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Sparks Fly Right out of the Gate with Satisfaction
Sara Torok27 June 2012
As the opener for the second season of "Fairly Legal," a character-driven legal drama/comedy, "Satisfaction" hits the mark. It's a great introduction to the new dynamic, which is a bit of a departure from season one, where we saw world mostly according to Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi), a somewhat self-centered & immature, but compassionate lawyer-turned-mediator. Her quick mind and impulsive nature sets up a lot of fun, if somewhat over-the-top situations. This time around, everyone is a little less edgy, and we get to see things from more points of view, especially Lauren (Virginia Williams), the managing partner at the law firm who also happens to be Kate's stepmother, and the new guy, Ben (excellently played by Ryan Johnson), a self-satisfied, money-grubbing ambulance chaser who makes a perfect foil to Kate's people-oriented approach to solving everybody else's situations while muddling through a messy personal life. Is it an accurate testament to mediators? Um, no. Kate ends up far too emotionally invested with her clients for that. But if you like to watch a fun, situational drama, with well-written & well-acted snappy dialog and by-play, or a good, old-fashioned love-hate relationship, I think you'll be very satisfied to watch the sparks fly between the ever-kinetic Kate and everyone else in her life in "Satisfaction."
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beautiful mediator
RavenGlamDVDCollector23 August 2017
Sarah Shahi is back for Season 2, and it's not long before Kate is reinstated at Reed & Reed. The anti-lawyer, peaceful attempts at mediation is the correct idea, not only in real life, but for the show's delightful heroine. Yes, I am aboard with the DVDs because of the gorgeous classily sexy box covers, Sarah Shahi is one beautiful chick, BUT there is no escaping all the humdrum legalese bits, ooh, yawn, ooh, one big tedious bore, serves me right, falling for leggy box cover yet again. Okay, so it's not my kind of thing, like I said about Season 1, but it's classy and cute with tremendous appeal and beats the hell out of the other stuff networks are throwing around, judging by the boring self-inflated ads for other shows on the Disc One of the set.

Sarah is every bit as beautiful as first time round, and the stories still seem to be weekly human interest type stuff (one woefully wronged person direly in need of assistance = case to be solved same episode = on to the next in next episode). I feel there should be something bigger than just the usual. Something that will add a real zing to provide a real buzz. It doesn't seem likely to do that.

Hey, it seems, at least the dreadfully dull cap-wearing pram- pushing brother is out of the picture.
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On air on March the 15th 2012!
topinotuo14 January 2012
I suppose We all love the way Kate is! She is an open person that shows what has in her feeling and She follows the way that her harts shows! She contains multitude of prospectives and that's why She knows how to meet people and find out any solution to any problem. She's got only one problem: to be understood. Nobody loves her for what She is except her attendant...but surely not understand by her ex-husband... Hard is a life when nobody loves you as you are! The relation with her dead father is the key to develop her growing, if She'll try, I'm sure, Will be able to do! I was waiting for the second series because I hope She'll arrive the wonderful woman that can be! Thanks Kate, go on!
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