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Trailer for Kentaro Horikirizono's "Black Dawn" (Gaiji Keisatsu)

The official website for Kentaro Horikirizono’s Black Dawn has been updated with an HD embed of the movie’s new trailer. It was previously streamed exclusively on Yahoo! Japan.

The movie follows up the 2009 Nhk drama “Gaiji Keisatsu” and features an original screenplay inspired by Iku Aso’s original novel of the same name.

The story is set after the Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, 2011. During the turmoil and confusion that followed, sensitive data on nuclear components was stolen from a major university facility in the affected area.

Sumimoto (Atsuro Watabe), a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s elite foreign affairs/anti-terrorism division, is tailing a woman named Kaori (Yoko Maki), the wife of a company president (Kang-woo Kim) who has been involved in illegal foreign exports and is suspected of being a Korean spy. Sumimoto takes Kaori into custody for collaboration and eventually enlists her help to uncover
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