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After a "Manic Monday," as host Tom Bergeron calls it, '80s week is coming to a close on "Dancing with the Stars" as the results show means another couple is going home.

To the results: Ricki & Derek and Hope & Maks are the first two couples called to the stage. They tied with 24 points from the judges. Ricki blew her "Roger Rabbit" portion of the dance, and Hope got emotional after her performance, saying she "got eight seconds of the dance right." Later, she told Maks, "I don't think I can do this anymore."

Hope's smiling now, as Tom is about to announce the results. The first couple safe is ... Ricki & Derek. Brooke then tells Hope & Maks they're in jeopardy.

Be our guest: After a little feature about how much the partners each mean to each other, Kelly Clarkson performs her new single, "Mr. Know It All." Kelly returns later to perform her hit, "Walk Away."

In a new feature, we meet a dancer named Charm LaDonna, who grew up in Compton and whose mother scraped together the money to send her to dance classes, and eventually earned a spot on tour with Madonna. She used the money from the tour to pay her own way through college and now hopes to inspire young dancers.

Next, The Band Perry performs its song "If I Die Young."

Back to the results: Rob & Cheryl, J.R. & Karina and David & Kym are called out next. Rob impressed the judges and got the 9, which was all he wanted. J.R. got a 10 from Bruno. David was so excited about his results, he spent much of the rest of the night speaking in a British accent.

The couple safe is ... J.R. & Karina. David & Kym are in jeopardy, while Rob & Cheryl are safe.

Nancy & Tristan, Chaz & Lacey, and Carson & Anna are called to the stage next. Nancy pulled off what Bruno called "one of (her) best performances." Chaz realized after dancing that his fly was open the whole time. Carson was excited, but a bit disappointed in his low scores.

The next couple definitely coming back next week is ... Chaz & Lacey. Nancy & Tristan are also safe. That leaves Carson & Anna, who are in jeopardy.

Of the three couples in jeopardy, the first to be declared safe is ... David & Kym.

Brooke tells us that they're not necessarily the bottom two, but it's now down to Hope & Maks and Carson & Anna.

Tom announces that the couple with the lowest combined total of judges' scores and votes is ... Carson & Anna.


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