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All round excellent TV show that the ratings do not do it justice
michael_georgiev6 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
An interesting and intriguing storyline with many twists and turns built on a great and unique idea. You can feel a connection with a lot of the characters and can feel the struggles they have had and how they still affect them. Sad this show never continued for a third season as the build up and the cliffhanger it was left on were on a Game of Thrones level! Makes me wish I had the ability to fund a third season all by myself!

The ratings do not do it justice and yes there are plot holes, however maybe the reason humans can still function in the story is because the robots do not "suck in" electricity that has been generated by an organic source? Maybe if this was added to the story people would not be so upset by this massive "plot hole", or maybe they could get some imagination and find a reason for themselves as to why the world of revolution is as it is? This is much better than some mindless drama as it gets you to think about why things are as they are in the show and about what would happen in reality if this scenario, or something similar were to occur today!
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Charlie ruined the show
mtnbkrwmn9 August 2017
Charlie ruined the show with the lame questioning and acting. Unfortunately her character was up to be stupid which spoiled the show. Her fakeness unfortunately showed she is not a good actress.

Billy Burke on the other hand, saved the show. His character was the only one with a true story.

Capt Neville's (spelling) character was a bully that didn't have to be so horrific. He should have been killed in the first episodes. Being a traitor makes it worse.
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From awful to horrible
John McLane4 January 2017
This series had so much potential but was totally ruined by a horrible script and some serious bad bad BAD acting, "Fabio's old days style" acting!

Giancarlo Esposito was the only rare and appreciable jewel, but not even an overdose of seven hundred hours of Giancarlo Esposito's best performances like the one he delivered in Breaking Bad could save Revolutions.

The plot possibilities of the show were at the time limitless and awesome, and in some of the initial episode's graphics are not bad, even kinda cool, not awesomely real I said "cool". Was nice to watch that for a change, I mean this was to be "I Am Legend" without the zombies. So at this very early stage, say the first 4 to 5 episodes, I was overlooking the real general universally variable bad acting because of the story. And then... everything went upside down, the then dummy plots got even dumber. Towards the end of season one the plot is systematically destroyed. That summed to some poor performances was like a 8.9 in the Richter Scale to the show, maybe more.

The second season was like what before seemed impossible, that is, got even worse, way worse! The plot goes totally insane, characters change sides as normal people change underwear. The stories of romance and love and relationships are another joke. Like the romance of a 6 year old with his fellow 5 yr old "girlfriend", it is so silly and superficial that does not even breaks the surface tension, dull as 1890 store's mannequins. At the end of season 2 some long awaited answers to the plot are revealed, but I won't say what it is, I will only shortly speculate on how much this dummy script damaged the already very hurt series. I think this was probably the last straw, and the show was canceled. The acting is just like that too, BAD, specially Mitchell's and Spiridakos's acting.

Let's talk about Elizabeth Mitchell acting, well, it was painful and as hard to swallow as an urchin from Texas, if such thing exists. It was like they gave her 5 gallons of polyester resin in one day and a pint of catalyst in the other, then sent her to the set. She was perfect for a robot role, like for instance being one the robots of the Humans show. 100% Plastified! Billy Burke's acting was OK, for Billy Burke's standards, after all, Billy Burke will be Billy Burke ANYWHERE he goes! And Tracy Spiridakos' performance was simple. At first she was this innocent, no daddy, fragile girl, and then it was like she drank 2 pints of energizers laced with 30 ounces of 99.99999 pure Colombian cocaine, she was so scary in her performances that even when she smiled I felt like hiding under the table. Not for being scare, but somehow the shame she should had for this went to me... weird. Esposito as I said delivered a reasonably good performance for his role, quite believable and freaky, as it should be for his semi-psycho character.

Mitchell's really starting to annoy me! She's periodically on shows that have potential and that I want to like, but end up being canceled for some plastic reason. She should stop drinking polyester resin.
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A Show that shouldn't be cancelled..
adonis98-743-18650324 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Fifteen years after a permanent global blackout, a group of revolutionaries seeks to drive out an occupying force posing as the United States Government. Revolution was one of the biggest surprises for me i didn't know what to expect from it but it turned out to be really good sure certain characters and plot elements could be developed much better i still think the show did it for me thanks to really strong characters that you could stick with threw out this journey like Charlie, Miles, Tom Neville, Rachel, Sebastian Monroe and Aaron Pittman being some of the best from the whole show. Unfortunately as before the show was cancelled for unknown reasons just like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled when it started becoming even more interesting. If you want to check it out i definitely recommend you to it's a very good science fiction TV show and you won't be disappointed depending on your taste of course..
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BlueZlato21 October 2016
I really really wanted to enjoy this show, from the trailers and previews it seemed like it was everything that I liked in a show. I enjoy science fiction, post apocalyptic type programs so I settled in to watch it. The first time (yes I tried to get into this awful show more than once) I didn't even make it to the second episode, the lead actress was hard to watch and the supporting actors (if you can even call them that) were even worse. Not only was her acting subpar, it was grueling to see some of her facial features. I think I tried to watch it four or five different times but I just couldn't. Don't waste your time, go watch the first season of Helix, The Last Ship, and 12 Monkeys.
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Great Show!
lauralouise-441154 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched revolution twice, and both times I was gutted when I got to the end of season 2 knowing that there wasn't going to be a season 3. There is action, adventure, humour, great story lines. think I prefer season 2 to season 1 as the characters are more developed, particularly Sebastian as you see a completely different side to him.

Charlie was annoying through the whole thing, as well as her mother, but there are usually those characters that you hate in a show.

I know that Revolution has got some bad reviews on here, particularly about the realism and I do agree that it is unrealistic to expect the characters to have perfect hair, make-up etc while in these situations but if you can get past that then Revolution can be an interesting, engaging and imaginative series. Some people are complaining about the logic of the programme, but, it is science fiction, it is not a documentary. You watch it to be entertained, not to pick holes in it.

Revolution had excellent potential and it is a real shame that it was not renewed for a 3rd season.
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Can Science Create God?
R_Gorden6 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Revolution was a very interesting series and an intriguing concept. What happened to the power? How did it happen? Who is responsible? Can it be restored?

This TV series had a lot of great potential once the cause of the power failure is revealed, it could of been taken in an entirely different direction in season two, but instead of thrusting forward into what could of been an exciting and epic Sci-Fi series, it falls back into the same storyline as season one.

It is hard to decide if season one or season two were better. In season one, the storyline is still emerging and we are beginning to get to know the characters, but by season two, several characters path and purpose becomes cloudy.

The warning flags come up in season two when several of the original characters that were written to the side in season one, re-emerge as key elements of the storyline.

I would of liked to have seen some of the newer characters who stepped in as replacements continue and the original characters left behind; instead mid-season two the replacements are killed off and replaced with the original characters. From my perspective, that is the turning point in Revolution when it became obvious that the series was in trouble. I couldn't imagine how it would recover, and it didn't.

While overall I enjoyed this series, it took all of season one and into season two to warm up to its key talent. All of season one I questioned the selection for the casting of several cast members.

Revolution had so much story potential with the way it moved forward and backward within the story. Normally in directing a film, it is considered taboo to skip back and forth in time using text graphics, "... Three Weeks Ago" and "... eight months after the black out"; but it worked OK for Revolution.

One key failure was attempting to follow such a large cast of multiple characters experiences. Though this kind of side storyline works well for a story like Star Trek where the characters are establish over several seasons before introducing side stories, that is not how the writers of Revolution attempted to handle it.

A more narrow storyline may have helped Revolution to discover its core story, was it supposed to be a science fiction series or an action series centered on its two key characters? Was it a disaster story or the pursuit to answer that question, what is God? It seemed to attempt to be everything without committing to anything.

This is demonstrated when Revolution introduces the need for faith in season one, and then a metaphoric challenge to the concept of who and what god is in season two.

Can an artificial intelligence that sees everything, is everywhere, can possess and interfere with freewill, is able to take control and manipulate humans, can create natural disasters, encompasses the earth, air and exist within us and can manipulate the minds of humans be a kind of god? Is it better than God because it can be felt and directly observed?

This artificial intelligence deity is shown bestowing the ability to heal others in one side story of a man who is revealed in season two as a side-note partner in its creation. Despite this revelation that he unintentionally participated in its creation as a student at MIT, and despites its malevolent nature, he ultimately concedes that this "gift" to heal and the adoration of others, makes it worthy of worship.

The introduction of this concept so early into the story is a distraction, almost like an entirely different show could of been built around it using the same original premise.

Would such a human and government created disaster on earth establish or reveal an absence of God on earth? That question is only subtly addressed and left to one's own conclusion.

This side story of the question about human spirituality and belief distracts from the main characters and leaves their crusades and battles in order to follow the path of several lessor characters, thrusting them to the forefront of the series for a few episodes before returning to the original plot-line. In fact, had this side exploration been completely left out of season two, it would have been possible to build the tension necessary to close out the season.

Posing this question was either so important to the objectives of the writers that they were compelled to squeeze it into the second and final episode, or the writers were told the show was being canceled mid-way through season two, forcing them to tie up this side story and attempt to wind things to a conclusion.

It was a task that could not be pulled off. The sudden change from an intense build up, back to the often slow journey and quest of the plot, dragged and lost the tension and build-up that was needed to wrap up this series with a big impact. Instead it ends very lackluster, unexciting, difficult to watch.

Season two's resolution and ultimately series end was the least dramatic and least creative endings I have ever witnessed.

It is easy to criticize a TV show or movie about what it could of been, should of been or was supposed to have been, but ultimately the only thing that matters is what it was.

I feel this series is worth watching for what it was and not for what it could of been.
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Thought it would be as good as Lost series
jendar20 February 2016
Thought it would be as good as Lost series:

I just started watching Revolution on Netflix and I thought it would be as good as the Lost series since it has the same writers and producers but so far I am so disappointed! The story line is good. The actors are great. Recognize Jacob from Lost? Okay..some of the actors aren't that good but you can ignore those but most are worth watching. So whats wrong? The outrageous action scenes! They are laughable and frankly embarrassing, unrealistic and corny! I'll keep watching in the hopes that it gets better but I won't get my hopes up.

Those corny action scenes. What a huge turn off.
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Too Clean and tidy.
chazwyman15 January 2016
Potentially some spoiler information for episode one Only. The premise of the story is great, and the plot starts with a good set of things, a mystery, an adventure and a sprinkling of jeopardy. And the brooding presence of Giancarlo Esposito (Los Pollos; Breaking Bad) promises to make it a good show, and indeed his performance is good (sadly he can't carry the whole cast). This should be exactly the sort of show I love. So far,so good.

So after the breakdown of civilisation, we move on 15 years. What do we find? Finely manicured, freshly washed and shaven, and spotlessly clean actors who look like they have just walked out of the beauty salon! Worst still they are all characterless, cardboard cutouts, or are they made of plastic - I can't decide. Their clothes, far from being 15 years old as they must be, look like they have just come off the peg from Sears and Robucks. Google Guy is still fat despite the complete lack of a sedentary life of burger eating. The good looking Tracy Spiridakos has a fine impeccable leather jacket that shows no wear in 15 years, and despite her two day treck through the forests and wilderness to get to Chicago arrives as if she has just jumped out of a shower and donned freshly dry cleaned clothes. Consequently the whole thing looks ridiculous and feels wrong. Compare The Walking Dead, which I gave a 9/10 What the hell is the matter with the designer and director of this potentially interesting story. Revolution is a show in which the actors care more about looking good than narrative authenticity.
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Disingenuous Ridiculous Entertainment Causing Kitsch
acluyou2 September 2015
Disingenuous Ridiculous Entertainment Causing Kitsch Or, by acronym, this is pure D R E C K Yes, it could be entertaining if it did not insult one's intelligence. Too many flaws in presentation of environment, therefore the mythology of story is lost. And nothing original in soap opera of personalities. Some people will write, produce or act in something just to make a buck. If you create a premise, even a total fantasy, make it entertain by staying within that premise once established. But if you stretch that premise with contradictory elements, then you are just dumping on your audience. There is no accounting for taste, so you may enjoy it. On the other hand, perhaps better to invest your time in consuming wine and cheese while listening to classical music.
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Pretty bad, boring, unimaginative, sadistic, pointless
imdb-com-52119 July 2015
This is a series of mostly pointless actions of the protagonists, striving for a goal but not really focusing on it. While they try to get there, they stupidly and constantly get themselves into trouble without reason and then have to fix it. Mostly they manage, often enough they don't. Seriously, when something goes wrong it is usually not the bad guys being smart, but the good guys being incredibly stupid. It's their own fault. It just hurts. Encounters with the antagonists are often sadistic scenes. The characters are rather one dimensional and super shallow, both antagonists and protagonists. Relationships between the characters are pretty stereotypical. The only interesting aspect of the show is finding out what happened, but it is coming in very slow bites.
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Somebody needs to be fired...
elbiggus28 May 2015
I do wish TV creators would stop the "write the episodes as we go" thing and decide where the plot is actually going before a single frame is shot, because this thing is a mess.

It gets off to a good start -- the premise is intriguing, the setup is tantalising, and the questions it raises are interesting -- but by the second episode it's all started to unravel and quickly descends into a directionless mess. It even seems to forget it's a sci-fi show for quite some time, and when it finally remembers it soon becomes apparent that nobody had clearly thought through the whys and wherefores of its central thesis, and this results in so much handwaving and ill-conceived nonsense that any remaining shreds of believability are lost.

In its favour the production values are pretty good and by and large the acting is competent, but in the final reckoning that can't save it from its deeper failings. Like "Under the Dome" this is a high-concept show that ruins an interesting idea with increasingly unbelievable and unfocused writing, resulting in an unsatisfying and frustrating lurch from one half-baked idea to another.
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An Awful Show
Joseph Marquis20 May 2015
Revolution's premise had an initial appeal to this reviewer. Electricity, modern living, was done and gone. The excitement of seeing all of the possibilities of steam technology, blacksmiths, agricultural developments, and "tribal" contact was barely addressed, and poorly covered, in the first few episodes. Each episode proved more disappointing than the prior. The characters in the series were not believable in their wardrobes while their heroism, or sadism, was phoned in. The actors were flat-out, horribly, bad at acting. The narrative, the story-arc, was downright terrible and not believable and wouldn't matter if it was. This reviewer watched several episodes before proclaiming that he was finished and was waiting for the day that it would be cancelled. This reviewer loves science fiction, doesn't require a need to see "real" science in a television series. The bad acting, the bad story telling, and poorly managed sets made the quality of the fictional "science" a moot point. Fewer viewers would have cared about the technical failures if the characters had mattered and the viewer were invested in their success or failures. The depth of the show was never any deeper than a thimble's worth, hence why it was cancelled.
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For me, far the closest to an post apocalyptic scenario as we can get
g-w-l27 April 2015
This series is something special! Not only worthless brain-food to distract from a boring life. I'm studying and teaching psychology for centuries and also having a IT Engineer background. Of all series ever - from Revolution we can learn most, because it show us, some of the possible realistic outcomes, when - for some reason - the power is gone. The story is just a story and represents just some kind of cause. It doesn't actually matter why - the time after is in fact most counting for us, to survive.

Seen in a larger frame, there is some frightening possible reality in Revolution.

Its about the human reaction and is sometimes very close to, what we can expect, in this kind of situation.

When Hurricanes, Quake or other catastrophic events happen in our area, we experience, how little we can relay on our credit-cards, our cellphones and the system we did use every day, previous the catastrophic event. Now all is just dead plastic or metal.

But in this case, around this devastated area, we still have a fully functioning system in all the other parts of country - who can send helicopter and buses, to transport people out from there. And we have the complete health-care system and first aid and everything else in other parts of the country.

What if everything stops in every country and no help is coming from nowhere? What do people actually do? The batch of an officer is nothing worth anymore. No title or anything is anything worth anymore... The electric doors in the super-marked will not open and no cash registry. No bank account and no hospital and no TV or radio, no Internet or Games, no destruction anymore. How will we actually react? As community? As a city, as a country? Perhaps acting like grasshoppers in large groups and finding places with food? We have never been in this situation and don't know how it all adds up. Who'll be in charge? The smartest? The most brutal? A democratic elected group? How does our frustration and desperate attempt to survive, our need for protect our family influence our decisions? Do we act like the previous law is still in charge, or do everybody make it's own law?

All of this is part of this series and so much more. It will really be wise to continue Revolution, to give people an idea, how we can act better in a totally crisis. Show us some brave and heroic behavior and excellent strategies we can use in such situations - instead of getting desperate animals, because we where totally unprepared. Nobody else will ever prepare us, to survive in a complete collapse of the system, we are not trained to - ever!

Humans using modeling from our first year to learn every skill in our life - learn to walk, learn to speak, learning skateboard, bike, car....

When the power is gone, we have never had any models and this creates very easy a chaotic situation for everybody.

More Revolution! or a series like it, so we can watch and learn on a conscious and perhaps unconscious level. Revolution were great entertainment at the same time!
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Wasted potential
ElessarAndurilS21 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this show streaming the two seasons on Netflix over a months time. Like all science fiction, there are areas where the extension of current technology and concepts quickly hits flaws. After reading many negative reviews to all those fixated on flaws in the extension of technology I dismiss as being focused on the wrong aspects of the show. The technology that facilitates the blackout is programmable and selective. So your missing a significant point that the laws of physics seemed to have changed overnight, but they weren't, the technology that caused it made it appear that way because it was designed to selectively perform tasks (and its fiction!). The point that it had only been 15 years and the level of decay in the infrastructure is disproportionately extreme is accurate. There was no war, why is every overpass on every highway int shambles? Take a way cars and go back to horse and buggy and you still have roads, so they definitely missed on the staging of the state of the infrastructure. The muskets were a shot lived portion of a few episodes, and it wasn't that they couldn't still create ammunition, they obviously could and did. It was without mass production the supply and demand was a problem and thus the farther you got away from the power bases of the various "governments", the more crude the weapons became. NBD which makes sense. The loss of mass production is the element to the whole backdrop is the source of reliance on older tech in various situations. They still manufactured viruses and bullets and many things, just after an apocalypse that would be brought on by any reason that would produce the inability to provide urban population centers with supplies. The positives are the real reason behind the loss of availability of power being quite creative with unlimited potential for where it could have taken the story. The characters are diverse and an odd bunch of personalities all with issues. But society has issues and the storyline is built on the typical post apocalyptic story of going from the rich, smart and powerful being suddenly overthrown by the strong, ruthless sociopaths which over time are organized by the smart but for far different reasons that they would be in current society. But that is exactly what made the show good and have a lot of potential. A dynamic technology that changed the world and evolving. The power shifts that occur when the rulers are eventually still the intelligent, but motivated by far different factors than modern society towards different ends by different means. This is where the potential for the story to develop into something quite interesting was and why I think Revolution could have become very good. The backdrop to the story was good, even the intro graphic with Revolution being displayed as evolution with the R added at the end implied the story was about both and the effects of one on the other. Bottom line is I watched the first few episodes, noted that the level of decay after 15 years was absurd, recognized the difference between not being able to create things and not being able to mass produce and distribute them and then enjoyed the story. As I did I quickly saw potential for a story that could become quite complex and interesting. Unfortunately after two seasons we had a solid foundation, an interesting development going on behind the scenes and a power vacuum as the US was exposed as the liars they were and the after affects of the elimination of the eastern powers reset back to more of where the end of season 1 had left us. But we'll never know as the story ended in the midst of huge changes being thwarted and initiated. I believe a show I enjoyed a lot could have made a long run if it had the backing. I enjoyed what I got to see and am disappointed it wasn't given a chance. Oh well. Another show I enjoyed on the pile of those not really given a chance.
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Deeply flawed, but often brilliant
jonsmal24 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm late to the party, but what the hell! I agree with a lot (if not most) of the reviews, in that the central set up for there being no electricity is just nonsense...particularly when the components to generate electricity still exist. I also agree with the many criticisms about the clothing, hunger, disease, munitions etc. But I think there are a couple of things that save 'Revolution' from being devoured by its ludicrous plot.

Firstly, the acting, which I found to be of a higher standard than one normally finds in this kind of fare. Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, David Lyons and Elizabeth Mitchell all largely put in fine performances.

The 'theme' which most commentators seem to have overlooked and which for me is the most important aspect of the show; is would you sacrifice your friends/family for the opportunity to create a better world? This question is asked over and over again during season 1 (I have not seen season 2), often with the same character answering in opposite ways due to particular circumstances. There is no right/wrong answer, but the point of this question is for the viewer to consider whether their moral certainty is built on concrete or shifting sand.

Whilst not quite achieving a real 'edge of your seat' moment, I found that each episode had at least 2 moments of great suspense.

Finally what I found refreshing was the shows willingness to engage with ugly politics. In other post apocalyptic dramas...the Road, Mad Max, Walking Dead etc., there is a reluctance to acknowledge the political...the fight for land and power. 'Revolution' shows us that the real threats are not external but internal. It shows us how fragile the status-quo really is, and how easily it all could fall apart.

I enjoyed 'Revolution'. It reminded me of the 'Watchmen' movie. Firstly because it often poses the very simple question; Do the ends justify the means? Secondly, because it is deeply flawed but often brilliant. Much like we are...
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Killfest With Flashbacks
melcher-200117 November 2014
This show has the formulaic mark of a J.J. Abrams piece, with lots of flashbacks (think: "Lost") revealing the back stories of every character, showing us why they've become the cold blooded killer appears to be the only key to survival in the world that's portrayed. It has an enormous cast list, mainly because most of the cast are essentially canon fodder to be eliminated shortly along the way. This is possibly the most kill-crazy show on television. At least in the "Walking Dead" most of the people being killed are already dead.

Billy Burke's lead character is mostly being dragged along for a ride that he finds extremely unpleasant. Tracy Spiridakos' 'Charlie' portrays someone who turns into one of the most unpleasant creatures around (she kills with a smile). Giancarlo Esposito gets to briefly exhibit a wide range of expressive talent, but finally becomes so 'bad' that he comes off as a caricature of himself. Zak Orth as the bumbling computer geek Aaron Pittman is the single interesting character who exhibits any real warmth as he gets to reveal parts of the subplot (also a familiar J.J. Abrams trope) involving mysterious nanites. David Lyons adds a bit of life to the ensemble as someone who actually exhibits feelings while Elizabeth Mitchell plays Rachel Matheson as kind of a weirdly detached sociopath.

Like the show "Lost" I wasn't able to make it past the middle of the second season, when I realized that I really didn't like or care about a any of these people. The only characters even mildly interesting were effectively buried among the heaps of accumulating corpses. And I certainly wasn't about to sit through watching more of their pasts revealed, until I sometimes think I'm watching a show in reverse.

A waste of good talent and some pretty good production values on a show that has an interesting premise and does very little with it.
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Was quite good, and then
mipp20009 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Was quite enjoying this, if you suspend your belief about lots of things in it that plainly would not happen 'in real life' it's quite entertaining, however, last night watched the one where they were in a subway tunnel and the roof caved in, within minutes they were having hallucinations because 'the air was running out' yet the area they were in must had had enough air for the 6 of them for about a year even if they were breathing in as deeply as possible, running around, setting things on fire etc. Absolute nonsense, I don't know who thought that one up or for a moment believed no one would notice, shockingly bad scripting.
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A The Hunger Games copy
Dennis Laursen5 November 2014
I've never seen The Hunger Games, except from some commercials and posters. But nevertheless Revolution looks a lot like The Hunger Games. Even the main character looks like the girl on The Hunger Games poster. And as far as I heard, The Hunger Games is a future dystopia-society setting movie, appealing to teenagers. And that description fits perfect for Revolution.

Revolution are too (teen)emotional for my taste. And the women characters are scantily dressed. This is clearly a TV show that don't appeal to hardcore sci-fi fans, but rather the same segment, as The Hunger Games.

I was expecting a good sci-fi, future dystopia, then I was starting on this TV show. But I was giving up on the show after the third episode. It was just too poor for me.
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Great premise, poor execution
Volstag15 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't posted a review on IMDb in several years. This show changed that. Unfortunately, it's not due to the fact that this show is amazingly good. Quite the contrary.

I'd like to start off by saying that the premise of this show is extremely compelling, and it's the main reason I added it to my instant watch queue. That, coupled with the fact that I have a soft spot in my heart for, basically, any post apocalyptic movie / television series. Unfortunately, the compelling premise appears to be largely squandered on this vehicle.

I like sci-fi / fantasy as much as the next guy / gal and I typically look past plot holes, inconsistencies and contrived situations that are part and parcel of the genres -- provided they stay within a certain range of credulity, and provided the remaining material is strong and/or plausible. This is, of course, entirely subjective and will vary widely from person to person. Sadly, there's just way too much that doesn't make any sense about this show, and I found it almost immediately off-putting. For example (spoilers to follow):

* Our three "reluctant heroes" are able to blithely leave their village without anyone being the slightest bit concerned. Presumably they're necessary members of that society. Presumably they have jobs and duties they can't simply walk away from without anyone caring.... and yet they do.

* Their walk to Chicago takes all of one scene?! I suppose this is possible if they were on the outskirts of Chicago to begin with, but the show never specifies that. For all we know, they were in Minnesota or Nebraska or Oregon... which would have taken weeks (if not months).

* When our three heroes arrive in Chicago, the very first person they talk to happens to be the person they're looking for. While this is technically possible, it's extremely implausible.

* If there's no electrical processes of any kind, then human beings wouldn't be able to exist either. While I'm at it: does lightning not exist? Does static electricity not exist? The only way to explain this is through the presence of what amounts to magic.

* Why does everyone look like they just stepped out of a fashion shoot? Everyone has immaculately coiffed hair, glowing white teeth, no injuries or maladies, freshly pressed / laundered clothing, perfect skin, etc, etc. Very few people in the 19th century looked like that (note: 19th century seems like a rough equivalent to a present day society w/o the benefits of electricity).

* Why would anyone use muskets or black powder rifles? Modern day weapons don't require electricity, and, as of 2007, it's estimated there's around 290+ million firearms in the United States. If we assume there was a massive die-off in the absence of electricity (which there would be), there would be an absolute surfeit of weapons and ammunition. Each person could own several dozen guns along with tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Finding a musket or black powder rifle would be way more challenging than finding several dozen contemporary hunting rifles.

* No steam power? Right. Apparently the denizens of this world have no interest in a viable, non-electric, power source. It doesn't make sense.

* Ruins, ruins everywhere. Modern day houses don't crumble into ruins within 15 years. Want proof? Look at the house you're living in right now. There's a very good chance it's older than 15 years -- and I'm further guessing it's standing tall and proud w/o an undue amount of structural maintenance (if any).

I'd continue, but I think you get the point. I honestly get the impression the writers of this show didn't really think about the consequences and reality of a world w/o electricity. I also feel that, had this show continued, they could have never explained the "no electricity" issues in a logical / plausible manner. I know they would have resorted to some mystical / paranormal angle -- explaining one mystery by invoking another mystery. It's weak and, for me, ultimately unsatisfying.
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Character Driven Series
CThreePamO6 October 2014
I saw a lot of bad reviews on this show and I think it's because people are looking at it all wrong. I gave the show a 9/10 because at one point I felt it "Jumped the Shark" but overall it was a great series.

I watched it on NetFlix and was able to binge watch which was great because I didn't have to wait for the next episode. It is true that the plot line had some holes and at times it got a bit unrealistic but if your looking for realistic watch a documentary.

The characters had great chemistry and they grew throughout the story. The annoying young girl at the beginning, as some described, felt completely natural. Think about it, they open with a character that has been somewhat sheltered. How else would you expect a character like that to act. Charlie is a young adult with ideals that she has acquired through her short life experience, she is idealistic and at times unrealistic. It's perfect!

Her uncle, Miles, is a cynical rugged loner that is thrown into a responsibility he did not expect to have. What would you expect that to look like?

The actors did a superb job in the roles they were given, completely believable. My enjoyment came not so much from the storyline but the evolution of the characters and how they dealt with each situation they were thrown. Don't listen to the poor reviews, do yourself a favor and give this series a shot you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you like character driven stories.
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Not the worst... But close
superchick626 October 2014
Many people's complaints are the lack of electricity and the plot. One: Batteries would work, unless they were on during an EMP, other than that, they'd be fine. ESPECIALLY if they were in a secure place... Such as a metal box. So, whatever. When one loves post-apocalyptic one expects to be disappointed is plot. Most do not follow logic (Which is why I love Walking Dead).

However, the plot within the plot is completely pathetic. I mean, 15 years later, fine, some form of society should be around, but seriously, complete medieval cities? Is this 15 years or 50? They're trying to build a world like Book of Eli when the world is rebuilding itself like the wild-west. But you have to understand, that's like 20-40 years post apocalypse. So... Points lost there.

ALSO, muskets? Really? What is this 1845? Where did they GET all those things anyways? The only place I'VE ever seen a musket is in a museum. I mean, I'm SURE people have them in collections. But seriously. You do realize there are SEVERAL types of guns that are just as easy to make ammo for... Easier, because we have the guns! And already of lot of ammo made... More than enough to last years. Long enough for people to be able to learn to make more.

And the characters... One word... Awful.

Now, I can't really go too much into it. This is all from what I saw in like four episodes. I'm afraid to watch more... I don't think I could fit it all in one post. I'd need to write a book.

Please, save your time. Watch Walking Dead or... Anything else. Hell, I like Dr. Who better than this! And talk about cheesy ;)
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Good idea, bad implementation
Perette Barella30 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'll allow them the plot device of the electricity suddenly failing without explanation. I'm willing to suspend disbelief; maybe it's an allegory for running out of power someday. But to make the story good, the subsequent stuff has to be right, too. And it isn't.

There's spoilers ahead.

There are guns, there are candles, there are fire, friction, gravity, forces, heat. Outside of electricity, the rest of physics works.

So why has the world not reverted to steam trains? Start with the steam engines in museums across the country, the rail is already there; just move a few stopped diesels out of the way. Sure, we'll need to train a new army of steam engine repairmen, and new builders to make a proper sized new fleet, but these apparently haven't happened in 15 years.

Except there is a steam train, the only one it seems, under the control of a militia. Perhaps the mystical field disables capitalism along with electricity, because without cars and trucks, re-opening passenger and freight service along a major rail lines (like, say, NYP-CHI) is a no- brainer of an investment. Instead, there's a single train from Philly to the middle of nowhere, and Chicago is devoid of trains.

And what about diesel? Sure, we currently use electricity for fuel pumps in engines, and to get them started. But diesels don't use spark plugs; the fuel detonates from compression pressure. Gravity feed or a belt-drive fuel pump can't take 15 more than years to invent, can they? But no diesel either.

In the pilot episode we find out there are fields where electricity actually works; this as part of the original plot device. Except where's the electricity come from? Yes, there's a field where electricity *could* work. What makes it *actually* work? Is there a solar panel? Somebody got a generator? No, just put appliances inside the field and plug 'em in the wall, and electricity comes out of the socket from the grid that doesn't work. Where's the power coming from? Magic.

And why didn't the nuke plants go Dai-Ichi despite cooling pumps shutting down unexpectedly with loss of electricity? There should have been meltdowns at every running US nuke plant when the whole trouble started.

Then, finally, our heroes shut down the device suppressing the electricity. Power pants have been offline for 15 years since electricity doesn't work. Wind turbines and hydro plants have presumably been unmaintained as well; they should be rusted and useless. And the grid itself was totally unmaintained and subject to storms, falling trees, etc; it should be in tatters. Yet the power starts coming back on all over the place, lights at full brightness and not in a brownout. And why do people even have a desk lamp cluttering up their desk? It hasn't worked for 15 years!

Meanwhile, there are beautiful printed maps of North America and the various militia territories, but they are devoid of anything substantial like rivers, old highways, rail lines. Why use these terrible things for planning rather than a 15-year old Rand McNally looted from an abandoned bookstore? It would certainly be more practical.

It seems rushed effort went into this dystopian future, but nobody stopped to ask an engineer or scientist what humankind could do if electricity didn't work anymore. There's sometimes focus on entropy to be sensational, but when it comes to plot it's completely forgotten. This could be such an interesting exploration... but the fundamental flaws at its heart means it's just a MacGuffin to set up a mediocre drama.
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Looks like 6th grade play acting
primacag-78-8606612 August 2014
When the show started it had a lot of promise. Lately it seems to have descended into a poor imitation of LOST. You can't do LOST over again...and so many recent shows are trying. This show lurches from one disaster to another. It is full of gratuitous violence between people who should know better. It contains unbelievable plot and location jumps. It treats viewers as if they will swallow anything. The situation was interesting at the beginning. The problem is that there is no real plot visible in the show. Some of the episodes are tawdry attempts to show people trying to live lives in the middle of hard times. Others attempt to show strange technology that devolve into unexplained forces of nature. Many episodes have little relation to the episode that went before. In order to duplicate the Walking Dead you actually have to have a plot, develop the characters, and connect one episode to another. This show fails on all three levels.

In order for the show to continue to be interesting to me it has to develop a real plot that is going somewhere. This was the problem with Terra Nova, is the problem with Falling Skies, Defiance, and almost Continuum. Find some writers who actually know some science, who can actually write something that isn't Desperate Housewives with a blaster, who actually know some philosophy and ethics, who have a vocabulary, and you might actually have a show.... oh wait....that's what Orphan Black is. Woulda, coulda, shoulda....oh well...
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