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Season 1

8 Sep. 2011
The Threat
Gabriel and Amos are having breakfast at their favorite Los Angeles bar, Sheddy's. Amos, as usual, upsets Gabriel for not knowing all the information about one of their shipments. He sends Amos off to find it out. George shows up to discuss some family business with Gabriel. As the two leave Sheddy's, they are unsuccessfully attacked by an unknown assailant.
13 Sep. 2011
Clean Up
Gabriel and his cousin, Needles, wash up after their "interrogation" of the unknown assailant. Gabriel is disappointed that the assailant died before they could find out "who he was workin' for." Needles assures him that he'll get to the bottom of it. Amos shows up to make sure Gabriel is okay. Gabriel assures him he's fine and that, "George is the one who got it." Gabriel and Amos are surprised by the bloody, battered unknown assailant as he belly flops into Gabriel's pool.
20 Sep. 2011
Amos Attack
At Gabriel's request, Amos goes to talk to Troy, a family associate, about the attack on Gabriel. Amos and Troy get into an altercation which ends with another unknown assailant knocking Amos to the ground. Back at The Pacelli compound, Rosemary, Gabriel's wife, and her friend, Dolores, chat in the kitchen when George tells Gabriel that Troy called saying Amos was attacked and now is missing. Gabriel and George leave to go get Needles.
27 Sep. 2011
Joe, the unknown assailant, has Troy tied to a chair convincing him that it would be in his best interest to be the bait for The Pacelli family. Troy pleads with Joe to let him go and that he had nothing to do with whatever happened to Gabriel. Troy's lack of enthusiasm for Joe?s plan angers Joe which puts Troy's life in danger.
4 Oct. 2011
Desperately Seeking Amos
At Needles's apartment, Gabriel and George tell Needles that Amos is missing. Back at Troy's house, an unconscious and tied up Amos is surrounded by Joe and his goons, Takehiko and Petrov. Amos regains consciousness to find a dead Troy strapped to his body while Joe tries to convince him to take over Troy's role as bait for the rest of The Pacelli Family.
10 Oct. 2011
Assembling the Troops
In Needles's garage, Gabriel, George, and Needles discuss bringing in the family's big guns, Buttercup and Artie, in their plan to rescue Amos. We return to Troy's house where Amos is still tied up and continues to be harassed as Takehiko convinces Joe to let him rip off Amos's fingernails.
18 Oct. 2011
Gabriel, George, and Needles arrive at Buttercup's to collect some ammo and meet up with Artie. Amos's fingernail gets ripped off by Takehiko. He musters all his energy to break free of his restraints in his attempt to escape his captures.
25 Oct. 2011
The Meet Up
Amos meets up with Gabriel, George, Needles, Buttercup, and Artie as they pull into Troy's driveway. But before they can do anything, they are forced to run as Joe, Takehiko, and Petrov come running out of the house firing their guns. Safely behind Troy's house, Amos explains that he doesn't know who his captures are when Buttercup falls to the ground with a fresh bullet wound that came straight out of Petrov's gun. The Pacelli men are surrounded by Joe, Takehiko, and Petrov who force them to drop their weapons as Joe tells them to come inside so he can figure out ...
1 Nov. 2011
Buttercup manages to fire a shot at Petrov causing the family to scramble for their weapons. Needles battles Petrov while Artie enters a knife fight with Takehiko. Gabriel and Joe square off, each with their guns pointed towards the other. We see a beaten Amos being tended to by George as a gunshot rings out not knowing if it was Joe or Gabriel who won the standoff?

 Season 1 

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