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MPAA Rated R for drug and alcohol use, violence, language and sexual content - all involving teens

Sex & Nudity

  • A teenage boy listens through a door to a woman making love with somebody.
  • A teenage boy and girlfriend frequently passionately kiss each other on the mouth.
  • A teenage boy and girl make out and have sex in a bedroom: no nudity, but the two are merely in their underwear or obscured by bedsheets. In an earlier scene, she is shown kissing his bare chest in public.
  • A teenage boy is shown sitting in the bathtub full of clear water. The shots focus on his torso and face.
  • A teenage boy or two appear shirtless at as the subjects of a mock "slave" or bachelor auction.

Violence & Gore

  • There are various fights and scuffles between teenage boys, in which punches to the face are thrown. The context of bullying is mild.
  • The main character has relatively old burn scars along the right sides of his back and chest, and on his right shoulder.
  • A teenage boy punches another teenage boy to the floor, and uses his fist to repeatedly pound the other teenage boy's face. The victim's nose is broken, and blood flows from it.
  • A teenage boy beats up another teenage boy, kicking him while the he is down. The altercation leads to the victim being taken to the hospital, with bruises forming on his forehead and around his eyes.
  • A man slaps a teenage boy around, forcing him to his knees, before unzipping his own pants (suggestive of preparation for reception of coerced fellatio or for some kind of urination humiliation, but we have no way to know whether it is a new behavior or part of a pattern of behaviors).
  • In a physical altercation, a gas can is knocked over and some gasoline splashes on the two involved. One of the two lights up a signal flare and tosses it at his opponent, setting him and much of the site of the struggle ablaze, and getting burned himself.
  • A teenage boy briefly uses his hand to forcibly hold another teenage boy's mouth and nostrils closed, after the other boy has inhaled some drug smoke.


  • There are various utterances of variations of "fuck" by various characters, young and old, largely casually but sometimes discourteously. Such is the most prevalent profanity, as "shit", "ass", "hell" and "cock" are rarely said or only once a piece.
  • A child casually says, "Fuck, yeah."
  • A child asks a teenage boy (whose mustache is starting to grow) whether he has any hair on his scrotum.
  • A child draws a crayon picture of a decapitated head, a mutilated animal or something, with the double heading/caption "STAB THE DOG!"
  • A child addresses a teenager as "dick-smack".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers drink bottled liquor or beer, or smoke cigarettes, during casual meetups on multiple occasions.
  • Some "hot knifing". A teenage boy heats up a dark substance on an electric stove element, and inhales the smoke coming off it through a toilet paper roll. Another teenage boy inhales it through the roll as well.
  • Several teenagers are shown in an altered state of mind; high or tripping what not.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The flashback sequences revealing how the main character got his burns are dark and intense. Given the context, they disturbing as well, but they are perhaps the only scenes in the entire movie that are unsettling.

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