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Good Enough to Watch Again Sometime

Author: Don Shroyer from United States
11 February 2014

I just watched this recent flick with a friend. We wanted something to accompany our corn chips and cream cheese, and various forms of libation. We thought the joke would be that the movie would go well with the "cheese." We were both pleased to find that the movie, an action/military/science fiction film, was actually well done. The opening scene was a rather cleverly done shooting range/simulation test where a new recruit of the "BlackJacks" seeks to qualify. The BlackJacks are an elite, highly trained, ex-military, blah blah blah... ala the Navy SEALs. You get the idea, although no actual SEAL seems represented. From there, we were hooked.

There are no big stars in this movie, a couple I know I have seen here or there, and some who have done voices for action/military genre video games. They all do their parts credibly to provide an enjoyable view. Eric Roberts is the only one with a household name. And he does his usual good job adding some class and sophistication to his role. He is a CEO who sends the 'Jacks into Afghanistan to his super-secret but malfunctioning lab to recover the genius in charge of some experimental energy research.

The action is fairly constant but not overdone. Hardware and tactics seem authentic and believable. It has the look and feel of one of those action/military video games like Call of Duty, with good cinematography instead of expensive special effects. The science fiction comes in when stuff goes wrong and it becomes clear why the lab is off-line. There is also some gore here, but it's not overdone either. That and some brief nudity get it an R rating.

All in all, this movie held our interest and was fun to watch. If you like action movies with a military flavor, I recommend this movie to you.

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An OK Predator-style movie

Author: Sammy Jankis from Prague, Czech Republic
15 February 2014

This movie is very similar to the original Predator and Resident Evil movies but it lacks their quality. The strongest side of the movie is the military action, which is on par with the best of the genre. The team is well equipped and the tactical element is well handled except maybe the use of scope indoors. However, the story is somewhat weak (goes with the genre) and the special effects quite cheap so when it comes to the sci-fi stuff and explosions, this movie feels 10 years old.

Generally, if you are a fan of either Predator or Resident Evil, this movie will not disappoint. If not, stay away from this one.

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Don't waste your time

Author: pquodling from Australia
12 February 2014

D-Grade Story Line, C-grade acting. I should have stopped watching with Eric Roberts started strutting around the screen. poor visual affects whenever the "bad guy" comes up. Poor military tactics for a group of supposed spec-ops players. Non-sensical "twists" in the story line.

For the life of me, the "Seal Patrol" reference is vague - some of the the protagonists might have once been seals, but even that is a stretch.

As I said - not really worth wasting one's time on.

I am regretting having watched it, when I could have been doing something more productive like cutting my toenails.

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Hardly worth the watch

Author: piersma from Utrecht, Netherlands
13 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I based my decision to watch this on the rather positive review and was disappointed.

The story is flimsy, there doesn't seem to be much of a connection between events.

The characters are flat, as a viewer I didn't see any personal side of the roles being portrayed, as a result of this, none of the potentially heavy events (deaths) moved me in the slightest.

The acting is poor, especially one 'grumpy character' is being portrayed in an overdramatised way, there's a sense of high-school-play.

the effects are rather fake and some shots have obviously been used several times (bullets hitting, undefined movement) The black and white stills didn't quite add anything either.

there is no buildup of tension whatsoever.

Wouldn't recommend anyone to watch.

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Quite watchable actually

Author: hobotshy from Croatia
17 August 2014

Not bad at all if you don't expect blockbuster production. Characters mostly make logical decisions, it doesn't insult your brain. Nice military tactics, with lots of spec ops equipment. Special effects could be better, and there is very little character development, but movie is overall pleasant surprise.

I was expecting low budget horror movie, but decided to give this one a chance. I liked how special team members mostly follow almost all that you can see about close quarters combat in other documentary shows. Acting is not great but watchable.

And there are some very nice looking ladies in the movie...

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I had something like this happen to me before

Author: Gordon Freeman from United States
24 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Back in the day while working at Black Mesa Research Facility I arrive to work late I quick put my hazard suit and got to work in the Anti-mass Chamber.

Where I was then instructed that I would be using the rarest and most unstable specimen. once I pushed the specimen into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer aka a nuclear reactor I open some sort of rift and alien type creature pop up and took over the world

this movie reminds me of that one nasty day that happen to me

But Watch movie

Or Just play Half-life you will get the same enjoyment

Gordon Freeman Signing out cheers

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B Grade action movie

Author: toshiko-kadir from Singapore
18 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILER ALERT : Cheesy music of the B-C grade quality of films. Weak plot and average acting. The best are the military action sequences with a semi-polished team of soldiers. Believable in the style of Acts of Valor. I'd skip this movie ... and a 2-star rating is really for the military action. The mysterious element isn't interesting enough. One languorous and slow sexy shower scene gets some air time but you wonder why the director had to put a scene in which doesn't really have anything to do with the plot. But a beautiful body nonetheless. the very end, I felt like it was a VERY poor version of the Alien franchise without any kind of suspense or believabilty. I still can't believe I watched it to the end

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Seal Patrol? No aquatic animals in sight.

Author: David Frohurst from United Kingdom
24 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this film cause someone gave it a okay review, and I thought I was going to watch a film about the U.S.'s elite fighting force, wrong.

Stop there do not waste your time or money on this film, as someone has already pointed out the title is very miss-leading, the characters may of been ex-seals so why use this title? should of been called "Mercenary Patrol" if any thing.

Then we come to the acting/story line oh dear oh dear oh dear, the most exciting part of this film was the shower scene, then you have to ask yourself why was it shown, apart from showing the young ladies obviously curvy body.

My advice to the director are words that remind me when I was at school...."You could do better".

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