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Brainless characters, pathetic soapy drama, no Skye, mediocre Sixers material, enigmatic project Terra Nova but cockroach fast development
igoatabase18 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
And I naively thought Terra Nova could make a good B movie-like series. Damn I was wrong ! I enjoyed What Remains because it was filled with scenes you can only laugh at. Moreover for once the drama was convincing and the action was back in decent shape. Before watching The Runaway I was even planning to draw new comic strips but it was so painful that I just think the show doesn't deserve our attention. The Sixers arc has potential and the story of a runaway little girl sounded promising but all the elements that flawed Genesis and Instinct were back to spoil the fun.

Pointing out the show flaws is as easy as for a raptor to hunt down a drunken dodo. Of course it's easy to criticize but airing such a thing on TV is just wrong. My dumb, pathetic and dead boring detectors exploded under the pressure. Let's start with one of its leads, Jim. The man couldn't be more predictable ! Believing the little girl's lies the first time wasn't enough, he also had to believe her brother was in danger. The worst part is that he actually left the base alone, on a noisy motorbike and once in the middle of the jungle at night I just rolled my eyes because I couldn't believe someone had written such a silly story. He had no idea where the Sixers were but he left anyway. The perfect prey, the worst character. And to top all this Mira said she understood why the Commander had hired him ! Of course, because he's the black hole in the defense.

While watching the episode I never believed for a second that the little girl wasn't a spy. But once it was over I quickly realized how stupid the characters were to believe her. How could she have survived the jungle on her own ? Not even the Commander blinked when he's supposed to be the first colonist and know a few things about survival. That's why I suppose they decided to only feature a dinosaur because otherwise the audience would have instantly hammered their TV with a giant hairbrush ! It leads us to the little girl because she never looked like a wild child. I instantly saw she was just an other fairy princess behind her messy and ridiculous haircut. So what should have moved us turned into soapy drama again, making this Sixers-driven story a complete disaster. I also couldn't care less about Maddy and her soldier. Why don't they focus on Skye and Josh instead ? One teenager love story would be enough and at least it could be properly covered. Apparently it will develop next time but for the moment I can't imagine enduring an other installment.

Still among this disgusting pile of brainless family-friendly prehistoric poo I have to admit that the Sixers arc still has potential. It was already the case in Genesis and it's still one of the only reasons that could convince me to stick around. Of course it's reminiscent of Lost and its Others but these shows definitely don't play in the same league. As for the box what could have been an intriguing element became an other argument to doze off. Why didn't we see them trying to open it ? So in the end it was a non event. Otherwise Terra Nova itself, the project, remains a mystery for the moment because its goal isn't just to save humanity apparently. Is it some sort of failed experiment ? I also enjoyed the fact that the Commander wasn't kidding when he warned Mira and her men about coming back a third time and menacing them. But picturing a war between them already makes me laugh because Instinct proved how weak the show is when it comes to action.

All in all giving birth to such a televisual abomination would make me really ashamed. With Falling Skies it's an other demonstration that having Steven Spielberg as an executive producer doesn't prove anything. In fact next time I spot his name I'll definitely think twice about it before wasting my time.

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
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