Season: 1
Year: 2011 | 2012

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Mary Shelley

9 November 2011
Mary Shelley set out to create a monster--along the way she created a masterpiece. In 1816, she begins stitching together a patchwork of legend, technology, and personal tragedy- giving life to her novel, Frankenstein - and the genre of science fiction.

Jonathan Adams ... Narrator (voice)

Kenneth Branagh ... Victor Frankenstein in 'Frankenstein' (archive footage)

Colin Clive ... Victor Frankenstein in 'Frankenstein' (archive footage)

Robert De Niro ... The Creature in 'Frankenstein' (archive footage)

Jessica DeShaw ... Clare Clairmont (as Jessica Wyckoff)

Matt Drago ... Lord Byron
Andre Fenton ... Himself / neuroscientist, New York University

Dwight Frye ... Fritz in 'Frankenstein' (archive footage)

Craig Harvey ... Himself / Chief Coroner Investigator, Los Angeles County

Michio Kaku ... Himself / theoretical physicist

Boris Karloff ... The Monster in 'Frankenstein' (archive footage)
Kim Stanley Robinson ... Himself / science-fiction author

Gavin Scott ... Himself / writer

Ridley Scott ... Himself
Jeffrey Steinberg ... Himself / U.S. Director, The Fertility Institutes [this is not the same Jeffrey Steinberg in IMDB database]

Season 1, Episode 2: H.G. Wells

16 November 2011
With stories like The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells established himself as a sci-fi writer of almost clairvoyant talent. But these tales of hi-tech adventure hold an ominous warning - beware the dark side of progress.

Jonathan Adams ... Narrator (voice)

Sean Carroll ... Himself

Ridley Scott ... Himself
Terin Smith ... Young H.G. Wells

Season 1, Episode 3: Philip K. Dick

23 November 2011
Philip K. Dick lived a life straight from the pages of his mind-bending sci-fi stories. His writing inspired Blade Runner and influenced the development of robotics and law enforcement. The troubled sci-fi legend questioned the definition of reality.
Jonathan Adamson ... Narrator (voice)
William C. Albert ... FBI Agent Matson

Mike Binder ... Leo Crow (archive footage)
David Brin ... Himself - Futurist

Michael Raif Brizzolara ... Philip K. Dick (as Michael Raif)

Joanna Cassidy ... Zhora (archive footage)

Tom Cruise ... John Anderton (archive footage)
Lucy Eaton ... Philip's Twin Sister
Andre Fenton ... Himself - Neuroscientist, New York University

Harrison Ford ... Rick Deckard (archive footage)

Matt Fraction ... Himself - Screenwriter

Arye Gross ... Howard Marks (archive footage)

Daryl Hannah ... Pris (archive footage)
David Hanson ... Himself - Android Designer

Rutger Hauer ... Roy Batty (archive footage)

Michio Kaku ... Himself - Theoretical Physicist

Samantha Morton ... Agatha (archive footage)

Roberto Orci ... Himself - Writer / Producer
Greg Rickman ... Himself - Biographer
Kim Stanley Robinson ... Himself - Science-Fiction Writer

Ridley Scott ... Himself

Joe Turkel ... Dr. Eldon Tyrell (archive footage)

Paul Verhoeven ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 4: Arthur C. Clarke

30 November 2011
Some sci-fi storytellers are content to predict - but Arthur C. Clarke creates. His collaboration with Stanley Kubrick on 2001 predicted videophones, iPads, and commercial spaceflight. His sci-fi legacy inspires us to unveil the mysteries of the universe.

Mark James Fernandes ... Arthur C Clarke (as Mark Fernandes)

Jonathan Adams ... Narrator (voice)
William J. Borucki ... Himself - NASA Ames Research Center
David Brin ... Himself - futurist
Arthur C. Clarke ... Himself (archive footage)

Keir Dullea ... Dave Bowman in '2001, A Space Odyssey' (archive footage)
David Ferrucci ... Himself - artificial intelligence researcher, IBM

Akiva Goldsman ... Himself - writer
Jeff Greenwald ... Himself - author / journalist

Ken Jennings ... Himself - 'Jeopardy' champion (archive footage)

Michio Kaku ... Himself - theoretical physicist

Stanley Kubrick ... Himself (archive footage)
Gentry Lee ... Himself - Chief Engineer of Solar System Exploration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Shakti Murthy ... Nepali Guide

Roberto Orci ... Himself - writer / producer
Douglas Rain ... Voice of HAL in '2001, A Space Odyssey' (voice)
Kim Stanley Robinson ... Himself - science fiction author
Lynn Rothschild ... Herself - NASA Ames Research Center

Brad Rutter ... Himself - 'Jeopardy' champion (archive footage)

Ridley Scott ... Himself
Dan Vebber ... Himself - executive producer

Season 1, Episode 5: Isaac Asimov

1 February 2012
Isaac Asimov dreamed of a better future where robots can do mankind's dirty work. His I, Robot stories led to the creation of real-life industrial robots--and inspired generations to embrace the science and technology of a robo-friendly world.

Jonathan Adams ... Narrator (voice)
Colin Angle ... Himself - CEO / Chairman, iRobot
Isaac Asimov ... Himself (archive footage)

Chad Bennett ... Himself (archive footage)
David Brin ... Himself - Futurist
John W. Campbell Jr. ... Himself - Editor, Astounding Science Fiction Magazine (archive footage)

Harlan Ellison ... Himself - Author

Amanda Jane Fleming ... Lady in Pink

Matt Fraction ... Himself - Writer

Akiva Goldsman ... Himself - Screenwriter

Adolf Hitler ... Himself (archive footage)

Jason Johnson ... Isaac Asimov

Michio Kaku ... Himself - Theoretical Physicist

V.I. Lenin ... Himself (archive footage)
Maja Mataric ... Herself - Professor of Computer Science, University of Southern California

Bridget Moynahan ... Susan Calvin in 'I, Robot' (archive footage)

Roberto Orci ... Himself - Screenwriter

Oliver Platt ... Rupert Burns in 'Bicentennial Man' (archive footage)
Harv Popick ... Father of isaac asimov

Tom Riordan ... IRobot (archive footage)
Kim Stanley Robinson ... Himself - Author

Ridley Scott ... Himself (archive footage)
John Siuntres ... Himself
George A. Slusser ... Himself - Professor of Comparative Literature, University of California

Will Smith ... Del Spooner in 'I, Robot' (archive footage)
Nicole Stott ... Herself - Mission Specialist, STS-133 (Space Shuttle) (archive footage)

Alan Tudyk ... Sonny in 'I, Robot' (voice) (archive footage)
Dan Vebber ... Himself - TV producer
Eddie White ... Young Asimov

Robin Williams ... Andrew Martin in 'Bicentennial Man' (archive footage)

Karen E. Wright ... Featured

Season 1, Episode 6: Jules Verne

8 February 2012
Jules Verne is the ultimate futurist, with a legacy of sci-fi adventure stories predicting everything from fuel cell technology to viral advertising. The extraordinary voyages of Jules Verne span from the center of the Earth to the surface of the Moon.

Season 1, Episode 7: Robert Heinlein

15 February 2012
Sci-fi legend Robert Heinlein is a walking contradiction. His stories address themes of patriotism but also sexual liberation and man's inability to cooperate. Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Land continue to ask "what is freedom?".

Jonathan Adams ... Narrator

Julie Brett ... Leslie Heinlein
David Brin ... Himself - Futurist
Arthur C. Clarke ... Himself (archive footage)

Harlan Ellison ... Himself - Author

Akiva Goldsman ... Himself - Screenwriter
Robert A. Heinlein ... Himself (archive footage)
Andy Ihnatko ... Himself - Tech Columnist, Chicago Sun Times

Michio Kaku ... Himself - Theoretical Physicist
Joseph McCarthy ... Himself (archive footage)
John McGlothlin ... Young Robert Heinlein
Jerry Pournelle ... Himself
Kim Stanley Robinson ... Himself - Author
Rebecca Saxe ... Herself - Neuroscientist - MIT

Ridley Scott ... Himself

Casper Van Dien ... Johnny Rico in 'Starship Troopers' (archive footage)
Dan Vebber ... Himself - Film Producer

Jessica Nicole Webb ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 8: George Lucas

22 February 2012
From the light sabre to the Death Star, Star Wars is one of the defining science fiction works of the later 20th century. George Lucas' imagination has inspired generations of scientists and engineers to push the envelope of technology.

Jonathan Adams ... Narrator (voice)

Kenny Baker ... R2D2 in 'Star Wars' film series (archive footage)
Brannon Braga ... Himself
David Brin ... Himself
Joseph Campbell ... Himself (archive footage)

Anthony Daniels ... C-3PO in 'Star Wars' film series (archive footage)
Paul Debevec ... Himself - Research Professor

Carrie Fisher ... Princess Leia in 'Star Wars' film series (archive footage)

Harrison Ford ... Han Solo (archive footage)

Matt Fraction ... Himself

Akiva Goldsman ... Himself

Alec Guinness ... Obi Wan Kenobee in 'Star Wars' film series (archive footage)

Mark Hamill ... Luke Skywalker in 'Star Wars' film series (archive footage)

Michio Kaku ... Himself

Elizabeth Krasick ... Beverly DuPlane

Jake Lloyd ... Anakin Skywalker in 'Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace' (archive footage)

George Lucas ... Himself (archive footage)
Walter Murch ... Himself - Film Editor

Richard Nixon ... Himself (archive footage)

Roberto Orci ... Himself

David Prowse ... Darth Vader in 'Star Wars' film series (archive footage)
Cynthia Richards ... Hologram

Gavin Scott ... Himself

Ridley Scott ... Himself
Seth Shostak ... Himself
John Siuntres ... Himself
Dan Vebber ... Himself

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