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"South Park" Ass Burgers (2011)

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Following the events of the previous episode, Stan's parents are divorced, and he is now living with his Mother and Sister in a new place. As well, Stan's condition of seeing/hearing certain things that look and sound like crap has continued, still alienating him from his friends.

Stan is in a deep depressive funk, and when he disrupts class, is sent to see Mr Mackey. Mackey asks Stan if he was inoculated by the school the previous year, and when Stan replies in the affirmative, Mackey fearfully thinks that that previous inoculation may have led to Stan's mood changes, and it soon reaches the news. Stan's condition is diagnosed as Aspbergers Syndrome, and it is recommended he seek treatment. It is also feared that this could lead to other people wanting to sue the school board.

Meanwhile, Cartman attempts to take advantage of the situation, makes some hamburgers, and stuffs them down his pants. Going to the school nurse claiming to be sick, he claims he has no idea how the @$$-burgers got into his pants, but the nurse doesn't believe him.

On the way back to class, Kyle notices the hamburgers that Cartman is carrying, and asks to try one. Surprisingly, they taste incredible. Several other kids try them, and Kyle soon recommends that Cartman's cooking 'skills' could make him alot of money. Soon, the two have started up a small 'Cartman Burger' chain on his front lawn, with a special booth only accessed by Cartman for inclusion of the 'secret ingredient.'

Stan meanwhile, has been taken for therapy for Aspbergers. Left alone with the group, it is then they reveal to him that they have been faking their conditions, and like Stan, they also see and hear things that are utter and total crap. However, there is a way to blind oneself from these feelings. The give Stan an alcoholic drink, and becoming drunk soon dulls Stan's senses. Soon, crappy music sounds good, and Adam Sandler movies are funny!


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