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Amazing movie making

Author: popale-pradeep
9 March 2012

I normally don't write movie reviews, but after watching this movie I was compelled to write one because this movie is a masterpiece. This movie nicely depicts village life in India where people are blindly following modern lifestyle without considering its negative effects. And importantly it shows how the politics and God's business is combined by few for material gains. It also shows peoples obsession with putting their kids in English medium schools. Movie also shows how there is no point in providing reservations based on gender as ultimately males only try to dominate. As in this movie there is a women Sarpanch 'head of village council', but she is under complete dominance of local male leader. Overall this movie does a good job in showing how the socioeconomic scenario is changing in Indian villages. Actors have done a good job, even led character got national award of 'Best actor'. This is a must watch movie.

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The Temptation

Author: amit_hk2001 from India
19 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just watched this movie today and even if I have a lot of more important things to do, I cannot resist the temptation of writing the review just now. Because it is a masterpiece.

First and foremost important point about this movie is the director's history. He already owns two ground-breaking creations "The Bull" and "The Well" and this one is no exception.

Although the storyline, as usual, focuses on rustic scenario and the usual rural politics but the story goes beyond that. The story addresses a lot of uncommon issues (uncommon to Marathi films) like "theism versus atheism", "reverence", "commercialization of Holy Places" and most importantly "Revelation of God" in such an elegant way that no one (from Marathi film industry) probably ever tried. The plot, the twists and the gradual evolution of the story is really exquisite. May god bless the writer.

The direction was too good. The way in which both positive and negative effects of the temple are depicted is awesome (and not just simply awesome, but out of the world awesome). In first few scenes, every scene appears to be well crafted. The characters and the plot are presented and evolved at the right pace.

As there were huge number of good actors with not-so-long (long in time) roles, everyone had a limited scope for acting. But I must say that almost everyone lived up to their potential. (I am saying almost because I don't know if the excessive display of expressions in some scenes by Jyoti Subhash was intentional/farcical). Otherwise good acting by everyone and especially good acting by the writer. Again god bless the actor(writer).

There are a few downsides to this movie. The first: the movie has more than required number of humorous punch lines. The second: the background songs. And the third: item number. To someone, it might look like a commercialization of a good movie but I, personally like commercial movies so, it wasn't an issue for me.

In conclusion, I like the movies which address such interesting topics with such an elegant manner.

Oh My God. How can I forget awesome lyrics! That's bad. Yes. The lyrics of all three songs are extraordinarily great. Don't miss (Although the lyrics contain some colloquial phrases and words and folk literature).

So again, it is a great movie to watch. A must watch (at least for Marathi people).

"AJ-E Viewer (read it "As A Viewer")", my rating: 10 (for all good stuff) - 0 (for commercialization of the movie) equals

A complete 10.

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Wonderful film about commercialization of religion. All 135 minutes are worth your time

Author: JvH48 from Amersfoort, The Netherlands
2 November 2012

I saw this film as part of the Rotterdam Film Festival 2012. A central theme is what happens when commercialization and politics lay their mostly self serving hands on a religious event. The story opens with the alleged manifestation of a God figure, experienced by a young villager while lying asleep under a tree. He ignores friendly advice to keep it for himself, and a journalist becomes aware of the event. After that it all gets out of control. A temple is built, notwithstanding several wise men insisting that there are better ways to spend the building costs. More and more tourists visit the place. A holy city grows in the middle of the desert, totally overwhelming the once peaceful village.

We observe all this happening as a stepwise process. Clearly, most people take advantage of the growing prosperity, and prefer to ignore the negative side effects. They even conveniently forget that is was God who it was all about. All characters appearing in this film seem true to themselves, and behave natural in their assumed roles. Authenticity as it should be.

Ingenious script, and it works well for the whole 135 minutes running time. The film was never boring, in spite of its relatively slow pace. The latter blends in with the environment, as we see the villagers never do very much, and they seem to enjoy their uncomplicated lives. Also adding to my positive experience was that we hear wonderful music from time to time, that makes very good listening even to our European ears. And last but not least I admired the nice landscapes we get to see.

I don't think it is useful to summarize all characters and their relationships here. You see them appear at appropriate moments, without overwhelming the viewer, regardless of their vast number. The core theme is very obvious: the commercialization of religion in combination with how an insignificant event gets hijacked by politicians. Everyone seems to grow and prosper as a result, so who cares?

Finally, I'm not sure I understood the (hidden?) meaning of the final scene. We see a looter, visibly wounded, approach from a distance. In my opinion it suggests a 2nd coming. Maybe someone to clean out the whole godless mess that the village had become. But I'm speculating now.

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Scores in all three departments -Script, Acting and Direction !!!

Author: shrikantbhusari from India
8 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In one of the scenes, Nana patekar (bhau) trips over sonali kulkarni(vahini) as he's walking in his home talking on the phone and they turn it in to a fun game (kids play) as Nana is still talking over the phone. The relationship between various characters is so well defined in the movie even though many of them have like a a scene or two.

Girish as Keshya, Nana as bhau, Dilip Prabhavalkar as Anna, Sonali kulkarni as vahini have done splendid job. Girish stands out as lovable and open hearted Keshya who loves talking to Karadi (the cow). I am not going to add the movie summary in the review as it might take the fun away.

What makes this movie really work is its characters. You fell immediately in love with them. Even the smallest roles like 'Audience' (a local guy working in city as audience in reality shows) fit perfectly in the movie. The only thing that should have been avoided was an item song. I would say Lavni would have been more appropriate instead.

Mohan agashe and Naseeruddin Shah have done justice to their cameo.

Full credit to Girish and Umesh for for the script and their eye for the details. Wonderfully written script, brilliantly acted by Marathi's some of the best actors done by a visionary director for a film that will leave an impact.

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Lots of respect and support for Marathi Film makers.

Author: Jyotiranjan Panda from Pune
4 September 2015

I am a non maharastrian, but after staying here for 4-5 years, I started understanding marathi. I heard a lot from my colleagues about this movie. Then I decided to watch this movie. When I saw this movie, I was completely surprised with everything. Story, Story-telling, direction, acting and what not. Nana Patekar, Sonali Kulkarni, they are as usual superb actors. But it was Girish Kulkarni who clicked me. What an actor he is. I would never miss any of his future movies.

Overall, the bollywood movie makers should learn movie making and that to be without macho heros.

Excellent Job Team Deool.

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now thats the power of a film

Author: eklavya cwk from India
11 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I start with a warning : this movie is not for those who live outside India as it is a lightning on Indian corrupted tradition, it doesn't directly attack other traditions.

What a movie......the film that marks originality and power of motion pictures towards our society. A highly simple and innocent man gets enlightened by a vision of one specific form of God. Now the world seeks opportunity to exploit this situation for their selfish motives.... How god helps him finally out and leave the rest of the world to remain in their cobwebs till they help themselves out. This is show by 4 types of people

1) a good man whom god loves

2) the foolish people showed by the villagers and devotees who let themselves get exploited

3) the selfish exploiters as politicians and businessmen

4) rational and thoughtful person who tries to help others out but is still on his way towards first enlightenment.

The movie is must watch to find and think about presence of our way out of blockages in the path of our progress. The powerful humor, sarcasm, metaphors and similes, stunning and blowing songs, amazingly powerful and greatest acting performances marks the power inside the film.

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