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Above-average TV detective thriller
wgingery24 February 2018
The working class Fitzroy (before being gentrified) gets a loving cameo here; Guy Pearce does an excellent job in getting across a damaged man's recovery. But the real pleasure, on repeated viewings, is the supporting players. Nice photography, and the direction of the action sequences is refreshingly lucid.
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Better than Stilnox small screen clichéd "Aussie" yawn-fest.
synaptec5 November 2012
I watched the trailer and was feeling nostalgic for some good ol Aussie drama. Boy did I take a wrong turn.

I have no idea why Pearce would waste his time with this, perhaps its payback or a goodwill investment for his twilight years. He often seemed uncomfortable at the dreadful script lines he had to deliver.

And what is it with Billing being cast so often in Aussie productions? Does he get extra casting sway from his Aussie Content lobbying efforts? I'm bored with him. Give some new actors a run.

I haven't read Peter Temple's novel. I hope it's better than this embarrassment of "Aussie" clichés. Zero action, low drama, low budget tele-movie made to help the ABC meet its local content quota.

The actual cinematography, soundtrack and editing was OK but nothing could save it from the boring script. 2/10.
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