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Frank Grillo Talks The Purge: Anarchy, Making the Film in the Tradition of 1970′s Action Thrillers, The Raid Remake, and More

22 July 2014 10:21 AM, PDT | | See recent news »

Now playing in theaters is The Purge: Anarchy, James DeMonaco's ambitious follow up to last summer's surprise hit The Purge. For the sequel DeMonaco takes to the streets with more action, a bigger cast of characters, and a deeper exploration of the world established in the first film. As "Sergeant", the taciturn anti-hero, Frank Grillo is an old-school "man's man". A good guy with big guns, a cool car, and a bad agenda. See, while our other protagonists are stuck outside fighting for their lives, he's there on purpose. He's there to purge, to exact vengeance. But "Sergeant" is thrust into the role of reluctant hero when he stumbles across a group of innocent survivors and realizes that he can’t just stand by and let bad things happen to good people. The Purge: Anarchy also stars Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez, Zoe Soul and Michael K. Williams. »

- Haleigh Foutch

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The HeyUGuys Interview: Frank Grillo discusses The Purge: Anarchy

22 July 2014 6:00 AM, PDT | | See recent HeyUGuys news »

It’s fair to say that Frank Grillo’s career has taken something of an upward turn of late. The actor, now in his 50s, has been something of a grafter, a journeyman in a career that has lasted over twenty years already. However his recent, more dominant and crucial roles, in big movies as The Grey, End of Watch and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, signify a change in fortunes, and that much is evident with his latest project too, taking the starring role in James DeMonaco’s The Purge: Anarchy.

Grillo discusses what it was about this original concept that attracted him – speaking candidly about getting into the head of his character, and what he would do in a similar position. He also tells us about the benefits in playing such an elusive a role with so little dialogue, and also tells us as much as he can »

- Stefan Pape

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Exclusive: Director James DeMonaco Eyes Socio-Political Thriller Feral Next

17 July 2014 2:14 PM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

My press day for The Purge: Anarchy was quite the whirlwind, between announcing Frank Grillo’s involvement in Partick Hughes’ The Raid: Redemption remake to finding out where Michael K. Williams says The Purge 3 will most likely go, but I’m not done just yet! James DeMonaco, writer/director on the most recent Purge film, will obviously be courted for a third film in the franchise if Anarchy is lucrative enough, but that doesn’t mean another night of chaos is on the director’s radar next. Sorry, I should say “another night of purge-based chaos” in that respect.

While talking to DeMonaco about all things Purge (where it can go next, what we still have yet to experience), I asked what project he’d like to tackle next after all the dust settles on Anarchy. Another Purge? More horror? Maybe a romantic comedy?! This was his response:

Wgtc: »

- Matt Donato

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The Purge: Anarchy Review

16 July 2014 10:01 PM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

Despite all the hatred surrounding James DeMonaco’s original home invasion thriller, I ended up giving an approving nod to The Purge based on tight, tense horror featuring a psychotically hypnotic twist. People ranted and raved about how the movie missed a major opportunity by caging all purging in a barricaded house while chaos presumably erupted outside, but thanks to a limited budget that showed tremendous profits, The Purge: Anarchy was greenlit, and DeMonaco embraced his dystopian America in all its pulpy, purgin’ glory.

But what about those horror fans who actually dug Ethan Hawke’s last stand? Where The Purge disappointed adrenaline junkies expecting some bloodthirsty insanity, this year’s sequel does the complete opposite by erasing all moments of horror in favor of gritty, 80s style action. These two films couldn’t be any tonally different, but will enough jaded viewers take another chance on DeMonaco’s sequel? »

- Matt Donato

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Frank Grillo Talks The Purge: Anarchy, Zen via Boxing, What Scares Him, His Goofy Side, DirecTV’s Kingdom and More

13 July 2014 9:35 AM, PDT | | See recent news »

In The Purge: Anarchy, Frank Grillo plays Leo, a guy who deliberately heads out after The Purge siren blares seeking vengeance.  However, instead of hunting down his own target, he winds up trying to rescue other helpless Purge victims.  You know who I'd want to help me survive the night if The Purge became a real thing?  Grillo himself.  Not only does the guy absolutely kill it in combat heavy films like The Grey and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but he also trains extensively in real life, too.  Perhaps his aversion to guns wouldn't serve him well in The Purge, but if life imitates art, hand-to-hand combat certainly wouldn't be an issue. While attending The Purge: Breakout at the tour's Coney Island stop, we got the chance to talk to Grillo about the intensity of his performance in the sequel, his one big fear in life and his hope »

- Perri Nemiroff

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‘The Expendables 3′ New TV Trailer & Motion Poster: Courageous but Insane

10 July 2014 3:01 PM, PDT | | See recent Screen Rant news »

The first Expendables movie seemed like more of a gimmick than anything else: director-star Sylvester Stallone gathers together a band of old school action stars (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren) combined with some current stars who have carved out their own genre niche (Jason Statham, Jet Li), pitches the action and gunfire at a breakneck pace, then stir and serve.

For the third (and last?) entry in the series, The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes takes over, adds some new faces in the form of villain Mel Gibson and ally Harrison Ford, along with Kelsey Grammar, Kellan Lutz and Ronda Rousey, and allows us all to all to hope that this might be the most balanced, coherent and worthwhile Expendables film yet. Not to mention the fact that Hughes has been tasked with remaking The Raid for American audiences, and The Expendables 3 is a big chance to ...

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- Anthony Vieira

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‘The Expendables 3′ TV Trailer: These Guys Are Nuts

9 July 2014 2:15 PM, PDT | | See recent Screen Rant news »

A new extended TV spot for The Expendables 3 (see above) mostly recycles and/or re-packages footage from the full-length theatrical trailer, but does so effectively and with some new material sprinkled here and there - thus, getting you all the more excited to see Sylvester Stallone’s Barney Ross and his band of (crazy) brothers – along with a younger sister now – throw down against Barney’s old partner (played by Mel Gibson).

So far, Expendables 3 looks to be the most polished and proficiently made installment in the Expendables series to date, thanks in part to the efforts of director Patrick Hughes (whose next trick will be to remake The Raid for U.S. audiences). Similarly, this movie could have the most authentic throwback feel of any Expendables movie released to date, as Stallone co-penned the script with Katrin Benedikt and ...

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- Sandy Schaefer

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Exclusive Interview With Frank Grillo On The Purge: Anarchy

8 July 2014 9:18 AM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

While not every actor has the good fortune of rising to stardom while nearing his 50s, that’s what makes Frank Grillo’s rocketing Hollywood stock so intriguing – in a good way. This workhorse of a man has been around since 1993, yet it wasn’t until recently that Grillo’s name became more commonplace around big-budget mainstream blockbusters. While most of you probably know him as Brock Rumlow in this year’s insanely successful Marvel endeavor, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he’s already making himself known in another growing franchise by leading The Purge: Anarchy. It appears that comic book films are treating our star right – but will the horror genre be as friendly?

Sitting down with Frank in Coney Island one gloomy Friday afternoon, I got to pick the actor’s brain on all things righteous and badass. Branching out from typical questions about starring in a horror sequel, »

- Matt Donato

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'Captain America' star Frank Grillo joins 'The Raid' remake

17 June 2014 8:04 PM, PDT | Hitfix | See recent Hitfix news »

(Cbr) The U.S. remake of "The Raid" has been delayed, but that’s not stopping the casting process from moving forward. Actor Frank Grillo has confirmed that he has a role to play in the "Raid" remake, helmed by "The Expendables 3" director Patrick Hughes. The "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" actor dropped the news in an interview with We Got This Covered, saying: “What people don’t know is that I’m a blackbelt in jujitsu, which I’ve been for 20 years, and I’ve been boxing since I’ve been 15 years old – those are things that come natural to me. Believe it or not, I just got hired to do [the remake of] 'The Raid' … I loved [the original] … we’ve got to do this justice. It’s a fanboy favorite.” Production on "The Raid" is expected to begin in January. »

- Josh Wigler, Comic Book Resources

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‘The Expendables 3′ Trailer: Time to Reload

17 June 2014 7:20 AM, PDT | | See recent Screen Rant news »

The Expendables 3 takes Sylvester Stallone’s vintage action badass team-up franchise out for one last bullet and knife-flinging ride – hopefully more sound and polished on the cinematic level than any of the previous installments. Judging by the look of the latest Expendables 3 trailer, director Patrick Hughes has put together something here that could very well redeem a lot of the missteps of Expendables 1 & 2 – potentially fun enough to make those anxious about Hughes’ upcoming American remake of The Raid: Redemption a little more intrigued about what he can do with that franchise.

If you didn’t get the story form the trailer, in this third installment Barney (Sylvester Stallone) is plagued by an old friend, Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), co-founder of The Expendables. Conrad seeks to lure Barney out by targeting his old ...

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The post ‘The Expendables 3 »

- Kofi Outlaw

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'The Raid' Remake Adds 'Captain America 2' Star Frank Grillo

16 June 2014 1:50 PM, PDT | MovieWeb | See recent MovieWeb news »

While promoting his upcoming thriller The Purge: Anarchy, actor Frank Grillo revealed that he has joined the cast of The Raid remake for Screen Gems. While casually mentioning that he has held a black belt in jujitsu for 20 years, the actor said that he wants to do justice to the original action-thriller The Raid: Redemption.

"What people don't know is that I'm a blackbelt in jujitsu, which I've been for 20 years, and I've been boxing since I've been 15 years old - those are things that come natural to me. Believe it or not, I just got hired to do [the remake of] The Raid... I loved [the original]... we've got to do this justice. It's a fanboy favorite."

We reported last month that production was set to begin in September, but the production was delayed shortly thereafter due to casting. Frank Grillo confirmed that shooting is set to begin in the first quarter of »

- MovieWeb

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‘The Raid’ Remake Adds ‘Captain America 2′ Actor Frank Grillo

16 June 2014 12:46 PM, PDT | | See recent Screen Rant news »

Whether you like it or not, The Raid: Redemption is getting the remake treatment over at Sony’s Screen Gems division, and production is set to start shooting later rather than sooner following a four month production delay. Ostensibly, the studio has the train held up at the station to wrangle the right on-screen talent to compliment the people behind the lens, from fledgling director Patrick Hughes (the helmer on impending action bonanza The Expendables 3) to screenwriter Brad Ingsley (forthcoming Liam Neeson vehicle Run All Night).

But who to hire to star in an adaptation of a movie that’s populated almost exclusively with bona fide martial artists? Originally, Screen Gems threw ...

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The post ‘The Raid’ Remake Adds ‘Captain America 2′ Actor Frank Grillo appeared first on Screen Rant.


- Andy Crump

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Frank Grillo Cast in The Raid Remake

16 June 2014 11:10 AM, PDT | GeekTyrant | See recent GeekTyrant news »

In a recent interview with Captain America: The Winter Solider co-star, Frank Grillo, he confirmed that he will be in The Raid remake currently in development. Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) is set to direct the film, and last month Grillo was named as being one of a few actors that the director wanted in the film. The other actors on that list included Luke Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Ethan Hawke. Those other names have yet to be confirmed though. Grillo seems extremely confident that he can kick ass in the movie, and this is what he had to say in the interview with We Got This Covered,

"What people don’t know is that I’m a black belt in jiu jitsu, which I’ve been for 20 years, and I’ve been boxing since I’ve been 15 years old – those are things that come natural to me. Believe it or not, »

- Joey Paur

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Frank Grillo Joins ‘The Raid’ Remake

16 June 2014 10:00 AM, PDT | Slash Film | See recent Slash Film news »

Late last month, we got a peek at Patrick Hughes‘ casting wish list for The Raid remake. These wish lists don’t always pan out — that’s why they’re called wish lists, not confirmed cast lists — but in Hughes’ case, it seems at least one of his wishes has come true. In a recent interview, […]

The post Frank Grillo Joins ‘The Raid’ Remake appeared first on /Film. »

- Angie Han

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Frank Grillo to Return as Crossbones in Captain America 3, Joins The Raid Remake

16 June 2014 3:43 AM, PDT | | See recent Worst Previews news »

In a new interview, Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy, The Grey) confirmed that he'll return as Brock Rumlow in "Captain America 3," in which he'll become Crossbones. Spoilers Ahead: "I'm cautiously optimistic that you will see me in the not too distant future in the next installment of 'Captain America,'" said the actor. "It's obvious Rumlow is covered in rubble and burned to crisp at the end [of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'], but you see he's still there. They don't do that for no reason." When asked if he'll need a costume for his return, Grillo said: "He needs a costume! Coincidentally it could be a mask with a crossbones on it." The actor went on to reveal that he'll also be part of the cast of the upcoming "The Raid" remake, which will be directed by "The Expendables 3" helmer Patrick Hughes. "I just got hired to do [the remake of] 'The Raid.' I loved [the original]," he said. »

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'Captain America 2' Star Frank Grillo is Part of 'The Raid' Remake

15 June 2014 1:31 PM, PDT | | See recent news »

Back in May, the gestating American remake of the incredible foreign action film The Raid was reported to be pushing back start of production to January. The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes is at the helm, and while no official casting has been revealed, news of the delay came with a shortlist of actors wanted for the film. Names included Ethan Hawke, Anthony Mackie, Luke Evans and Frank Grillo and it's the latter star who is officially part of the cast now. We Got This Covered recently spoke with the actor who was seen earlier this year in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and he confirmed his involvement. More below! Frank Grillo hyped up his action prowess saying: "What people don’t know is that I’m a blackbelt in jujitsu, which I’ve been for 20 years, and I’ve been boxing since I’ve been 15 years old – those are »

- Ethan Anderton

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Captain America's Frank Grillo to star in The Raid remake

14 June 2014 11:25 AM, PDT | Digital Spy | See recent Digital Spy - Movie News news »

Frank Grillo has signed on to star in an upcoming remake of The Raid.

The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes is also attached to the film, based on the 2011 Indonesian action thriller.

According to Indiewire, Grillo revealed news of his casting in a recent interview.

The Raid centres around a Swat team sent to storm a building where a violent gangster and his thugs have taken control.

Filming on The Raid remake is scheduled to begin this January.

The 51-year-old is best known for his roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Purge.

He will next be seen in the horror's sequel The Purge: Anarchy.

Watch a trailer for The Purge: Anarchy below: »

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Frank Grillo Talks Kingdom, His Involvement in The Raid Remake, the Potential for More Rumlow / Crossbones in Captain America 3, and More

14 June 2014 8:21 AM, PDT | | See recent news »

The world needs more Frank Grillo.  Not only is he a top-notch actor and kick-ass action star, but he’s also a super nice guy and absolute pleasure to interview, too.  He’s delivered quality material throughout his career, but the past three years have marked one standout success after the next with Grillo going from Warrior to The Grey then End of Watch, Zero Dark Thirty and he keeps tacking on more. While talking to Grillo about his next big release, The Purge: Anarchy, he also took the time to update Collider on a number of upcoming projects.  He gave us some details on his character in the new DirecTV series, Kingdom, confirmed that he’s officially attached to Patrick HughesThe Raid remake, discussed the status of his seemingly long-lost horror movie, Demonic, and also hinted at Rumlow’s return in Captain America 3. You can check out the »

- Perri Nemiroff

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Production Halts on Screen Gems' Remake of The Raid

28 May 2014 12:20 PM, PDT | | See recent Dread Central news »

Though it only came out just a few short years ago, it was nevertheless inevitable that the Indonesian fight flick The Raid would find its head on the ole remake chopping black, and Screen Gems announced recently that they indeed were working on an English-language version of the film.

Those plans, however, have come to a screeching halt, and we've got the latest for ya today. Read on!

Per Variety, Screen Gems has halted pre-production on their remake of The Raid, which was set to begin shooting in September. Insiders add that the film isn’t being put into turnaround and that the plan is now to shoot in the first quarter of 2015.

The film was getting close to a greenlight as execs were zeroing on an ensemble with sources indicating that Luke Evans, Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo and Ethan Hawke were frontrunners for roles. However, other insiders said no »

- John Squires

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‘The Raid’ Remake Production Pushed Back

28 May 2014 12:07 PM, PDT | The Hollywood News | See recent The Hollywood News news »

This will come as disappointing news to some but the remake of surprise foreign smash The Raid has encountered some difficulties with the result being a delay in filming. The remake was due to commence filming this coming September however Variety is currently reporting that production will now not start until sometime during 2015.

Pre-production has been closed down though the film has not been canceled with rumours that they are holding out for a bigger star to lead the film. Up until now producers have been in talks with stars as varied as Luke Evans, Ethan Hawke, Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo. At the moment it is thought that director Patrick Hughes will still direct.

Source: Variety »

- Kat Smith

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