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So wrong on all levels
kjjames817 December 2016
Okay just watched this or should I say that I just wasted an hour and twenty on this trash, yes it was bad.

Started off week enough, a friend watches a house for a mate over the weekend and the house is meant to be haunted.

Well by the 45th minute you will have worked out the plot without any problem and that my dear reader is the whole problem with this film.

It all goes down hill when a neighbor calls round and then the film had no hope of ever recovering. They should have kept the neighbor out of it, his over acting and swearing spoiled the film totally.

As for the main actor who went from a glasses wearing humble guy who takes a shower and then becomes a swearing, no glasses smooth talking guy, that was another bad decision from the film makers.
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It Watches - A waste of time 😒😤
brownie-839 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING.......I HAVE EXPLAINED THE STORY IN THIS REVIEW, some may say it's a spoiler so hence the warning....

Just watched this movie, let's just say I've just wasted over 1 hour and 20 odd minutes with this stupid film. It was bit slow to start off with. It Watches is classed as a's nothing of the sort.

It's about a guy called Andre who had an accident recently. He's recovering from concussion and memory loss. Andre decides to help his mate Robert out by doing some house sitting (in a "so called" creepy house) based in LA. The house ends up showing it's insidious ways to Andre due to him hearing odd sounds/noises & strange experiences around the house which makes him believe he is not alone in this house & someone or something is there with him.

Basically I wouldn't waste your time or effort in trying to watch this poor movie. Acting wasn't that great and was a bit confusing sometimes (maybe because I just wasn't getting into the film, it bored me).

So if you fancy wasting 1 hour & 20 odd minutes of your life, then please go ahead and watch this.
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It Is Pretty Bad
dcarsonhagy27 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"It Watches" is a story about a friend, who is recovering from some sort of accident, who is asked to house sit for a friend. The house sits somewhere in the Hollywood Hills and is full of mannequins, parts of mannequins, and has an overall bad vibe to it. Still, it's IN the Hollywood Hills, so had bad can it be? Cameras are everywhere (you don't know why), and Andre always feels like he is being watched, and he has good reason to feel this way. This is all I'll say about the plot.

What follows is...confusion. The movie does a decent job up to a point and then it just falls apart. Those involved with the film seemed to "just want to get it over," so they hurl everything at the audience at one time, introduce characters which do nothing but let you in the on the movie's "secret," and then it ends. Poor execution all the way around.

Rated "R" for brief nudity, language, and violence, this one was pretty bad.
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It had all the right elements, but...
Paul Magne Haakonsen11 December 2016
I had no idea what "It Watches" was about prior to sitting down and watching it. However, it was more than enough that it was a horror movie to have me interested. And when reading the synopsis on IMDb, then I will admit that my interest was a bit more peaked.

The story in "It Watches" is about Andre, who is asked to house-sit a big house for a friend. However, he quickly finds that someone or something is in the house with him, as strange sounds and even stranger occurrences take place in the house.

"It Watches" did have all the right ingredients to make for a good suspenseful thriller / horror movie, however, it just turned out to be too generic and predictable; playing it safe on every parameter and giving the audience nothing new that hasn't already been done countless times before in other similar movies.

Director Dave Parker did however manage to set up a good atmosphere and had the movie progress at a nicely paced speed.

And actor Ivan Djurovic really carried the movie tremendously well with his performance. This movie was all his, given his performance, and he really outshone everyone else on the cast list. Now, I can't claim to be familiar with his previous work, although I have watched the 2011 "51" movie, but I can't recall his performance here.

"It Watches" is good enough for a single viewing, however, it offers nothing new to the genre, and chances are that if you are a seasoned veteran to the horror / thriller genre, like I am, then you will not be overly impressed with what you see here. This is the type of movie that you watch once, and then bag and tag it, never to watch it again.

I am rating "It Watches" four out of ten stars. And that below-mediocre rating is solely given because the movie didn't bring any surprises to the genre, nor did it bring anything new to the genre, and it was just too predictable.
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lawrenceslee25 March 2017
It Watches was a pleasant surprise. Although a bit of a slow burn start, it kept me guessing through out the entire film and had a full filling ending. The director (Dave Parker) succeeded in making something new and interesting. The lead actor (Ivan Djurovic) carried the movie well, looking forward to seeing him in more. All and all was worth a watch.
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My name is guy. I am here to help you.
Michael Ledo28 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Robert (Rick Irwin) produces reality TV shows where they set a person in a rigged house with cameras with the intent of scaring them. Andre (Ivan Djurovic) is taken by Robert to a home to house sit. Andre has a concussion and sprained wrist from an auto accident. He has memory and paranoia issues. The house has cameras and Andre tours the house with his own camera as the bulk of the film is unnecessarily hand held camera. A murdered girl is reported on the news as well as death row inmates being transferred. The house makes noises and has manikins under sheets. There is also a locked room. With the scene set, Andre's girlfriend Rachel (Sanny van Heteren) arrives, and he doesn't recall what they did last time they were together. Clearly there is someone else in the house...

We see things happen throughout the house. Andre gets high as the director Dave Parker gets to use the fish-eye lens he got for Christmas, no sense letting it go to waste. Things happen that don't make sense until the end, which you may or may not have figured out. I thought Andre's long trip of house discovery to be more annoying than entertaining. The plot was a little better than most hand held type films, but the execution fell short.

Guide: F-word. Groping. No sex or nudity. Woman in bra and panties.

Note: It is not safe to back out on a busy street with a blind curve. Pull up along side of the road. Back into the driveway.
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Swamp monster? Guy? Killer? Ghost? Mannequin?
Lucie Jäger9 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had it all. And with all I mean ice and a good plot twist. But the rest was... questionable.

The main character first was what seemed to be a nice gay man, wearing his fancy lil glasses and his cast and just being considerate and cute. He was even filming a vlog for his Nana. But as he turned out to be a heterosexual straight after all, I got a little suspicious. I thought to myself "that's not a good sign...". But then he took some of the coolest drugs I had ever seen... He smokes plastic bags? Hardcore af. 10/10. He might be a straight dude, but a straight dude I can respect. Anyway, besides the point. Andre the straight male went into the basement a few times too often and his vlogging abilities are shitty af. He isn't the brightest candle on the cake, but at least he... no, nothing else. He's just not the brightest. Typical Youtube vlogger, I suppose.

All in all I'd give the movie 3/10 stars because of the ice (2 stars)(there was lots of it) and the plot twist (1 star).

Also... my friend didn't like the appearance of Andre, next time maybe get an 8 or 9, please.
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