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Death of Michael Rockefeller; the 68 Salute; Andes Rugby Crash

Don Wildman investigates the disappearance of one of New York's elite, an Olympic Jersey tied to a pivotal moment for civil rights and a plastic knife wielded in a chilling survival story.

Season 2

28 Feb. 2012
Unsolved Cases Special
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4 Oct. 2011
Siamese Twins, Assassin Umbrella, Capone's Haunted Cell
Don examines the death case of Siamese Twins Cheng & Eng and unlocks their medical mystery. He studies an umbrella that played a role in a Cold War assassination. And, he visits a jail cell that holds a secret about Al Capone.
8 Nov. 2011
American Spy, Belle Gunness, Oarfish
Host Don Wildman investigates the role an ordinary US Postal Service mailbox played in one of the most damaging spy cases of the Cold War.
15 Nov. 2011
Shrunken Heads, Greeley Expedition, Broken Arrow
Host Don Wildman examines what appears to be a miniature human head, brought back from the jungles of South America. In the pages of a handwritten journal, he discovers the details of an Arctic expedition that ended in disaster.
22 Nov. 2011
La Raid, Bioterror, Automation
Host Don Wildman unveils the shocking real-life story behind an impressive work of art. He examines a simple tire cover that boasts a warning about a bizarre religious cult.
29 Nov. 2011
Outlaw Shoes, Astrochimp, Message in a Bottle
Host Don Wildman inspects a strange pair of shoes that starred in one of the most bizarre and gruesome tales of the Wild West. He examines a miniature spacesuit - worn by a most unconventional space pioneer.
6 Dec. 2011
Anthrax, Marilyn Monroe, Hunley Submarine
Don examines a cardboard box that's contents were tied to a deadly outbreak that brought fear. He inspects a pill bottle that may shed light on an icon's death. He investigates why a Civil War submarine vanished without a trace.
13 Dec. 2011
Lotto Scam, Somali Pirates, Haunted Plane
Don Wildman inspects a lottery ticket inscribed with the digits 6-6-6 linked to the only known lottery scam. He surveys a giant lifeboat that survived a hijacking and investigates a damaged airplane linked to ghost sightings.
20 Dec. 2011
Flying Car, Prison Riot, Dreamland Fire
Don examines the stories behind a flying car, a Pennsylvania prison riot, a 1964 Alaska earthquake, a 1911 Coney Island Fire, a heroic carrier pigeon from World War I, and Ishi, the last Deer Creek Indian.
17 Apr. 2012
Brinks Heist, Saddam's Spider Hole, Rindocus
Host Don Wildman examines a shabby chauffer's cap, inspects a block of polysterene foam that sat at the the center of one the biggest manhunts in American military History and seeks to unlock a bizarre preserved beast.
24 Apr. 2012
The Donner Party, the Shoe Bomber, FDR'S Cane
Host Don Wildman inspects a 100-year old tissue sample that sent a doctor to the gallows, a collection of birds killed by a mysterious epidemic and kettle used by a group of settlers to cook up a ghastly stew.
7 May 2012
Einstein's Brain, Morgan Affair, Brass Knuckles
Don Wildman examines sketches of otherworldly creatures said to have descended upon a farm, a set of brass knuckles that protected a great president, a building tied to a secret society and a more than 150-year old disappearance.
17 Jul. 2012
Monumental Mysteries
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