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Plot Summary

  • The CIA and FBI manhunt for Tom Walker continues after he managed to escape following his tracked telephone call with Helen. The resulting shooting at the mosque, which led to the death of two innocent mosque goers, is causing a public relations problem, especially as eyewitness accounts differ from that of the official FBI statement regarding whether the FBI had any provocation for shooting, and if the FBI indeed did shoot first. Despite knowing he is doing good work in the community, Carrie is certain the imam knows more than he is stating publicly about whether there was any relationship between Walker and the mosque. Saul thinks he knows a way for Carrie to get that information, as Carrie's heavy handed approach with the imam is getting her nowhere, he who wants some sort of justice for the shooting victims' families. Meanwhile, Walker has retreated to the woods to calibrate his firearm. And Brody, out grocery shopping on his own, is violently mugged. That mugging and resulting kidnapping is not by accident, the situation which makes him reminisce about his previous encounter with Abu Nazir and Nazir's son Issa, which has led to where he is today.

    - Written by Huggo
  • After learning that Tom Walker is alive and that he's been lied to for many years, Brody advises Abu Nazir through his embassy contact that their arrangement is over. He is soon kidnapped however and through a video conference with Abu Nazir, recalls a time when he was taken into Nazir's home. Carrie meanwhile has to deal with the aftermath of the mosque shooting. She is certain that the local imam had nothing to do with whatever Walker is up to but he is angry at what happens and at the FBI cover-up. Carrie eventually learns that Walker did pray at the mosque on several occasions and did meet someone there from a foreign embassy.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Brody's efforts to sever ties with Abu Nazir triggers flashbacks to his time as a captive. Meanwhile, the mosque shooting results in a public-relations nightmare for Carrie.

    - Written by Amazon Instant Video


Jessica is cleaning the house while Brody shops for groceries. He calls with a question but she doesn't hear the phone so he leaves a message...

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