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2014 TCM Classic Film Festival To Honor Jerry Lewis

The 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival will honor legendary actor, filmmaker and humanitarian Jerry Lewiswith a multi-tiered celebration of his remarkable career. Highlighting the tribute, Lewis will have his hand and footprints enshrined in concrete in front of the world-famous Tcl Chinese Theatre IMAX. In addition, Lewis will be on-hand for a screening of one of his most memorable films: The Nutty Professor (1963). Marking its fifth year, the TCM Classic Film Festival will take place April 10-13, 2014, in Hollywood. The gathering will coincide with TCM’s 20th anniversary as a leading authority in classic film.

Jerry Lewis is a very important name whenever movie comedy is discussed and enjoyed,” said TCM host Robert Osborne, who also serves as the official host of the TCM Classic Film Festival. “Jerry has provided the world with great merriment and laughter, while also showing, in such films as Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy,
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Method To The Madness Of Jerry Lewis – The DVD Review

Review by Sam Moffitt

Jerry Lewis is a national treasure! No, strike that, let me correct that…Jerry Lewis is a global treasure. He belongs to the whole world and here is a documentary celebrating all things Jerry Lewis. Tracing his career from the age of five when he first entered show business, (I am not kidding, he was raised in vaudeville and burlesque by his father and mother who were both performers!) to the present day. Much time is devoted to his insane career with the late Dean Martin and his charity work for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We also see and hear a lot about his legendary run with Paramount Pictures in the 60s when he wrote, directed and starred in a series of box office hit comedies.

Be advised, this is not a warts and all portrait, Lewis himself is credited as the producer of this documentary!
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Maybe The French Were On To Something...

Depending on who you ask, Jerry Lewis is either brilliant or just not all that funny. Loud, bombastic, and cloying, his brand of humor was perfectly suited for the time of its greatest popularity, but is hopelessly out of synch with our own. But Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis makes the case that his singularity comes from his exceptionalism rather than the tastes of any particular time period. If you happen to be one who isn't inclined find any of his work funny, Method brings enough authoritative opinion and documentary evidence to convince you that you’re wrong.

Like so many comedians of the 20th century, Lewis came from the vaudeville circuit, where his father was a headlining act. Desperate for approval any way that he could get it, Lewis developed an act of his own, born on the stage but well-suited to film where he had his greatest success.
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"Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis"- January 22, 2013

Anchor Bay Entertainment will release director/producer Gregg Barson's 2011 Starz Encore documentary "Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis" on DVD, January 22, 2013.

The comedy film stars Jerry Lewis, Eddie Murphy, Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld, Chevy Chase, Carl Reiner, Quentin Tarantino, Carol Burnett, Richard Belzer, John Landis and Richard Lewis :

"...'Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis' takes a contemporary look at a true living legend through in-depth and candid interviews with Jerry Lewis.

"See never-before-seen film footage and contributions from some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Alec Baldwin, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Carl Reiner, Quentin Tarantino and a whole lot more.

"Director/producer Gregg Barson explores the superstar comedian from a fresh perspective.

"He is the only filmmaker to be granted unlimited behind-the-scenes access to Jerry Lewis, resulting in an unfiltered reflection on Lewis' 80-year career in show business.

"Plus, travel the world with the
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'Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis' Premieres -- and You Should Watch

  • The Wrap
'Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis' Premieres -- and You Should Watch
It's light on biographical details, but Encore's documentary "Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis" is a must-see for Jerry Lewis fans who want to hear from a who's who of the comedy world about how Lewis inspired them. Eddie Murphy, who starred in a remake of "The Nutty Professor," is nearly giddy when he talks about Lewis' comedy techniques. Jerry Seinfeld calls Lewis the "diamond of comedy" and says the decision by Lewis and former comedy partner Dean Martin to end their collaboration while they were hot inspired him to end
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