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Angie and Cara talk to Jesse about all the good David has done for Pine Valley by bringing back important loved ones. Jesse is grateful but he can't ignore that David broke the later. Later, Jesse is able to bond David out when Adam pulls strings with a judge. Marian and Stuart are reunited. Dixie and Tad stop JR before he leaves to tell him about Stuart but JR refuses to believe them. Jamie is at the airport and JR thinks he came back to see if Babe was alive. Jamie notes that he is glad Babe isn't around to see who JR has turned into. Opal finds Erica and tells her Jack is packing his bags and encourages her to stay in Pine Valley. Adam arranges a party for the various residents on Pine Valley and JR overhears Tad and Dixie getting the invite and decides to crash it with his gun. Good news is shared at the party as Adam proposes to Brooke, Randi tells Frankie, Jesse and Angie that she might be pregnant and Brot and Natalia continue to share their engagement news. At the party, Erica...

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