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Funny and Corny Conclusion
Claudio Carvalho18 April 2017
Constance is taking care of her grandson and when Ben takes the baby from her, she threatens him. The he decides to commit suicide, but Vivien stops him and asks him to leave the house since they are in danger. However, Hayden with two other ghosts hang Ben from a chandelier. Later, Marcy convinces the couple Stacey and Miguel Ramos, and their teenage son Gabriel, to buy the house. However Ben and Vivien decides to haunt the family and they leave the house. Vivien finds that her stillborn baby was indeed alive and died in the house. She takes the baby from Nora and takes care of him and lives happily with Ben, Violet and Moira. Years later, Constance finds who her grandson is.

"Afterbirth" is the last episode of "American Horror Story", with the fate of the characters. It is funny to see Ben and Vivien frightening the Ramos family to protect them. But is also corny, with a happy ending for Ben, Vivien and Violet that forget all their problems. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Afterbirth"
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Excellent finale!
Red_Identity22 December 2011
So it's happened... the finale to American Horror Story's first season. By the time it was over, I was really sad. I am definitely going to miss it. My thoughts...

The finale was excellent. I can see why some people will have problems with it, but I honestly loved how it ended. It did so much things in one single episode, but then again, that is one of the trademarks of this show- it always does so much you can barely pause to think about everything that happened. I love how we had the 'boo' scares from the Harmon family to a new one. It seems that the house is divided- we have the sane, happy ghosts (The Harmons, Moira) then we have the vengeful ghosts full of hate.

What can I say about the ending of the episode? Perfection! Jessica Lange's final monologue is brilliant, and the closing scene of the episode was as well. In a way, we want to see this storyline as well, but I doubt we will. This could easily be seen as a series finale, but now we know how every season of this show will be constructed. I cannot wait for it, and all in all, an excellent finale to an excellent season!
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Equally original and terribly scenarized
lampadaire200029 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
i don't understand people's reaction to that TV Show : no one seems to notice that in each episode of the first season , there is at least 5 or 6 scripts errors (except that user who reviewed each episode and seems to hate the show at first sight). The show is original and the idea of mixing every horror movie in one single season could be good, but jeez ,even if you demand the audience to respect fantasy and horror movies rules, please Mr Showmen RESPECT those rules. As watching the show i was always thinking "ok, if this one knows this, then he CAN't react like this) I found out why it's so annoying to watch: it's because characters are very poorly drew. If the script have them to act this way , they will, despite who they are ,and despite what they know about this House ,( who would have been abandoned or destroy for decades in real life) , it's not characters who will define the scripts and what happens, it's quite the contrary: that's why you always think: this can't happen. Hiring a house who is on a Tour of Horror without knowing it? Ben never heard about Betty Short? Violet read who is Tate on the web , and doesn't mind dating someone dead? well, there's million of little "oh-look-that-way-and-don't-consider-this" tricks offered by the scenarists all during the show that make us wonder if this is ironic or if they do want us scared or laughing. Too bad because sometime ,some scenes and ideas are really beautiful).

(PS: i REALLY don't get the WHY of the Jessica Lange characters ,what she represents and the scene with a lazy & ery naive LAPD are hilarious)
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Worst Episode of Any Show I've Ever Seen, And I've Been Watching TV My Whole Life
asrexproductions25 March 2017
There are movies and TV shows that are dissatisfying, not exciting / scary / happy / whatever enough, or poorly acted / directed /shot / whatever, as I said. Sometimes there are plot points that make no sense; sometimes there are characters who behave in unrealistic or unbelievable ways. I have never EVER seen an episode of a professionally produced television show however, that I felt didn't seem to understand how to TELL A STORY at all until this "Afterbirth" episode of American Horror story. I'm absolutely dumbfounded.

Those who have been watching "American Horror Story" Season 1 know the basic setup, and it gets reviewed at the beginning of this episode if you don't: Philandering therapist Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) moves into an old mansion with his wife (Connie Britton) and daughter (Taissa Farmiga) in an attempt to repair his marriage after his wife Vivien (Britton) finds out about his infidelity. Unfortunately for all of them, the house is haunted, and over the course of this season, the ghosts have tortured and toyed with all of them, in ways that I won't spoil for the uninitiated, but have now left us with Dr. Harmon in great danger and a new baby, with his wife and daughter trying to help him. Will he escape? In any other normal series, that would be the whole premise of this episode. Here however? HO-Boy...! Again, without spoiling it as best I can, suffice it to say that what WOULD be the major conflict of the story gets wrapped up in the first act, in a way that I think anyone with a literary or television or BASIC STORYTELLING background would agree makes the whole first season seem pointless. From there it becomes a gimmicky scare-fest that felt to me like an attempt to turn it back into a horror story, and not just ghost science fiction (complete with an explanation of the rules of how the world works, in the aforementioned first act, preventing the audience from figuring it out on its own and taking satisfaction from that). To me it just meanders aimlessly from the second act onward, ending in what struck me as a too-little, too-late attempt to be creepy that couldn't possibly work on me because I'd already stopped caring. I love the cast, including perennial favorite Charles S. Dutton in a minor role, but they're given a story that really feels to me like something a sixth grader might have come up with. I've never seen anything like this in my life, and cannot understand why this show is so well-regarded today. I can only assume that it gets better in subsequent seasons but frankly, I loathed this season finale so much that I'm never watching this ever again. UNBELIEVABLY bad, in my opinion. Stay away from this first season at all costs!
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The Last Straw
artpf2 January 2014
Episode flashes back to 9 months previously. Then back. Nothing makes sense in this show. I sat through every episode. It's horrible.

This episode brings in new ghosts to the house and a new tenant.

There's nothing believable in this show. You can't suspend disbelief at all.

And the writing really really sucks.

This episode is one big mess. It doesn't really tie up any loose ends and the ending is a burlesque. In truth the ending just keeps going, and going, and going.

It's actually sort of insulting.
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