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Fun Documentary on New Blood
Michael_Elliott16 February 2012
Jason's Destroyer: The Making of Friday the 13th VII (2009)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

John Carl Buechler, Lar Park Lincoln, Kane Hodder, Kevin Blair, Barry Zetlin, Diana Barrows, Elizabeth Kaitan, Fred Mollin and John Otrin are interviewed about their involvement with the seventh film in Paramount's series. Buechler starts off talking about why he decided to do a film and why it was important that someone like Hodder was able to play Jason. Hodder himself talks about working with the director as well as what he wanted to do with the part. Even Lar Park Lincoln goes into detail about what she wanted to do for her character to try and separate it from films that had came before. Of course, fans of the film know that this was butchered by the MPAA and this here gets a lot of discussion. The director and cast talk about the various death scenes that were either taken out of the movie or trimmed down to the point where you couldn't even recognize them. We do get some full screen images of the deleted scenes and while the quality isn't the greatest they're still better than what we saw on the bonus disc of the original box set in 2005. The featurette ends with discussion of where the director wanted to take the series after this entry as he wanted to have the main girl in a mental hospital where Jason shows up to kill her. Fans of the series will enjoy this as it goes into very good detail about the making plus it's always fun seeing the cast members years after the movie was made.
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Nifty retrospective documentary
Woodyanders24 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This fifteen minute documentary offers a pretty interesting and informative glimpse at the making of "Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood." Lar Park-Lincoln reveals that she talked to various psychics to research her role as Tina. Diana Barrows expresses regret that her death scene was completely cut out while Elizabeth Kaiten discusses doing a reshoot for her death scene in which her character gets thrown out of a window (she originally got her stomach sliced open by a machete, but the make-up appliance under her shirt was noticeable and hence a reshoot was deemed necessary to rectify this). Composer Fred Mollin admits he found it challenging to do a score that didn't too closely emulate Harry Manfredini's work on the previous movies. Kevin Blair tells a funny story about flubbing a line of dialogue. However, the best stuff in this doc centers on how director John Carl Buechler and editor Barry Zetlin had to severely tone down the gore f/x in order to secure an R rating from the MPAA. Loaded with choice clips and gruesome splatter outtakes, it's essential viewing for fans of this particular entry in the popular horror franchise.
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