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  • A teenage boy attempting to follow in his late father's footsteps as an entertainer is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro with partial paralysis. As the team searches for a bone marrow match, they uncover a disturbing family secret. Meanwhile, House looks for creative ways to remove his ankle monitor so that he can attend a boxing match in Atlantic City, and he treats a patient who is convinced he is suffering from diabetes. Also, Taub faces a tough decision when his ex-wife Rachel tells him that she wants to move across the country with their infant daughter.


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  • Teenage clown "Wacky Benny" is bombing before a group of kids at a children's birthday party. An obnoxious fat kid punches him in the groin and when he leans in close to tell him that isn't okay, the kid's father pushes him. The clown appears to have a stroke.

    While the team discusses how a healthy teen could have a stroke, House pushes Taub about why it looks as if he/] was pushed. It turns out it was Rachel's boyfriend, who wants Rachel and Taub's daughter to move out west with him.

    Ben and his mother argue over his desire to purse a career as a circus clown. It was the profession of the deceased biological father he barely knew; His mother thinks he should aim higher in life.

    Wilson and House are supposed to watch a televised boxing match together, but Wilson may have access to ringside seats in Atlantic City. Despite being on house arrest House says that he's going to come with him.

    The working diagnose for Ben is an auto-immune disorder.

    Ben tells Taub he's supposed to start an internship at his stepfather's law firm. He knows he's not any good at being a clown, but he loves makes kids laugh.

    House attempts to get Foreman to schedule him at a conference in Atlantic City the same night as the fight. It doesn't work.

    Taub and Chase tell House about Ben's allergic reaction to donor platelets. House wonders why Ben's mother never had him looked by a dermatologist, since his biological father died young of melanoma. He thinks she's hiding something.

    The mother admits Ben's father didn't actually die. He's living under the name Mitchell Gordon and she didn't tell Ben because she didn't want him to know his father was a drunk who came in and out of his life.

    Wilson asks House about his belief that every parent screws up every child.

    Taub and Park pay Gordon a visit and tells him his bone marrow could save his life. He tells them he doesn't have a son anymore.

    Chase tells Adams about his own mother's drinking problem. She gives him a made-up story about her parents, realizing that Chase is helping House listen-in via cell phone.

    Ben begins seizing. They think he is bleeding into his lungs. When it's clear he isn't, Park says the problem is his liver.

    House has a guy working on his ankle tracker who plans to slide a heating pad in place of House's leg. The teams talks about why the mom really lied about the father. House orders protein.

    The ankle tracker tampering backfires and Foreman arrives with the cops. House pretends to be sitting in a sauna soaking his feet and causing the device to emit a false signal.

    The wife of a clinic patient who tried to trick House into diagnosing him with diabetes shows up wanting House to write her a fake prescription of tell her what is safe to inject into him so he thinks he's getting insulin. He blows her off.

    Taub offers to watch the baby so Ruby can get a full night's sleep. He's hoping what he's doing makes a difference with the child.

    Ben's liver isn't the problem. Taub admits to having Ruby sleep in his guest room. House orders Ben prepped for chemo and seems to think of something.

    Wilson tells Foreman that House has earned permission to go to Atlantic City. Foreman thinks he needs to be the jerk and Wilson needs to be the friend.

    Rachel and the boyfriend show up to the hospital. They apologize and say it was wrong of them to suggest they take the baby to Portland.

    House has the clinic guy back into the hospital. The bok choy he's been eating to stave off diabetes is making him sick.

    During chemo Taub and Park tells Ben he should be okay since they caught his cancer early. At this point his body starts to shut down.

    Ben had multiple aneurisms and it looks like he's on his deathbed. Ben's stepfather called the biological father but the mother won't let him in. House guesses that the biological father molested Ben and gave him syphilis. The punch to the groin kicked up the dormant bacteria cells. Ben's mother confirms the abuse and says Ben didn't understand what had happened and she thought he seemed normal. Penicillin should take care of Ben.

    Adams thinks they should tell Ben about the abuse. House puts the decision on Taub.

    Taub tells Ben what he had. He asks if that can be speak without sexual contact.

    Taub tells House that he didn't tell Ben how he got the disease. House thinks that thinking with their hearts is why parents screw-up their kids.

    Adams tells House she ran away from home for two months because she had such normal parents. It took her parents year to get over it and House thinks this is when she began to excel. She says this romanticizing being screwed-up is why she wanted to work with House.

    Taub drops by to talk to Rachel and her boyfriend. He says he can't let them move.

    Wilson drops by House's place to watch the fight. He turns on the TV and sees House sitting ringside with Foreman.

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