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I was blown away.....

Author: hereishOriZOn from India
19 January 2013

Lets start by saying that a script this gutsy and honest comes very rarely. In Bollywood, where most film-makers are trying to sell love-story scripts to general public, this movie defines love more realistically than any other movie I have seen. The sheer pressure you experience when your ego and ambition comes in between you and your love. And in that pressure, some choices are made which cannot be classified as right or wrong. Because, we, as audience see the two lovers trying to solve the complicated maze and we get to see all the right or wrong choices they make. But, we don't know what would happen if we were to solve it ourselves.

I will admit that writing such script takes lot of guts and that is why Sudhir Mishra deserves a bow. I don't really care what its IMDb rating is but I am listening to Sudhir Mishra and he made a fan out of me today. \m/

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definitely a one time watch.

Author: shubham tapadar
18 January 2013

well,I am pretty sure this film doesn't fall in the idiotic and senseless genre that thankfully salman khan akshay kumar brought in the bollywood.

It's quite an intelligent and entertaining shows stories from both sides and not all a sexist remains absolute neutral till the very end. All the struggles to climb the ladder of success and the pressure of the corporate world is wonderfully depicted here.Plus the right amount of human emotions are shown.It fantastically displays the love story and the Ego clashes between two successful individuals. Not to say,it is meant for urban population but still a very good step in right direction.Hardly any nonsensical dance numbers and all the songs go very well with the story-line.(except one where a guy sings in an award ceremony). Nonetheless,it is definitely a one. time watch.

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Inkaar nahi Ikraar......!!!!

Author: Atul Jain from India
22 January 2013

Inkaar nahi Ikraar......!!!! After Yeh Saali Zindagi, Sudhir Mishra has done another excellent job in his direction. Chitrangda Singh at her best including Arjun Rampal! I'm so simply impressed! :) The story is not only about Sexual harassment at work place but the relationships people make to get better position and growth in their careers.

The movie screens the controversial topic how we interpret the difference between flirting and harassment. Till the time it is being enjoyed, it is allowed and we say it 'Fun working environment' but just after fulfilling the requirement, the intentions change and convert their faces to be Sexual Harassment and 'Tharkipana'. O_o

I watched Akshay's starrer Aitraaz (2004) on the same topic, but Inkaar tops the chart and without focusing on Male chauvinism or Female's ambition, it depicts a neutral observation and confusions created in 'Working together relationships'.

The movie will be a sure flop on box office because it'll have only specific set of patient viewers, though it's a very must watch specially for them who observe/encounter people doing similar activities . (9/10 rating) ^_^

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A Cinema - Acceptable & Entertaining To Some, Weird & Worthless To Some!

Author: Tejas Nair from the Entertainment Capital of India
18 January 2013

I wasn't much impressed by last week's Matru Ki...'s complex dialogs and the story. So I hopped into a corner with my partner and tried to perceive Sudhir Mishra's latest.

After watching some classics by him and most recently "Yeh Saali Zindagi," I was expecting hell of a lot of things from him and the sexy cast.

Lo and behold, a wonderful topic of sexual harassment (at the wake of Indian dilemma of what to do with harassers, rapists & offenders) to choose for a movie and not-so-bad story but what lacks and probably why it didn't work out for my partner was she thought the topic was taken to a state of hyperbole. While, I enjoyed the intricacy, but hated the characterization and their levels.

"There is something towards the end that makes you hate it" well that is what she said and, "There is something towards the end that makes you love it" was my verdict.

Music is charming, direction is good, story is good and rest all film- making factors are average. But what I had expected and what should have probably worked for INKAAR is its lead actors furnishing a real deal rather than self-absorbing a competitive and bumptious outlook throughout the movie. While we know office politics need that type of arrogance and pompousness, but... all the way till home - they are just actual spoilers and result of bad thinking.

At the end of the day, Inkaar is for "give-it-a-try-we're-rich" type serious cinemaholics and not for the "let's-watch-a-movie-and-have-fun" crowd.

The thing I adore the most is it's brilliant narration and anti-climax induced metaphor. Absolutely stunning lead players! Deepti Naval is better and dynamic.

My partner's rating: 7.5/10 | Mine: 9/10

WATCH OUT FOR: the office kinkiness

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? MAYBE!

Language: Strong | Sex: Mild | Nudity: Mild | Foreplay: Very Strong | Smoking: Mild | Alcohol: Strong | Mouth-Kiss: Mild | Drugs: Very Mild | Violence: Mild

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Unexpectedly good !!

Author: karan-katare from India
21 January 2013

Director is very firm on what he wanted to show. Surprisingly good acting by Arjun Rampal. Liked the plot. Director is successful in making audience glued to seat to know the result. Story is really neutral and being a corporate employee, you will find yourself somewhere in the film. On top of that the subject is picked at very right time as similar kind of news are being gossiped in society. I am very sure that it wont be a blockbuster as audience nowadays demands only "Masala" and time pass movies instead of quality movies. Although this movie demands corporate class of audience, anyone can see this just to feel the politics that goes on in private sector.

But Kudos to the team for making such effort.!!!

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understated gem!

Author: ankitabose76
30 March 2014

This film is really a gem. Why? because during its runtime of 2:07:19;not for once will you find yourself distracting to think of something else than what is going on screen. It transported me to the INKAAR conference room table along with the other characters. The story is trimmed out of all excesses and is just right. The acting is more or less good. It keeps you on the edge till the last moment thinking "SO WHO'S WHAT?" So please if you can get your hands on this movie, don't delay watching it; because its worth it! I gave it a 7 because, well, i did not particularly like the ending was hoping for something different than that.

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A Potpourri of Vestiges Review: Indian filmmaker Sudhir Mishra's tale of misunderstood love with shades of Rashomon

Author: Murtaza Ali from India
20 April 2014

Inkaar (which translates to "Refusal" in English) is a 2013 Hindi film written and directed by renowned Indian filmmaker Sudhir Mishra. Inkaar stars Chitrangada Singh and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles. While this is the third Sudhir Misha film that stars Chitrangada Singh in the lead— the other two being Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003) and Yeh Saali Zindagi (2011)—it's the first time that Arjun Rampal has teamed up with Mishra.

In Inkaar, Sudhir Mishra puts the spotlight on the highly contentious issue of sexual harassment in corporate circles. The movie tries to define the term "sexual harassment" by highlighting the complexities associated with it. The greatest challenge is to draw the line between flirtation and harassment. Once that is taken care of the next challenge is to fathom the reality that, contrary to the popular belief, both the sexes are equally prone to sexual harassment. And that's where the subjective element comes into the picture. Who's the victim? Who's the accused? Thus, it becomes a real nightmare situation to deal with. As a senior female lawyer aptly describes in the movie, "It's often much easier to prove rape than sexual harassment". The story of Inkaar presents one such case of alleged sexual harassment.

As the hearing progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to discern who is speaking the truth and who is not. While the versions of the accused and the victim only differ slightly there is enough deviation to perplex the most astute of minds. The manner of proceedings, though completely alien to Indian cinema, is strikingly similar to Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa's groundbreaking masterpiece Rashomon (1950), which is widely regarded as a cinematic treatise on the subjectivity of truth.

Overall, Inkaar despite its flaws is a commendable work of cinema that brings to the fore some serious issues concerning the corporate culture. Through the microcosmic world of an advertisement agency, Mishra presents to us the pitiful tale of human detachment that's slowly becoming a reality. Inkaar is brilliant from the technical point of view. The editing is absolutely brilliant and the same can be said about its music. The acting is above average. Mishra elicits a remarkably strong performance from Arjun Rampal. Chitrangada Singh is ever so delightful as the dusky, sensual Maya Luthra. Deepti Naval cameo is a major highlight of the movie. Apparently, Naval replaced Mishra's ex- wife Sushmita Mukherjee who, because of her tight television schedule, failed to spare any dates for the movie. Saurabh Shukla makes his presence felt in an interesting item number that he gets to perform in the movie. The lead actors get good support from the supporting cast. Inkaar with its slow character development, ambiguous themes, and deceptive direction is ought to disappoint an average viewer whose sole purpose is entertainment, but an intelligent viewer who is patient enough to wait for the different layers to slowly get unwrapped will be rewarded. 7.5/10

A more in-depth review can be read at:

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Once in a while , they make good Hindi movies like this...Also Chitrangda Singh rocks !

Author: loyolite from United States
2 March 2013

This is a different kind of movie which boldly deals with a topic of sexual harassment in workplace. It is done well and keeps you involved. If you are a guy and are drifting away from the plot, don't worry. Chitrangda Singh will keep your eyes glued. She is excellent as always and looks excellent. Her dressing sense is great and she looks very classy.

Arjun Rampal's acting is where it's always been, and yet he was not as annoying as I find him otherwise. He is also given some good one-liners in the movie and has done a decent job. Overall the plot is interesting. Oh, did I mention that Chitrangda Singh totally rocks !

No idea why the IMDb rating is low. I and my friends found the movie very good. I recommend you watch it.

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A Must Watch for All

Author: Ankit Singh from Delhi, India
4 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Inkaar turns out to be an impeccable movie to be made on issue as serious as sexual harassment. Hindi cinema has created very few movies on corporate issues (Corporate, Turning 30 to name a few). Inkaar undoubtedly will lead this chart. the storyline is very tightly written so is the screenplay, leaving viewers stick to their seats till the end. as far as acting is considered, everyone played their part beautifully, Chitrangada and Arjun Rampal looked graceful, complementing each other. It is very obvious here to say that Sudhir Mishra has created a gem (after Ye Saali Zindagi, another very good paisa vasool movie). Surely a must watch for everyone.

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i loved it

Author: Vanessa A from Canada
10 September 2013

I am usually very picky with Indian movies and rarely have a favourite.... and despite the reviews I'd heard and read, this movie was definitely time well spent.

I think vital to any good movie is not only obviously a great script, but also great chemistry and acting - and this movie did not disappoint in all. I loved the detailed layering the actors gave to their characters and made them believable and realistic.

The only bad thing I would like to add is I think more background profile on the main characters would have been nice, as well as perhaps more scenes on how the romance starts in the first place.

But other than that, I liked this movie enough to come on here and review it. So do give this movie a chance and pay no mind to the critics. It may not be the BEST movie you have ever seen, but I can guarantee you a good storyline with great acting especially if you are into these angst-filled reality-based stories.

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