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Man on Wire, Bigger Is Better, and Filipino Follies

Don Wildman examines the greatest high-wire stunt in history, investigates the incredible lengths Thomas Jefferson took to preserve America's reputation and unravels one of the most bizarre hoaxes the world has ever ...


7 Apr. 2016
Indestructible Mike; Bubble Trouble; the Penny Man
Host Don Wildman investigates an electric chair related to a bizarre crime, a marble table from a scientific experiment gone wrong, and a yearbook that tells one determined student's smart scheme.
28 Apr. 2016
Nation of Sealand; Nantucket Sea Monster; Bandit Queen
Don Wildman examines postage stamps made by a group of pirate radio rebels, inspects a photo linked to a terrifying sea monster and observes a gun owned by one of the most popular outlaws in Wild West history.
5 May 2016
Bizarre Bread, Worst Train Robbery, Legend of the Jackalope
Don Wildman examines a specimen linked to a case of mass hysteria, marvels at a massive locomotive connected to the worst train robbery ever and studies the West's most legendary creature, the jackalope.
12 May 2016
The Legend of William Tell, the President's Daughter, the Chomp-Chomp Game
Don Wildman examines a crossbow linked to a legendary marksman, inspects a tell-all memoir that created a national scandal and investigates a quirky arcade game that became an astounding hit.
19 May 2016
Mysterious Death of Van Gogh
Don Wildman examines a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, a dress worn by a groundbreaking athlete and a massive airplane used to combat a deadly inferno.
20 May 2016
Hillary's Yeti
Don Wildman examines a father's death-defying attempt to save his family, the scalp of the legendary Yeti and a political scandal linked to a bizarre recording.
26 Aug. 2016
Ben Franklin's Bones, Heroine of Flight 847, Doctor Zhivago Pilot
Don Wildman examines a set of mysterious bones found beneath Benjamin Franklin's home, a brave woman determined to save a hijacked airplane and an author's quest to get his work published.
2 Jun. 2016
Mystery of the Spinning Statue, the Unwanted Elephant, Pirates of the Me
Don Wildman investigates a statue which seemed to have taken a life of its own, a strange skull from a beast that once was the star of the big top and a small carving of an infamous dictator.
10 Jun. 2016
Who Killed Superman, Silver Lake Sea Serpant, Wooden Horse Escape
Don Wildman inspects a pair of glasses linked to a mysterious death, uncovers the truth behind a deep sea monster and unravels the story behind one of history's greatest escapes.
17 Jun. 2016
Pigeon Bra, Alpine Air Rescue, Her Promised Land
Don Wildman examines a hat that inspired a shocking act of deception, a medal belonging to a woman who was behind the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and an ingenious contraption which saved pigeons and helped win World War II.
24 Jun. 2016
Bobbed Haired Bandit, Escape from the Jungle, Deadly Substitution
The 1858 Bradford sweets poisoning was the arsenic poisoning of more than 200 people in Bradford, England, when sweets accidentally made with arsenic were sold from a market stall. Twenty-one victims died as a result.
1 Jul. 2016
Dancing Plague, Tracking Santa and Annie Londonberry
Don Wildman examines a town gripped by a bizarre plague, the mix-up that spawned a holiday tradition and a woman's quest to take on the world.
8 Jul. 2016
Man Who Saved the World; Man in a Box; and from the Depths of Hell
Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind a nuclear malfunction, investigates the strangest delivery the world has ever seen and examines a survival story that captivated the globe.
15 Jul. 2016
Yellow Fever Fiend, Angel in Bordeaux and Invention of Jaywalking
Don Wildman examines a barrel connected to a daring World War II plot, a traffic light that sparked an urban revolution and the portrait of a doctor who was embroiled in a nineteenth century tale of biological warfare.
12 Aug. 2016
Muhammad Ali Saves the Day, Beast of Gevaudan, Before Hillary
Don Wildman examines a medal presented to the greatest boxer of all time, inspects the statue of a monstrous beast and investigates a newspaper that exposed a salacious scandal.
19 Aug. 2016
Death of Michael Rockefeller; the 68 Salute; Andes Rugby Crash
Don Wildman investigates the disappearance of one of New York's elite, an Olympic Jersey tied to a pivotal moment for civil rights and a plastic knife wielded in a chilling survival story.
25 Jul. 2016
Swimming the Channel, Bricking the Bank and Canyon Survivor
A woman's quest for athletic glory; a bizarre use of the US Postal Service; one man's will to survive against all odds.
2 Sep. 2016
Millennium Heist/New Jersey Man Eater/Elvis Meets Nixon/Harvey Milk
A brazen plot to steal a priceless diamond; a bloodthirsty shark that inspired a horror movie; a famous encounter between a president and a "King," a haunted hand print; a US Parcel Mail Bag; and the struggles of Harvey Milk in San Francisco.
8 Sep. 2016
Hank Williams, Glowing Soldiers, Iceman Cometh
The death of a country music legend; surgical tools linked to a medical mystery; the oldest cold case in human history.
9 Sep. 2016
Flight of the Bell, Arsenic Soup Plot, Spring-Heeled Jack
Don Wildman examines a replica of America's most famous bell, inspects a photograph of a suspicious-looking chef and investigates an illustrated book depicting a devilish fiend.
16 Sep. 2016
Episode #12.1
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23 Sep. 2016
Kidnapped Filmmaker, Pinky's Freedom Ring and the Checkered Game of Life
An action figure to a North Korean kidnapping; a gold ring as a symbol of freedom; a 19th-century board game.
30 Sep. 2016
Kensington Runestone, Smile! You're Being Hijacked and Harriet the Spy
Don Wildman examines a stone tablet which may hold the key to America's beginnings, a model plane connected to a hijacking and a revolver that once belonged to the first American woman to lead an armed expedition into war.
6 Oct. 2016
Boston Marathon Cheat: Beast of Bodmin: The Naked President
Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind one of the most audacious hoaxes in sports history, investigates the preserved remains of a terrifying beast and inspects a watch linked to a presidential scandal.
13 Oct. 2016
Man on Wire, Bigger Is Better, and Filipino Follies
Don Wildman examines the greatest high-wire stunt in history, investigates the incredible lengths Thomas Jefferson took to preserve America's reputation and unravels one of the most bizarre hoaxes the world has ever seen.
15 Jul. 2016
Cock a Doodle Doomed
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