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A good story presented in a Bollywoodish manner
clearwinner18 October 2014
The movie is a story about a Rajput who has Honor for him in the city but lacks wealth. He then goes for the resurrection of his position in the city. This movie was not as I expect it to be. There is no character development, the story movies in a linear fashion which sort of feels like a drag. But owing to its quirky dialogs and the love scenes, you wouldn't be bored. There is nothing much to say about the movie it does not give you enough which you could linger upon. The troubled relationship between the saheb and biwi is just apparent, nowhere would you feel the tension between the two except a kite scene but it is mediocre. It is just a random turn of events presented like a news report but infused with some good dialogs and romance. I missed this point completely, Deepika Shaw as the daughter of Kanhaiya does a good job in the limited time she gets on screen. I felt she is highly underrated in the Hindi film industry.All in all the actors have done a great job in this movie. Not the kind I would like but could be given a watch to for the actors in it.
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What performances..what a movie..thumbs up!!
prianka-guru5 August 2013
When I saw the trailers of the movie, I thought it to be a soft porn movie. But, wanted to watch it still because Jimmy Shergill is always a delight to watch, and because it was a Tigmanshu Dhulia movie.

Trust me it is not a soft porn movie, all the intimate scenes are very tastefully done. Doesn't seem like they were unnecessarily added to sell the movie.

Mahi Gill, Jimmy Shergill and Randeep Hooda have acted amazingly well. I would watch this movie again and again for their performances. Sanjay Chauhan and Tigmanshu Dhulia have done a great job with the script and direction.

To conclude, I would say its a must watch for all above 18 years of age. Its not a family movie.

Please please watch it for the performances.
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liked the women
ashdoc532 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Looks like the ban on showing smoking in films has been lifted......

And as if to compensate for the lost years when smoking was not allowed to be shown in films , the film shows everyone smoking.....

......Including the women too.....

AAAHH the women......

They form the delectable part of the film......

......Showing off their sensuous curves in backless blouses , deliberately standing in alluring poses , showing desire on their faces , enticing their lovers and audiences with lipstick on oh so inviting lips , making wanton love on the double bed or even on bare rocks in the hills , behaving in a free , almost shameless manner and showing passion in every move.....

Leading the pack is Mahie Gill , a sultry woman waiting , waiting , just waiting for the husband who , quite unbelievably , is always the arms of his mistress !!

Now why would anybody neglect a woman as seductive as that and go into the arms of another woman ??

Thats because everybody , including the saheb ( husband ) , biwi ( Mahie ) has his or her's ata dhill in this crumbling mansion--the ruins of a once powerful royalty , but now fallen on hard times.....

Doesn't matter--the fact that the saheb goes into the arms of another woman gives the audience the chance to see another temptress ( the mistress ) in action.....

.....And action she gives--gives all the oohs and aahs while making love , and giving embraces with her lovely arms entwined around the saheb's neck.....

But what about the biwi ??

Doesn't a woman filled with tempestous desire need to fulfill her passions , her needs--needs which just cant be fulfilled by whiling the time in smoking and drinking , and waiting for the love which will never come from the erratic husband.....

Enter the ghulam....or , err , gangster--in the form of Randeep Hooda--a person sent by a rival gangster to keep a watch on the saheb , waiting for a chance to bump him off......

......Thats because the saheb has entered the dangerous underworld of murders and contract killings in order to finance his crumbling monarchy--thereby earning a lot of dangerous enemies.....

But the movie veers off course as instead of concentrating on his job , the gangster becomes ghulam of the biwi's heart.....

Who cares anyway ?? We get to see more passion in action , this time between the biwi and the gulam--on bare rocks in the hills , in secret hideways in lonely hills ....naked bodies burning in desire....and happily for the audiences eyes ( and other parts as well--you naughty ) , fulfilling it....

And its passion that counts.....

For who cares for the murder and the mayhem that is unleashed as the rival gangster tries to bump off the saheb , the hopelessly in love ghulam hatches a plot to kill both the mistress and the saheb in order to permanently get his ladylove the biwi , and ultimately the biwi has to choose between killing the ghulam or the saheb......that stuff occurs in all films anyway.....

We had our time to walk away from the theater.....its not a fantastic movie anyway.....good for a one time watch.....

Verdict-- not fantastic , but decent enough.....
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Superb film
silvan-desouza18 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Tigmanshu Dhulia has given several great films, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster is a welcome addition to the list. Many people seem the film is a remake of Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam but it isn't The characters are similar perhaps but there is a new dimension

The film keeps you guessing throughout and yet again Tigmanshu Dhulia knows how to handle complex stories and he does it yet again The film gradually gets you sucked into their lives and it's difficult to tell how the film will end

There are several well handled scenes and many great plot twists some few flaws notwitstanding

Direction by Tigmanshu Dhulia is superb Music is superb

Jimmy Shergill yet again proves his talent, from a loverboy in initial days of his career to a smart character actor he has come a long way and his maturity shows here too, he handles his complex character perfectly Randeep Hooda is perfect in his role and lends the character the right tone Mahie Gill is superb in her role Shreya Narayan is okay, Vipin Sharma is brilliant Deepal Shaw is excellent, Deepraj Rana is superb
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Warning: Spoilers
Tigmanshu Dhulia's rework of the classic "Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster" is a well written, adeptly executed & proficiently performed movie. This is yet another movie which showcases the abundant talent out there & proves yet again that Indian cinema is just not a "superhuman " hero bashing umpteen goons or candy floss romance.

No character in this movie is out & out angelic or devilish but with shades of Grey which is how average human being is. And the happenings in the movie are not exaggerated or factitious yet shocking. The movie grows on the viewer as the screenplay travels through trust, mistrust, infidelity , betrayal , treachery , all leading on to a stunning climax which packs a punch.

The dialogs are the strong point of the movie. It is bold, at the same time intelligently written. It is not all that grim & gloomy all through. There are loads of lighter moments. Though the movie is not of neo-noir genre, the screenplay is "neo-noir"ish.

The attention to details that the director has taken into even minute of things deserves appreciation. The interiors of the Saheb's poorly maintained palace is an example that readily comes to mind.

Randeep Hooda as the gangster Babloo is the real star. This movie will be a turning point in his fledgling career. As naive Babloo who is recently dumped by his girlfriend and as the movie progresses metamorphosis into a scheming gangster , Randeep is first rate. The variation in emotions he shows is excellent.He moves from being innocent , romantic , passionate & finally menacing as the movie progresses.

Jimmy Shergill as the Saheb has done his part proficiently. Mahie Gill is not just glitz & glamor but performs well too. She is hot at the same time emotes well. She is turning into to a very promising actor. Vipin Sharma , Deepal Shaw , Deepraj Rana & Shreya Narayan have given ample support.

"Jugni" in Jaidev Kumar's music is an enjoyable number. Background score is adequate.

Aseem Mishra has shot the movie in 90's style with ample use of the modern technology wherever it is needed.

On the whole, "Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster" is must watch.

Bottomline : Brilliant...!
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Loved it.
wmeghana29 February 2012
I am fade up watching recent westernized Bollywood movies. Nowadays most of the movies lack culture, folk dances and real character interaction.

This movie was complete surprise to me in a good way. I love Indian villages, simple but strong characters. This movie is going to be one of the good movies on my list. Jimmy Shergill, Randeep Hooda and all other characters are strong and nice. The dialogs, sets are in touch with reality. I think all the Bollywood movie Producers and directors should take inspiration from this movie as well as the movie called Eklavya: the royal Guard.

I would like to see more king,queen..princess stories like this. Pardon me if I am wrong in any way.
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Tegveer Sandhu22 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Saheb,biwi aur Gangster revolves around these three protagonists. Saheb, played by Jimmy Shergill, a sort of king without money but only terror.

Biwi played by Mahie Gill, is saheb's wife who is horny, manipulative and also little psychotic. Gangster(Bablu), played by Randeep Hooda is the ambitious sidekick. While Saheb is busy with his intense affair outside, Mahie gill seduces and manipulates bablu for her own motives.

All of the characters are well crafted,they are clever and have their own personal agendas to keep things interesting. And when sometimes things may start to slow down, there are frequent sex scene(though short) to maintain the the pace,perhaps,this is where this films excels.

All performances are good. Jimmy shergill plays his role well, Randeep Hooda also does a great job of playing a crass though charming gangster. Mahie gill also does an acceptable job of a seductive and desperate wife.Rest of the cast is good as well.

In the end this is a great film with adequate action,thrill, drama, a little politics and a enough sex.
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Good but could have been much much better
rangdetumpy21 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
India was once the land of Raja's and Maharaja's which subsequently went to the hand of zamindars and landlords. With time the concept of Royal families got replaced with democracy and the people with blue blood started losing their aura of supremacy. The delusional existence of false supremacy and pride still plays a strong role in the life of maharajas. Sahib Biwi aur Gangster tells the story of such a Maharaja and his neglected wife. The film begins with a non-linear narrative to introduce each of the primary characters. The Sahib (aptly cast Jimmy Shergil) is the King who is struggling to keep his royal ways alive and caught in the web of politics. His last chance to regain his long lost glory is to get the tender for the road to be built in the forest area. His opponent Gurjan Singh (commendable performance from Vipin Sharma) tried all means to kill the Sahib but all in vain. Finally he uses a local brat Babloo (decently executed by Randeep Hooda) to go inside the haveli as the chauffeur and leak information. Everything gets upset as the maharani (marvelously acting from Mahie Gill) falls for the man. And then began the Babloo's ambitious journey to climb up to replace Sahib and what happens consequently. Though Tigmanshu Dhulia's film doesn't boast a noble script but some fine performances and clever dialogues enhances the film. Dhulia made a brilliant debut with Haasil and followed by some average films. This one is better than his last film but couldn't replicate Hassil. Still he did manage to keep the audience glued with his proceedings. With uncanny resembles to Bhardwaj's Maqbool and Omakara Dhulia brilliantly created the atmosphere of the hinder land and the few existing struggling princes out there. The characters are well written and have depth. While the Sahib is caught in the time still under the halos of earlier glories the servants within the haveli still feels that they are born to serve the master till their last breath. The sahib has also the qualities of princely people of earlier days from having a link with the other woman to trying to force his views on people The Biwi is living in the edge of orthodox and modern traditions. The mental and physical loneliness transforms the character into an impulsive and fearless woman. Be it trying to save the life of her chauffeur or trying to manipulate her lover to kill the king and also make love Biwi turns out to be a strong woman character. Tigmanshu Dhulia with Sanjay Chauhan was conscious in writing department and wanted to make sure that audience don't get the feel that she is a whore. Thus there was the beautiful line when the Sahib asks him "what can I bring for you?" to which she replies "if possible bring back my nights" thus reflecting the loneliness and starvation within. Babloo who is the Gansgter in the film symbolizes the grey side of human nature which can turn into a monster with a little ignition. Apparently Babloo aka Lalit seem to be an harmless guy but with time and support from choti bahu he transforms into the monster who can do anything to get power and position. It all started with a lusty liaison with the Biwi which slowly steadily lead to a mind game of acquiring power. But somehow I felt the change was too hurried towards the final reel. Tigmanshu Dhulia has command over his direction which he proved himself in his earlier films but needs a little more polishing for better output. With able support from Sanjay Chauhan Dhulia wrote a decent script giving a twist to angle of Sahib Biwi Ghulam to that to a Gangster but somehow he lacked the subtleties needed in such script specially in the second hour.The climax seemed to be hurried one. What makes the film an engaging is the acting. Jimmy Shergill simply excels in the role of King. From his diction to expression he seem to be flawless. He is surely one of the most under rated actors of the Indian cinema. Randeep Hooda confidently plays the role of a normal local brat raising the ladder of politics. He has the charisma of speaking with his eyes. Mahie Gill is simply marvelous. From her impulsiveness to calculative mindset she seem to have master the art of a little disturbing role. After Dev D she got another brilliant character to play on screen and used every opportunity to do justice to the character. In fact she has added another feather in her crown with this act of sexually deprived Biwi who crated havoc in the live of the maharaja and subsequently the politics of the region. After Taare Zameen par Vipin Sharma gets to play an important role and he succeeds in it. In fact his timing and raw flavour adds a comic abngle to the otherwise dark narrative. Deepal Shaw is decent in a small role. Shreya Narayan looks beautiful and acts well as the other woman in Sahib's life. The other supporting caste were appropriate in their respective roles. On the whole Dhulia started of the film in right note but somehow lost the momentum in the second hour. He seem to be confused between a relation ship story and crime drama thus paving an mainstream path towards the end. But still this film is one of the better films of this year and it can boast of one of the best written characters justifying each of them. Sahib Biwi Gangster had the opportunity to travel in the 1st class compartment but missed the but towards the last moment thus boarding the 2nd class. One time watch I would say.
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cheesy taut and interesting
anshul2001anshul26 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
a remake of classic sahib Bibi ghulam of Mina kumari and guru dutt only that here Bibi knows what she wants and gets it and same with ghulam. Though it is never explained what killed sahib's first wife and why choti bahu is mentally unstable or goes brusque at the name of Lalit but otherwise story is good. It is just like how Othello or Macbeth were adapted to Indian story line by Vishal Bhardwaj. Politics of north Indian small towns is captured though political struggle is showed in only one dimensional way. acting by characters of minister and rival politician and their dialogues are terrific. Deepal shaw shines in whatever little screen time she is given. Only casting mistake I think was Jimmy sher-gill, someone like Ajay devgan would have looked better in this role. though movie slacks towards end but cinematography is good and so is pace. Tigmanshu's first movie Hassil was also a gem and so is this
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It has great performances but misses the entertainment factor.
bobbysing6 October 2011
The foremost hurdle in a film like SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER is its title itself which reveals the actual plot of the film right away and you very well know what they are precisely going to show as far as story-plot is concerned. So, it all comes down to the treatment, presentation and performances in such a venture, which fortunately is also the forte of its director Tigmanshu Dhulia, who has earlier given us films such as HAASIL, CHARAS and also PAAN SINGH TOMAR, which is soon going to release in the coming months.

Right from his first film (and before that in the T.V. Serials too), the characterizations in Tigmanshu's script have always been well written, brilliantly executed and superbly performed by the cast without any exceptions. And same is the case with his latest SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER too, which also has fabulous performances from almost everyone featuring in the film, which remains the biggest reason why it deserves to be seen at least once by everyone appreciating such innovative kind of cinema.

No doubt the story and its key characters have been taken from the cult Guru Dutt classic SAHIB BIWI AUR GHULAM. But Tigmanshu molds this basic theme into a more bitter, mean and bloody format, full of love, greed and betrayals. As the story moves further revealing the dark side of it's every key person in the script, the actors start growing on you with their impressive acts and keep you engaged. Here apart from its lead performers, a special mention needs to be made for the attention given by the director to his supporting cast such as Vipin Sharma who is superb in his portrayal of the rival don and I seriously wished he had a longer role written in the script with more of his entertaining one liners. Also Deepraj Rana as Jimmy's trustworthy, Deepal Shaw (as Deepraj's daughter), Rajeev Gupta (as minister) and Shreya Narayan (as the mistress) leave their own mark in the overall impact of the film.

In the lead acts, Mahie Gill scores the maximum in the complex role of a unsatisfied, neglected married woman, who is also a psychic patient. She is simply excellent as the BIWI and once again shows the powerhouse of talent hidden in her as an actress. Randeep Hooda as the GANGSTER surprises you with a very cool and underplayed kind of performance as required by its script. But I found Jimmy Gill, though effective but also repeating himself in that tough mood, playing the SAHEB.

In short, SBAG is a film to be applauded only for its performance and impactful dialogues delivered effectively by its entire cast ensemble. But unfortunately, after his last SHAGIRD, it again cannot be included in the list of best efforts put in by its director, TIGMANSHU DHULIA. The man surely is capable of coming up with a much better product in terms of entertainment and value for money as seen in his most famous product till date, HAASIL.

In his present offering SBAG, indisputably the performances are great, the dialogues are sharp and the cinematography is perfect, but still I felt the entertainment factor missing in the film somehow. Though in the first half its all enjoyable as you witness the new relationship forming within the characters, with a bit of skin show and the sudden twists and turns unfolding on the screen. But later on, the pace starts dipping, the sequences start repeating and certain questions are left unanswered which eventually go against the movie in the end. Moreover, the climax also leaves you confused with more deaths happening than survivals in the storyline.

However, a worth mentioning merit of the film has to be its soundtrack with few great numbers including the peppy "Jugni" and the sad "Akhiyan Ton Bhul Hoyi" sung by Arif Lohar in his own incomparable style. And I really loved watching the short version of the song on screen with the gorgeous looking Mahie.

Conclusively, whereas a certain section of viewers would surely enjoy the film due to its above mentioned merits, majority of them may complain the lack of entertainment factor in it. Still I would recommend it to the viewers who are familiar with the earlier works of the director and can appreciate innovative scripts (taking forward the characters taken from a cult classic). Perhaps I was expecting a lot more from one of my favorite directors.
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Masala entertainment
pravesh0504 October 2011
Saheb biwi aur gangster is a really entertaining movie. Mahi Gill with her sex appeal, Randeep Hooda's role as a young gangster, and Jimmy Shergil's charm as a Nawab are great. The movie is based in a village in Uttar Pradesh, where Raja families are losing their status in today's politics. The Nawab lives in a ancestral haveli with his rani. He is short on financial terms. Other powers(gangsters) are also rising in the area. Babloo(Randeep Hooda) is a young gangster. The story revolving around these characters, is an enthralling ride of love making and local politics. Acting is what makes this movie so irresistible. A must watch.
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