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  • Josh grudgingly admits to Boylan he must honor Mira's marker-calling when asked to steal a drug from mother's hospital. Skye's skepticism makes him demand proof first that Kara can be contacted, which he gets. Boylan promises to wipe good-for-nothing Willy's debt if he takes the blame, but Jim soon sees trough that ploy. Taylor meanwhile finds banished Curran, saves him form a Komodo-dino and promises leniency if he brings a message to the Sixers camp. Famous scientific explorer Ken Horton visits the colony, on a mission for Dr. Malcolm Wallace, but fan Maddy soon gets him too to doubt Ken's identity.

  • Maddy starts interning for the colony's greatest scientist, and her life is put in danger when she discovers a terrible secret. Meanwhile, Josh makes a deal with the devil in order to solidify his plan to bring his girlfriend from the future to Terra Nova.


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  • Taylor and Jim use giant bows to fish off the side of a large and beautiful cliff. "When I got to Terra Nova, fish were the only things I could hunt that couldn't hunt back ... One day I brought my son out here." Taylor trails off at the memory. "That's not my favorite topic," he finishes. Jim then gets a bite -- and snags an enormous prehistoric fish. It almost pulls him off the cliff, but Taylor grabs him at the last moment. Whew.

    Back home, Elisabeth tells Maddy that famous geologist Ken Horton is back from a six-month field study. Maddy is star struck. Josh rolls his eyes. Later, Josh works at Tom's bar. "Mira's calling in her favor," says the bartender, explaining that the Sixers need medicine -- medicine that is under lock and key. "Mira's asking me to rob my mother?" Josh asks. She is indeed. Just how badly does Josh want to bring his GF to Terra Nova?

    Elisabeth, meanwhile, introduces Maddy to Ken, who invites the teenager to his lab. She gushes over his latest book and fishes for an internship. Ken accepts. He also doesn't seem to remember much of anything that he has written in the past -- whether it be in books or letters. Strange. Later, Skye tries to convince Josh not to steal supplies from the camp. "It's not like I'm giving them guns," he says. "They're sick. They need medicine." Angry and exasperated, Skye storms off. Back home, Maddy explains to Elisabeth that Ken isn't quite as impressive as his reputation. "He had a stroke," Elisabeth says. "He's not the man he was." Maddy becomes even more suspicious when she notices that a recent autograph on one of Ken's books doesn't match an older letter. Hmm.

    CUT to Josh, who sneaks out of Terra Nova and into the Sixers camp. He wants assurances that Mira can indeed deliver his GF from the future. So Mira pushes a button on a futuristic device and a flickering hologram of Kara appears. The two briefly talk. Josh is convinced. Jim and Taylor, meanwhile, discover the remnants of a camp. Taylor orders Jim back to Terra Nova, explaining that he will stay out another day. What is Taylor searching for? Sixers? His son? Curran? CUT to Josh, who steals his mother's ID card and then goes to the bar where Tom scans and copies the card. Then it's on to the lab, but mom's card no longer works after being scanned. So Josh uses a powerful stun gun loaned to him by Tom to SHOOT the door. The kickback in such small quarters sends Tom HURTLING against the wall. Limping in pain, he grabs the drugs.

    Now alone, Taylor follows the mysterious trail and comes upon Curran, the soldier that he kicked out of Terra Nova for killing a fellow officer. He literally kicks the disgraced soldier while he is down and injured. The next morning, Maddy asks Ken to please return his response to the fan letter she wrote years ago. Ken, however, claims to have lost it. What is the scientist hiding? To find out, Maddy later breaks into Ken's home, finds the letter and pockets it. CUT to Taylor, who gives Curran medicine for his injured leg. Curran wonders why Taylor is helping him. Taylor chooses not to respond.

    Back home, Maddy gives Zoe her latest theory: Ken isn't really Ken. Instead, the man known as Ken stole the real Ken's identity, then had surgery so he would physically resemble the real Ken. But how can she prove it? She hits on an idea: the letter would have the real Ken's DNA where he licked the envelope. So she has to get a sample of the fake Ken's DNA to do a comparison. After deftly stealing Ken's coffee cup, Maddy goes to the lab to perform the test. Malcolm, who never liked Ken, agrees to help. Unfortunately, the test shows a DNA match. Maddy was apparently wrong. Unbeknownst to Maddy and Malcolm, Ken is listening in on their conversation from behind a wall.

    Josh then meets with Tom, who hatches a plan to take the heat off the young boy. He strikes a deal with a drunk named Willie. If Willie takes the fall, Tom will forgive the man's considerable debts. So Willie stumbles into the hospital high on the drugs stolen by Josh. Elisabeth immediately calls Jim, who agrees to search Willie's place. That evening, Taylor squares off against the lizard creature that injured Curran. He repels the beast basically by standing his ground, shouting and waving a flaming stick. So Curran remains safe. Why all the effort from Taylor? He explains that he might just let Curran return to Terra Nova if Curran goes undercover at the Sixer camp. "You're going to find out for me who inside Terra Nova is supplying information to Mira," Taylor says.

    Maddy, meanwhile, does some more digging at the hologram library and discovers that Ken's longtime assistant disappeared under mysterious circumstances shortly before Ken came to Terra Nova. Maddy does a bit more research and discovers that a man's body was found in Ken's neighborhood -- unidentifiable and badly mutilated. What if the assistant was the one who actually mailed the letter (thus, the DNA match), but still killed the famous doctor and then stole his identity/face. Once again, Ken is lurking nearby and this time confronts the teenager, who manages to escape and flee the library.

    Later, Maddy goes to school to pick up Zoe, but the teacher explains that fake Ken was there earlier to pick up the little girl. Maddy is horrified and races to the orchard, where she finds fake Ken holding Zoe. He agrees to let Zoe free if Maddy sticks around to "talk." Maddy tells Zoe to run home and tell Jim that she will be home in time to cook the asparagus. This must be some kind of code. Later, fake Ken pulls out a deadly spider that he plans to use to kill the young woman. Jim appears out of nowhere and PUNCHES fake Ken in the face. Maddy is saved. Back home, he and Elisabeth talk about how asparagus is a family "panic word." He has also discovered that Willie didn't steal the drugs. Willie, under questioning, reveals that Tom put him up to it.

    Josh walks into the kitchen and returns a vial of the stolen drugs. Jim's and Elisabeth's jaws drop. "You stole from your mother?" Jim asks. Josh then explains that he gave the medicine to the Sixers in exchange for bringing Kara to Terra Nova ... and that Tom arranged everything. Jim rushes out of the house to arrest Tom, who insists that he is telling the truth about the Sixers. "I don't know how she does it, but Mira can talk to the future," Tom gasps. Jim then tells Taylor, who doesn't know how this is possible ... or maybe he does. "Lucas," Taylor sighs. "The kid's a genius." In fact, Lucas was recruited to develop such a technology. As for why Lucas left, well, Taylor isn't saying.

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