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Near the beginning of the film, when Frank Yates drives into town in his pickup and waves to a pedestrian on the sidewalk, the rear window of his truck is open. As he rolls through the stop sign just ahead, the rear cab window is fully closed.

Errors in geography 

Lafayette, Louisiana does not have a lighthouse, nor is it near enough to the gulf to have issues with salt water.

Factual errors 

The brochure and poster talk about how fracking by the company, "Global..." will 'effect' (noun) the community; the correct spelling/usage is 'affect' (verb).
Yates is said to have an M.A. from MIT, but MIT does not grant Master of Arts degrees.

Revealing mistakes 

In the first meeting in the school gym, the coach says that the basketball team is getting ready for regionals. Yet it is clearly summertime and not February, when this would be happening. Three week later, the basketball team is playing a game and all the plants are green and the trees have leaves.
When Steve is in his hotel (shortly before Sue calls him and he answers "Alice"?) he closes his Macintosh computer, but the white Apple logo stays lit through the rest of the scene. The Apple logo should have turned off as soon as he closed his computer as the hard drive spun down.

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