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Fitting Final Showcase for Paul Walker, the Actor
3xHCCH4 December 2013
I will admit that I would probably not watched this movie if Paul Walker had not tragically passed away last Sunday. Prior to this, I only knew about Walker from the "Fast and Furious" films. This quiet little film certainly introduced me to a whole new and better Paul Walker.

"Hours" is about Nolan Hayes. His wife Abby was rushed into a hospital because of premature labor minutes before Hurricane Katrina hit their city. Difficulties pile up on Nolan as the hospital is evacuated, but he could not leave because his newborn daughter is hooked on a ventilator while in an incubator. Nolan had to deal the power outage, malfunctioning battery, food shortage, violent looters, and abject loneliness as he is trapped in desperate isolation.

The production values of this film are obviously low budget and the supporting cast may be mediocre. But there is no denying "Hours" is an incredible one-man show for Paul Walker, the actor. Very few actors have attempted this sort of project where basically there is only one character. Tom Hanks did it in "Cast Away" and Sandra Bullock did it in "Gravity", and now this project for Paul Walker.

I have to say that Walker surpassed my expectations and actually pulled it off very well with a very memorable performance. You can feel his frustration and his desperation as the hours pass hopelessly and endlessly. The tears that rolled down his face all look like they came from very deep emotions welling within him. The final scene was a thing of absolute beauty which alone elevates the entire film to a higher level.

With this film, we will see the breadth and depth of Walker's true acting talent, now lost in that horrific car crash. Fortunately, he was still able to release this one special film to forever remind us of his abilities which we will now be missing.
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Should not have a such a low rating; this film is great.
casiosx15 November 2013
This film in a sentence: What a father will do to keep his premature daughter alive, when the world is falling down around him.

Why this film isn't receiving a better rating I won't know. This is the best acting from Paul Walker I think anyone will have seen. Just watch it (especially if you thought 'The Impossible' was a great piece of film)

One of the core roles a man feels he needs to provide for his family is protection and to provide; this film shows this by putting Nolan (Walker) in scenarios where you feel his struggle to keep the only thing he has safe.
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Paul Walker was excellent in his role
badttboy2 December 2013
I watched this movie weeks before Paul Walker had passed and thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit I've always been a fan of his. Yet I can indisputably say without being biased, that he played this role with excellence.

OK, so the move was not a fast paced action or romantic, date flick, but it was a well written realistic Drama / Thriller.

While the ending may have been somewhat predictable. The rest of the film with it's characters and plots certainly was not. You will find quite a few surprises.

I am sure it will do well if/when it's released in theaters around the world. What a great way to pay tribute to him by releasing it to as many screens as they can. At least I really hope they do. If you can't go to see it. I'd say it's worth renting anyway.
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Walker's fine and desperate hours
videorama-759-8593919 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've just seen this movie and I'm glad I did. After previewing it a couple of months back, alongside Walker's other vehicle, Vehicle 19, I wondered what had happened to it. Here's an intriguing premise, played around or against a real catastrophic disaster, that being Hurricane Katrina, though this is not the first film based around that, remember Bad Lieutenant Cage remake, but we've gone onto a totally different track of story. Here Walker, very good, showing his capabilities as an actor if given the right material, is forced to stay back at an evacuated hospital, to look after his infant daughter, after Katrina strikes. It's not very long before the whole power goes out, and he has to solely rely on a generator to keep her daughter alive, where after every six minutes, the numbers will drop if he stops winding the control. You should see how many times he runs back and forth down to the power supply room, half flooded by the way. Certain obstacles and incidents, later thwart his quest, including some real unsavory heartless sons of bitches. Hours works so well for many reasons, one being Walker's realistic and engaging performance, probably one of his best. Apart from Katrina, he has to deal with a much greater tragedy, as having just lost his wife, Abigail (another hottie of course) who died in labor, apparently stress related, so Walker's not having the best of days. We see some of their earlier time spent together in a sufficient number of heartwarming, sexy, and inspiring flashbacks. Too what I liked, was how Walker spent a lot of time, ranting to his newborn, which in the early stages, I admit got a little annoying, but then it became quite interesting as god knows what s..t he was gonna pour out next. Another thing that was annoying, was his watch sounding off after every six minutes, but you gotta do what you gotta to do. What would you do? This is one of those movies that poses that question. I was quite impressed by Walker, as he had some really powerfully dramatic acting moments. Hopefully he can improve on this which next each film. Highly recommended drama of inspiration and hope.
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Just how far would a father go for their child?
nas quazimodo1 December 2013
This film amazed me as I am not normally into this genre. I went in not expecting anything really but by the end I was captivated and really cheering Walker on.

Paul Walker does an amazing job and he made the film for me, his emotion and grit shone through. By the end I found myself emotionally attached to the story and really immersed in the story.

The Film is set during Hurricane Katrina, but this is not a politically motivated or typical Hollywood portrayal. This is a survival story above all and I applaud Paul Walker in his role.

RIP my friend.
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Paul Walker gives an outstanding and honest performance
faithisagoodthing15 December 2013
I recently watched the brilliant Hours, and to say the great Paul Walker nailed this role is an understatement.

What an honest and sincere portrayal of a desperate grieving father (Nolan Hayes) and the horrors of trying everything possible to ensure that his new born baby daughter (Abigail) survives, whilst on a ventilator machine in a hospital.

It's simply just heart-breaking to watch and again, what a performance by Walker.

All this includes the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina's devastation to add to the tension of this awesome movie. The multiple flashbacks works extremely well to tell the back-story of Nolan's life and it reminded me of movies like 127 Hours.

I have noticed that some critics and fans have complained that the movie is either too long or has some plot holes. I just kept on thinking, the movie although it has a very simple story, covered what it needed too realistically and I didn't personally find any plot holes; plus the time-frame was just perfect.

What a great shame that Paul Walker died recently, because although greatly missed, he should rightly so, be very proud of this movie (and many others that he had done previously), and had so much more to offer as a great actor.

I urge everyone to see this movie as soon as possible - whatever the format for Walker's performance but also, the movie as a whole is genuinely great. Paul Walker for sure will be missed.
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Dramatic and Tense
Claudio Carvalho11 January 2014
In August 2005, in New Orleans, Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) brings his pregnant wife Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez) with Eclampsia to the Saint Mary Hospital. Abigail delivers a premature baby and dies and the baby needs to be kept in a ventilator. A few hours later, the Hurricane Katrina hits the hospital, cutting the power and the hospital is evacuated. Nolan stays with his daughter since the equipment is not portable and soon he finds that the battery is in the end of its life and only can hold three minutes of charge. He finds a battery charge and has initially to crank every three minutes. As long as time goes by, the battery holds less charge. But the situation gets worse when marauders invade the hospital.

"Hours" is a dramatic and tense movie with Paul Walker that has magnificent performance in the role of a father that struggles to keep his baby alive during the tragedy of the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The screenplay is filled with his recollections of his beloved wife that breaks the tension. Despite the story is almost theatrical in one location, it never disappoints. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Contagem Regressiva" ("Countdown")
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A slice of life. A slice of reality.
Suave78515 December 2013
I heard about the movie a little bit before the passing of Paul Walker and the storyline intrigued me. I didn't choose to watch this movie because it would be Mr. Walker's last. We all know that he will still have a bit role in Fast and Furious 7. I am glad that I decided to watch this movie and are happy to see Paul Walker do something other than drive a car. The movie really hits home with the reality of what you would do to survive and how selfless service applies to individuals differently depending on the circumstances. You get to see a man who literally puts everything on the line to keep his ailing daughter alive in a defunct hospital that gets bombarded by Hurricane Katrina. Depending on the person you may see a bit of yourself in the main character. You might be able to envision yourself in the same circumstances and how you would act and rationale every action you took. I am not asking you to pick through this movie with a fine tooth comb. I am just asking you to simply spend two hours of your life enjoying Paul Walker in a vehicle other than a Skyline. I promise it is time well spent.
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A must watch movie for the fans.
troy-manatunga11 December 2013
It is a feeling I have not experienced before. This feeling of reviewing a movie of an actor who has been one of my favorites and knowing that this is one his last productions his fans would ever have the privilege of enjoying. If you are a fan of the late star Paul Walker indeed HOURS is a must watch and what's more it's a setting that we are not accustomed to seeing him in vs. the adrenaline pumping action movies that has made him a household name that would be remembered forever.

Decently directed unfortunately quite poorly written by Eric Heisser, this script offers Paul Walker a herculean Hollywood challenge. I have to admit a fan wouldn't see that Paul Walker is capable of pulling HOURS off as well as he does since it is pretty much a one man show much like Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY. Well he took me by surprise when he embraced the role of the father (Nolan) who would go through any ring of fire to save his new born daughters life. Many a critic would compare this movie with the Hanks hit and then arrive to conclusions that Walker didn't quite create the impact his character Nolan was entirely given the responsibility for. Plain and simply I will agree since Walker was milking the best out of the script he was given and the script is obviously half baked. Something to look forward to is to see Nolan fighting for survival. His desperate plea for life at the brink of the deaths one way highway, his determination and perseverance to claw through all layers of difficulty for that additional one minute of breathe of life for his daughter. It is painstakingly beautiful and will draw tears to your eyes and make you swallow back a few times.

For a debut attempt in direction HOURS is decently done. However the tag line of the movie and the actual pace of the movie cannot on any level isn't interrelated. "Every second counts" is what the promotional tag line reads misdirecting one to believe that the drama would be intensely woven tight that the slightest mishap may upset everything. Do not be delusional; do not expect this at all. Instead there is not intensity at all; there is suspense but no intensity. If it wasn't for the acting this script would have been as putrid as SKYLINE. Directed and written by Eric Heisser one would not be astonished of the poor writing if one had watched FINAL DESTINATION 5. Eric Heisser has the tendency of attempting intense scripts. He is good at setting the tone but is still working through on his follow through. But still for just only the 5th script he has ever written this one needs ample credit. The only reason I am harping on the plot is because the movie is based on the aftermath of Katrina and I keep looking back at the Tsunami after math movie THE IMPOSSIBLE. I guess if you are brave enough to take a jab at the challenge of writing a movie around a true disaster you need to be ready to take certain hits.

To be released on the 13th December HOURS is the story of Nolan who loses his wife Abigail to the birth of their own daughter on the night of the devastating typhoon Katrina. Moments after his daughter is born Nolan finds out that he has lost his wife and his daughter requires the support of an incubator until her first cry. The patients are evacuated to another location which is more suitably equipped to handle the typhoon, however does not have the equipment to move baby Abigail and her incubator. How far will a father go for her daughter? Nolan's character is portrayed as if its gold. Every nook and cranny is accounted for in his battle for survival. The ranges of emotions from denial to acceptance each played well within the limited script provided. It's surprising to see Walkers diverse acting capabilities that have been over shadowed by his own success in the Furious franchise. Paul Walker sends us one last message and it's beautiful.

A must watch movie for the fans.

RIP Paul Walker. 1973/09/12 -2013/11/30

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Nice Idea but...
jaemarcelle5 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK I watched this Movie with my Wife and Children. There are no scenes that are inappropriate beside the 1:07 mark. Besides that it is a good movie to watch with your Family. It's not really an action movie but it will keep your attention. There are negatives to this movie. You mean to tell me he's in a big hospital but didn't find or think to look for other incubators? Then the whole hospital abandoned him? Lawsuit. Who evacuates and leaves a baby that's on life support? It's one of those movies you shake you head at. It really made no sense. Ifyou are in the NICU there should be tons of supplies.. You already know where i'm getting at. It was a good idea for a movie but the writer ran in circles. I wouldn't recommend this movie for purchase.
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RIP Paul Walker
rzkperdana2 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Paul Walker was always been a good man in every movie he play. He is such give an inspiration that a good man is a man who always taking care in every moment, even before he die, he was in a charity even to give his support.

You were a good father Paul, a good foreigner in Vehicle 19, a good robber in Taker, a good driver in Fast and Furious, and always been good in every scenes in your plays. Salute!

This movie gonna be your last drama, but also your best play.

Can't wait for Fast and Furious 7, the last action of Paul Walker.

RIP Paul Walker.
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Paul Walker charming good guy
SnoopyStyle12 December 2013
Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) brings his pregnant wife (Genesis Rodriguez) to the hospital right as Hurricane Katrina is about to hit. His wife doesn't survive and their baby is born needing an incubator. Then the hospital is abandoned and he's left alone without any power.

Paul Walker has that charming regular guy persona. I have no complaints about him. He does a great job in essentially an one-man job for much of this movie.

The script doesn't maintain the tension all the way through. There are too many flashbacks, and too many slow spots. The backstory is somewhat charming but not very compelling. Instead of the flashbacks, the story could have used more special effects from the storm. For a low budget movie, that may be asking too much. For much of the movie, Walker is carrying this all by himself. And he pulls it off for the most part.
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heart wrenchingly awesome
Donnie Lee Scarbrough II30 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
this is the best movie Paul Walker has ever made. the lengths this man that Paul Walker portrays goes through for his child, is unimaginable. he risks everything for her.

I would give this movie 15 stars if it were possible. this is the harrowing tale of one man's bout to save the life of his newborn child. it moved me in so many ways.

you often here of heroic stories of what mothers do for their kids, but here is one for the fathers. this man risks life and limb to save his daughter and the ending of the movie will move you like never before.

not a big Paul Walker fan myself, but his acting in this film should have won him an award for sure. I was on edge the entire film. best movie I have seen all year.
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Paul Walker's Finest Moments In A Unique Disaster Film
DareDevilKid29 December 2013
Review by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK) Rating: 3.5/5 stars

An intriguing concept that could have fallen flat on its face with the kind of premise and setting it's based in. On the surface the film does appear to be too one-dimensional, linear, and somber for a disaster film. Also, initially, it does tend to lag a bit and might permeate a false sense of tedious pacing, so it's important that you be patient and allow yourself the chance to be rewarded as the pace and tension kicks in with further proceedings.

Kudos to the Director for keeping his viewers engrossed till the end and making us care enough for the only two relevant characters in the entire film, to the point that we simply need to find out their eventual fate. What you must understand before approaching "Hours" is that it isn't your staple disaster movie bonanza, infused with state-pf-the-art SFX and high octane action and suspense. Yes, the suspense and tension is there, but in a much more dramatic and character driven sort of way.

Coming down to the performances, there is virtually just one actor in the entire film and nobody else. With just a newborn infant for company throughout the film and a St. Bernard canine towards the latter half for added measure, Paul Walker astoundingly shoulders the entire film and his performance gradually grows on you. Sadly we won't get to see any more of his newly harnessed acting skills, so revel in what is indubitably his best act ever. May his soul rest in peace.
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The Paul Walker monologue
estebangonzalez1021 November 2013
¨Every second counts.¨

Hours is Eric Heisserer's first feature film, but he is mostly known for his screenplays for The Thing (the 2010 version) and Final Destination 5. He takes a pretty interesting premise but fails in the delivery as the film has too many awkward moments with a lot of forced dialogues. Take the scene where Paul Walker's character is being given very bad news from a doctor concerning his wife. The scene felt entirely forced and never managed to draw the audience in. There are numerous scenes like that in Hours that just feel completely out of place. Paul Walker is on his own for the majority of the film and once the story began to drag it failed to engage me. There were few thrills and hardly any action scenes. For the most part it was just seeing Walker speaking out loud to his recently born infant, or to a rescue dog he encountered later on in the film. When he wasn't speaking to himself, the film gave us unnecessary flashbacks about how he and his wife met. Hours should've been a film full of tension, but Heisserer failed to deliver by adding so many unnecessary and forced scenes and not relying on Walker's physical performance alone.

The film takes place in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina as Nolan (Paul Walker) takes his pregnant wife, Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez), to a local hospital as she enters early labor. The Hurricane is about to hit the city hard while the doctors ask Nolan to stay in the waiting room while they treat Abigail. A few hours later Doctor Jeremy (TJ Hassan) comes bearing some bad news. Abigail had a complicated labor, the newborn baby has to stay on a ventilator for the next 48 hours until she learns how to breath on her own. The mother didn't make it. Making matters worse, the hospital is hit hard by the hurricane, forcing everyone to evacuate. Nolan is told to stay in the hospital with the baby until an ambulance can come back and take them to safer ground. Cut from the outside world, Nolan is on his own forced to make quick decisions in order to save his baby's life.

If as the tagline suggests ¨Every second counts¨ than Eric Heisserer did a very lousy job because there are several seconds wasted on this film. It dragged during several moments making me feel like I was watching an over two hour film, when in reality it was just a 95 minute movie. Paul Walker isn't bad in this film, but he just isn't given the right material to carry a film on his own. The most exciting moments of the film came when a rescue dog showed up and it kind of brought life to an otherwise lifeless film. Hours is full of awkward and dull moments that bring down this film. Walker could have been given less dialogue and the flashbacks should've been cut out of the film. Some more external shots of the storm might have worked better because the wreckage scenes were pretty well shot. Overall it wasn't a terrible film, but it did fail to keep me entertained or invested in the story.
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Crap Directing but Good Acting by P.Walker ONLY
itsjoy1326 December 2013
What drew me to watch this film is the interesting storyline and trailer.

Paul Walker does a great job acting in this movie, and that pretty much is the only thing holding this film together. The script is badly written and sometimes cringe worthy… and when Paul Walker hits you with his great acting in an intense scene, you get really into it, but then you get an extra who comes in and opens their mouth and can't act. Kinda ruins it.. A lot.

It's a great storyline but was POORLY executed. Paul Walker makes this movie watchable
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R.I.P Poul..but that doesn't mean this movie is good
k_l_c55-777-24263013 December 2013
first off all

R.I.P Poul..it really broke our heart.we will miss u in F&F

OK..this movie..his last movie..i know this movie about a guy and his daughter trapped at a hospital for a whole day and need Help but nobody is there and above that ..there will be some action in last 15 minutes..but dunno what to say honestly

from start to finish ..same place..same thing..leave daughter and look for something..get back and again and again and again same stuff for 75 minutes ..directing is poor..Paul acting was meh..i respect him but im 100% sure he's not good for movies he only need to act in F&F just for the fans...

thats it..i cant even rate this movie 4..but i'll give it 3
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'I don't get it. This wasn't supposed to happen.'
gradyharp14 December 2013
For the many still stunned by the recent accidental death of Paul Walker this movie will serve as a bit a comfort. In this low budget small cast film Walker demonstrate that he was capable of providing a fine dramatic performance with the addendum of fast cars and wild action that brought him to fame. Writer/director Eric Heisserer manages to make a film with big emotions confined to a hospital corridor and room, and given the presence of Paul Walker, it works.

We are transported to New Orleans August 23, 2005 - August 30, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina's devastation destroyed the lives of many. Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) gets a call from his beloved wife Abigail (Genesis Rodriquez) that she is going into early labor and is being taken by ambulance to the hospital. Nolan rushes to the hospital even as the hurricane winds and waters are destroying New Orleans and learns from the doctor (Yohance Myles) that his newborn baby girl is on a respirator and that his wife died. At first Nolan is in such grief over Abigail's death that he doesn't even want to see his new daughter, but when the doctor shows him the newborn in an incubator with O2 and IVs in a private room, Nolan realizes he is the only hope his baby has. Multiple flashbacks to the happy and carefree married life of the couple are focused as Nolan places mementos on the incubator lid. As the hurricane intensifies, the hospital is evacuated until it is just Nolan and his daughter and no power...except a hand crank generator. Nolan must turn the hand crank every three minutes or else his daughter will die. As the hours take their toll, Nolan fast and furiously attempts to get help, power, food, IVs, etc. in three minute intervals. He is assisted by compassionate nurse (Kerry Cahill) for a moment, must find IV fluids and food for himself, attempts to get help, fend off looters who enter the hospital to steal drugs and equipment, all in three minute intervals the generator provides battery action for the incubator. The degree of love that forms between the new father and the infant now named Abigail is palpably real.

The film has weak points - a script that loosens when it should tighten, some extraneous business that doesn't add to the drama, some very un-medical information that must be taken with a grain of salt - but Paul Walker manages to involve us and make us care. The film also is unafraid to show the inhumanity to man that can happen under crisis as well as the warm humanity that keeps people (and animals) together when Nature is angry.

Grady Harp
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R.I.P. Paul Walker 4/10
leonblackwood22 February 2014
Review: This movie did take me a bit long to watch because I kept on falling asleep. The concept was good, but the tempo is really slow and there isn't enough happening to keep it interesting. When the dog was introduced in the movie, it reminded a lot like I Am Legend, which was a much better movie in my opinion. Anyway, you can't help feeling emotional through the film and imagining what you would do if you was in the same situation. As this was the last full movie made by Paul Walker before he died in a fatal car crash, you can't help thinking that it's a total waste of a great actor who didn't really get the recognition that he deserved. Watchable!

Round-Up: I was hoping for a twist or the introduction of another character through this movie so it would pick up the pace. The whole beginning was pretty emotional and Paul Walker done well by making it realistic, but it did need a bit of a boost. Everybody remembers the Hurricane Katrina disaster so this actually could have been a real situation. I couldn't imagine how it would be to be in a situation were you are in a hospital by yourself keeping your baby alive, so with that in mind, it wasn't all bad.

Budget: $4million Worldwide Gross: N/A

I recommend this movie to people who are into there deep dramas about a man trying to keep is baby alive with a generator in a hospital by himself. 4/10
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Pap - more like how a junior doctor ends up after a 72 hour shift !
jegpad16 November 2013
Doctor 'What's the blood pressure?' Nurse 'High' First warning sign this film is aiming low.

Gawd how the packaging of tripe movies these days is so clever you get drawn in with great expectations. Attractive marketing techniques may just about help this movie break even, but as for value for money - you'll be sheared.

There is no 'action' to speak of, and the protagonist at the end of a dreary yawnfest looks like a junior doctor after a triple shift in a London A&E clinic. Laughable. The sound track at the end credits is quite nice, I'll give it that.
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Room Service
kosmasp22 November 2013
If you watch the movie, you'll get what I mean with the summary line. Maybe it's enough if you know what it will be about, but I won't spoil that. You might feel like me and might not want to know any story details, before you watch the movie. One thing is for sure: This movie will stand or fall with Paul Walker and Paul Walker alone! Your feelings towards him might influence your viewing experience.

Your perspective of him as an actor will play a major role too. If you think he's just good doing Action (Fast & Furious mostly), than you might want to stay away/clear of this movie. It is far removed from that agenda. He's trying to act in this! Like it or not the stabs he's taking are not that bad. And while the movie might have some slow moments (slower than the rest that is), it still works! Tension is there, even if predictable! And all during an event that actually happened! Based on true events then?
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Very good movie
tardster16 December 2013
I gave this a 9 because Paul did a great job acting, I agree with the others when they said they couldn't understand why this movie doesn't have a higher rating. You could see some of the FF in his character, like when he shakes hands with the guy in the kitchen and the way he talked along with some of his facial expressions in the flashbacks. In the more serious parts of the movie is when you see the real range he had as an actor. I think if he hadn't died and continued with roles like this he could easily have became a leading, serious A-lister of the likes of Clooney, Pitts and others like those. I like his other movies but I really like this movie. I think we lost one hell of an actor when Paul died
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Amazing Movie
oilfieldbabe0715 December 2013
I loved this movie, I watched it on demand at home. and me and my husband were glued to the TV, yes this may be a low budget film. but brilliantly made. I kind of wish they would of show more at the end. and sadly we wont get to see a 2nd of the movie. I really feel is emotion in this movie. I wish that more theaters would of show this movie. a must see will definitely pull at your heart. you really feel his drive and emotion in this film such a great performance and movie all around, the only thing I didn't like is that it was focused around Katrina and how awful people acted after the hurricane. I do think after watching this you will feel that you as a father or mother would of done the same for your child. as well. RIP Paul Walker.
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Walker did what he could with a bad script.
tychancho6 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What a poor last showing for someone who appears to be such a nice guy. I don't understand how this film is getting such good reviews other than sympathy for a recently departed actor. The dialog was amateurish and the plot was unbelievably ridiculous! Walker did a good job acting and overall the movie is watchable unless you are one to have a hard time watching a story line that is utterly impossible and unbelievable - c'mon... 1 min and 45 seconds to run up to the roof (pausing along the way), attempt to flag down a chopper, yell at the neighbors, and then return?!?! If you are one who needs at least a SHRED of believability to enjoy a film then pass on this one. If you can depart from all credibility then you'll enjoy it.
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Muat see
selenayk-809-8570871 January 2014
This movie was such a great film about perseverance in the midst of great tragedy. Paul Walker showed the potential he had to be a something bigger in this industry, and it's sad that he is gone, but what a farewell gift he gave us with this film. A must see, but remember the tissues. yes there are things in this movie that are not realistic (you want to harp that the babies BP was too high and her heart rate too slow, well, nit pick all you want), but this movie in general really shows how it probably was for some of the people who survived Katrina, and what could've been. Excellent acting, true grit emotion. This movie was a 10 for me.
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