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The Magic City is based on hope and resilience played out in a coming of age story laced with sometimes insurmountable tragedies and exhilarating adventures. Characters Tiana, Nia and Amiya initially adversaries, forge a lifelong friendship through hope and adversity in one of Miamis gritty and unforgiving neighborhoods, Liberty City.

Told mainly through the voice of Tiana, viewers are given an honest and riveting first hand account of her journey. Sisters Tiana and Nia abandoned by their drug addicted mother, become one of the many children placed in the Florida foster care system. The system splits up the two sisters and once they are reunited they vow to each other never to be separated again.

The summer begins when the sisters are placed in the care of their Aunt. Aunt Georgia finally gives the girls a place they can call home. With love and discipline the girls begin to blossom and trust again. Next door to their new home is Amiya. Tiana and Amiya do not initially see eye to eye as Amiya, neglected by her mother, has been left in the care of her Aunt (Jenifer Lewis). Amiya, a well to do teenage girl from Tampa is now living in Liberty City for the summer. Timid and afraid Amiya in typical teenage fashion battles with her Aunt and encounters her Uncle Tru (Jamie Hector) who is living with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Tru becomes a source of inspiration and knowledge for Amiya. Soon enough Tiana, Nia and Amiya become best friends.

The girls spent the summer sharing nights at the local skating rink and days at the mall. They also shared a secret. Through dramatic circumstances the girls come together to ensure each others happiness when tragedy enters their lives once more. Aunt Georgia suddenly dies, leaving Tiana and Nia afraid and alone. Together the girls plot to conceal the death by deception and cleaver misdirection turning to the Liberty City streets to survive and dodging Mr. Daniels (Keith David) the relentless boyfriend of Aunt Georgia.


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