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Fantastic, original storyline with plenty of twists & turns

Author: paduka from London
12 November 2013

This is the first time I am writing a review on IMDb and I am doing this for two reasons: 1). Because this is a truly great movie that deserves a review 2). To boost up the ratings because I am truly shocked that the film has received such poor ratings (so far)

I will not give much away (and nor should you do much reading on the plot) because this is one of those movies where the less you know, the better it is. The settings are very simple yet effective. And with a storyline like this there was no need for all the mumbo jumbo CGI, special effects, blasts and the whole malarkey. There are so many twists in this film and you will be glued right on the get go.

When I first watched the film, there were no reviews/ratings available as it had just been released, so I was very much looking forward to the reviews and see that (not if) other viewers enjoyed it as much as I did. Now that I see the ratings, I felt compelled (like the other reviewers here) to urge people to watch it as it is truly a remarkable, original and SMART film. So please, do yourself a favour and watch it- you will NOT be disappointed!

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We need more intelligent movies like "THE SUSPECT"

Author: alshwenbear1 from United States
26 October 2013

Some of us while watching a film, look for unpredictability, and on my opinion 95 per cent of the movies are about the same, crime with a cliché, zombie with a cliché, etc... with a cliché, and when you find an argument that is telling you nothing, I mean teasing you with the same question: "What is really happening here?" and then immerse and interest you without giving a real clue, that's what I CALL A GOOD ONE!

I came into "The suspect" waiting for something that would turn off my attention within fifteen minutes, instead, after an hour or so, I was with eyes glued to the screen, no blood, no shootings, no CGI, but a story, not build in great suspense, but properly elaborated, and I wondered how come movies like this fall into the great pit of indifference... because most moviegoers are lazy and dumb? The acting is good, at moments like watching live theater, more interestingly the plot takes a turn as if Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) had something to do with it.

The writer and director's name is STUART CONELLY and hopefully his work catches the attention of a TV network, or a big movie studio, because frankly, we need more intelligent movies like "THE SUSPECT"

My recommendation is: watch this movie of you are looking for a smart and twisted ending! And as always no spoilers in here.

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Interesting and unpredictable thriller with racial issues

Author: OJT from Norway
21 February 2014

A perfect start to a film is watching landscapes and the introduction to a venue, while listening to a radio updating you. In seconds you are put into the situation. A small town has just experienced a bank robbery. And a sheriff of a completely white small town leaves the police car to start an interrogation of a black man which is suspected of the robbery. Simply great, and a great start of the film.

I like a film that is different, and this is very original both in the storytelling and in the plot. I was engaged in the story all the way through, though it's a little bit confusing. There's even some flash backs to help you understand. By no way perfect, but still interesting and engaging. On a large budget this would have potential to be a large hit.

William Sadler is great as the sheriff, as is Mekhi Phifer as the suspect. It's a low budget production but they have made the best out of it. Talented film making by first time offender Stuart Connelly! Go see it!

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AMAZING!!! (The situation is unrealistic... but what movie isn't!)

Author: SymonWitherWhy from United Kingdom
3 November 2013

4.7! thats a joke! I cannot believe that people rated this movie so low. I recently watched a movie called scenic route, i expected it to be pretty horrible because of the low ratings but i always reserve judgement because people want to see giant robots and time travel or nudity. That movie turned out to be one of my top 5 movies of the year.

I don't really know what to say on this movie because i was SO shocked on how brilliant it actually was. I was teary eyed at the end because the twist is like something you would see in a series like the wire. Mekhi Phifer is a brilliant actor and plays this role perfectly and the supporting actor is just as impressive. The events that take place in this movie are completely unrealistic and pretty outrageous even down to the way the police are but that is no way to judge the movie because its just a movie... So enjoy it for what it is.

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Had potential but unrealism and twist ending ruined it

Author: Tomas Maly
12 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first 3/4 of the movie were interesting, and I could have given it a 6 or 7 out of 10, but several things didn't sit well that made the film a far stretch even for a movie..

The premise is basic. Two college professors perform a "sociological experiment" in several midwest towns, seeing just how prevalent an undercurrent of racism is. The context of this is staging a bank robbery in very small towns where there are no other African-Americans and one guy rob the bank, then leave the other guy on the side of the road to be found by the police. Then comes an interrogation where the potential prejudice/racism can come out. It becomes justified as an "experiment" and they get pardoned from jail to go on their merry way because 1) the money gets returned and 2) the "experiment" context (ie potential for the scenario being published) leaves the sheriff embarrassed enough to let the suspect go.

The first big problem I was bugged by, throughout the entire film, was that if you rob a bank, it's a crime. Even if you give the money back. Even ATTEMPTED robbery is a crime. Obviously, there's no specific evidence of who robbed the bank (wearing masks, long clothing, etc), but the moment your partner shows up at the sheriff with a bunch of money that comes up to the amount stolen from the bank, you'll get arrested. Embarrassment aside, you've committed a crime.

Secondly, the theme of racism comes up many times but I fail to see how the behavior is racist. If you happen to show a bit of dark colored skin while robbing a bank and there are no dark skinned people in the town, then a dark skinned fellow is on the side of the road outside of town under ambiguous circumstances, it's a logic conclusion, not racism. Racism would be looking for an African-American suspect and stopping every African-American in town when there is a certain percentage of such. Using overgeneralized identifiable information on a selection of the population. But if a midget robs a bank and there are no midgets who live in town and then you see a midget on the side of the road who can't come up with a clear alibi, then you're going to conclude that the midget did it. That's just logic. It's almost like this movie was trying to overdo the race theme for some cheezy after-school feel-good purpose.

Third, in a town where people are genuinely racist, they don't talk as politely as these sheriffs do. They throw out the N-word like it's nothing. These people's behaviors was not racist, it may have been prejudiced to an outsider, but his skin color was not a factor except that it shared identifiable information to the bank robber which no other citizen in the town could identify with. But that's a minor issue.

The ending had a double twist. First, the partner never made it to the sheriff station, with the money. So enough of the situation is explained to the sheriff so they end up going on a search for the missing guy and his car. Turns out it ends up over a cliff (are there even cliffs in the midwest?), and the partner is dead. The money is in a bag, and the sheriff insists on the money first, pulled up via winch. They're apparently going to keep the money and say they let this fellow go (surprise!)

The problem I have here is that this supposed college professor of psychology never gave question to giving the money (his leverage) to the police. Granted, the money in the bag was counterfeit. But with the winch gone, how would the guy ever get back to safety? It seemed like a long ways down.

This somewhat reveals the second twist. Or perhaps there are three twists. The money they return to the bank is counterfeit. Did nobody care enough to check the serial numbers? OK, maybe that doesn't matter. Apparently they are "fake" robbing banks under the pretext of a university sociological experiment so as to acquire enough money for - surprise - the guy's dying daughter (ie black market organs from Argentina). They switch the real money for some counterfeit, and keep the real money.

Except this is where the final - and perhaps sappy - twist comes into play. The cops take the supposed bag of money and then douse the guy stuck down a cliff with gasoline, then set everything on fire. Except the guy never bothers to get up. He just sits there, screaming, in the fire. He doesn't seem to care. He doesn't bother moving, or trying to survive. Seems really stupid. And this is where the final sappy twist comes into play. He dies, and he has this life insurance policy, that pays out $8 million that can then pay for his dying daughter's black market organ/surgery! Sappy ending.

Maybe I'm the only one who caught it, but I don't see how the ending is plausible AT ALL. First off, the guy was telling the sheriff his FRIEND'S name, ie "Freeman Finch". Yes, they both died, but seems that they got burned. How can anyone be identified? Who would bother informing the insurance company? These fellows manipulated and conned the cops, so it's in their interest to pretend they don't exist. I guess maybe to close the case on the robbery they had to explain that these guys died in a car crash. How the tire popped and lose control made no sense either. What's ironic is that part of the movie's appeal is the race card played against the sheriffs, except it really was played against the movie watchers, because they really were keeping the money.

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Most low raters missed the point of the film

Author: Kam Kam
26 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


What made the film good is that you don't realize what the film is about until the end. Yes, it started off as a social experiment on racism, only to find out it wasn't really an experiment at all. They actually were robbing the banks and replacing the money with counterfeit and returning the money to the sheriff to be released from custody.

Here's the twist: it was never about them robbing the bank in the first place. That was the back up plan. The plan was for the main character to be killed so that his family can receive the insurance money. He would go to small towns in the Deep South where racism is very much still alive and try to provoke the sheriff into killing him. If the sheriff followed protocol and let him go, then the back up plan was to accumulate enough money for his daughter's medical expenses through the bank robberies.

There were several "twists" in the film. 1)One being that they weren't actually conducting an experiment, but really robbing the bank. 2)The obviously racist sheriff in the first experiment let them go, but the seemingly good sheriff in the second experiment that is just following protocol is actually the guy that kills him. 3) The actual plan was for him to be killed all along, robbing banks was just the back up plan.

The film was good. It takes a little intelligence to understand it, which made it even better.

P.S: in response to one review that posed several questions as to the logic in the film: Yes there are cliffs in the Midwest but that is not the setting of the film. The film is set in the South and yes there are cliffs there too. As to how the tire blew out and the guy lost control of his vehicle: the racist rednecks outside the gas station damaged his tire while he was inside paying for his glasses. Yes, the sheriff would report that they died in the car crash so as to end the case and yes a person can be identified when burned by their dental records.

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Buckle up for a mind ride!

6 June 2014

First, let me say that I can't believe some users are posting such low reviews after having admitted to not even seeing the entire movie. They must be impressively psychic to know exactly how the movie ends without watching it all the way through! Their scores make the movie seem bad to others that may only just look at the composite score out of 10, when in actuality it is a very gripping and intriguing movie.

Advice: Don't initially look too much into the plot (watch it cold like I did). Just sit back and enjoy everything as it unfolds. Don't judge anything while watching or wonder what makes sense or not. Don't try and scan for possible continuity errors. Don't mindlessly check Facebook or casually invest your attention to this movie. Don't think you know it all or are better than everyone (or possibly just better than everyone you are watching). Just watch and take it all in... This movie does all of the thinking for you and will even remind you as it goes with brief flashbacks to something a character has said. Save all of the aforementioned "don'ts" for when the credits roll and only then should you reflect back on the movie to gauge whether or not it was a valid use of your time and attention.

I stumbled across it on Netflix and put it on very late into the night (actually, early morning) expecting it to be just the sleeping pill I needed. To my surprise, I remained riveted as the sun rose on the next day. Oops! Anyway, I'm glad I didn't miss out on this very smart film. Enjoy!

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You never are quite sure what is going on and it keeps you guessing all the way until the end. That's the sign of a good movie.

Author: Tony Heck ( from United States
23 March 2014

"You're not from around here. You got no identification. You got no car. You're covered in dirt like you've been digging somewhere and to top it all off..." Two college professors are working on a study in racial dynamics and bias. They plan to rob a bank in a small town record how they are treated before they give the money back. Things are going as planned until they find a sheriff (Sadler) who will stop at nothing to get a positive identification. When the partner doesn't show up with the money to prove it's all an act things take a serious turn. This is a difficult movie to review. It is very good but it's hard to talk too much about it without giving anything away. I will say though that the movie at the same time breaks down and supports certain stereotypes, when you watch you will see what I mean. The best part of the movie though is that you never are quite sure what is going on and it keeps you guessing all the way until the end. This is the type of movie where there is really no defined good or bad guys. That makes a movie more fun to watch. Overall, a movie that stays one step ahead of you the entire time, I like movies like that. I give this a B+.

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Did not see the twist until the very end

Author: Sy1975 from United Kingdom
9 February 2014

Refreshingly different thriller that although shot on a budget is well edited, shot and contains some great acting.

I must admit that initially I was not that impressed but as you watch more the plot evolves and the characters start to make an impact. There is some great editing that really pieces together the story, yes maybe the redneck police are a little one sided but situations like this are believable. Without saying too much it's a great scam!

The two key actors (cop and bank robber) deliver great performances and the twist at the end is unexpected till the last minute. Well worth your time and deserves at least a 7.

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Kept My Attention

Author: featheredsun from United States
13 November 2013

This film has merits and problems, both, but in the end, it keeps your attention and makes you care about the characters and how the story is going to end.

The acting is pretty solid and the pace is lean and appropriate.

So it succeeds at a basic level.

AND the subject matter is thought-provoking. This reviewer found himself looking at situations and behaviour with a keen eye toward subtext and meaning. I can't say more without spoiling it.

As other reviewers have said, this is best viewed with a minimal or no previous understanding of the plot. Just enjoy the ride.

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