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27 Jun. 2013
The Hiatus
Becky & Barry haven't been heard from in quite awhile. Becky's chance encounter with their agent, Sharon, helps explain the hiatus. It turns out Barry has changed during his "time off."
11 Jul. 2013
Just Right
Becky & Barry have finally found the acting class for them. Taught by the charismatic Rafael Domingo, they learn very quickly how much they haven't learned.
18 Jul. 2013
The Student Film
Becky & Barry are on the set of a student film, where nothing goes as planned.
25 Jul. 2013
Class Acts
This week, we return to Rafael's acting class, where he's assigned everyone a partner to work on a scene together. Personalities collide during their prep time, and it's unclear whether Becky & Barry will succeed.
1 Aug. 2013
Force of Improv
Barry gets called in by Brad for a commercial that will be mostly improvisation, so Becky helps him prepare. Coincidentally, Barry gets to audition with an old friend from Season 1. Barry's enthusiasm for the reunion is not mutual...
8 Aug. 2013
Career Counseling
Becky & Barry are feeling a little lost in their careers, so they go to the one person they feel can give them guidance. In this episode, we pay homage to one of the greatest movies of all time.
15 Aug. 2013
Becky & Barry are both on set. Did Rafael come through on his promise? Or was it his pain medication talking?

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