run II."

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