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No nudity.

A man asks his girlfriend to have cyber sex with him. She agrees but the scene is interrupted by the woman's friend who has arrived at her house.

There is a makeout scene between two teens. A woman tells a man she will give him something yummy in return for him getting her a drink.

Another woman is approached by the killer and the two kiss in the most heavy makeout session of the entire series. She is later seen kissing him and sitting on his lap.

One woman seduces a man to untie her but they don't kiss.

A woman is chased by a man and bludgeoned with a lamp post. The man pulls it out of her head and blood splashes at the camera. Her body then falls into a pool.

The same woman is later revealed to be alive, but is suffering from severe head trauma. She is soaking wet and covered in blood. She collapses on a pool table and when her friend checks on her the woman pukes up blood onto the friend before dying.

A woman is hit in the head with a flashlight and shot three times with a nail gun. You see the nails protruding from her chest. She runs away but is soon shot several more times, pinning her against a door. You do not see her shot the second time but you see nails protruding from the other side of the door and hear her screaming. You see her friends on the other side as blood oozes through the space beneath the door. This is a very brutal scene.

A man has his throat slit and he struggles to breathe as blood pours from the open wound. He then dies.

Another man falls from the rooftop while holding a knife and accidentally stabs himself. Later the killer finds him and the man pulls the knife out for defense and you see blood spray from the open wound. The killer then beats the man to death with a clawed fire poker.

A woman is looking under her hood when the killer smashes the hood down on her twice. She survives the attack.

All the victims bodies are recovered by the killers and seated at the dinner table. The bodies are very gruesome looking and covered in blood. This is a very eerie scene.

The male killer is disemboweled with a scythe by his female counterpart. You see his intestines fall out as he tries to put them back in. This is a major gross out scene and the goriest in the movie if not the series.

The woman who was hooded by the car is seen stumbling around covered in blood, before passing out.

The two final women get in a major fight and blood oozing from cuts are seen.

Profanity is featured in the film but it isn't an F-word in every line film. The swearing is pretty mild and nothing that your teen hasn't heard.

Swears include bitch, damn, ass, p---y and t-ts, . (The word s--t is bleeped but only on the television version so if you are watching the DVD prepare to hear it.)

The teens are at an unsupervised party and they definitely hit the drinks.

A woman asks a man if he wants to smoke pot with her. He says no so she asks another man who says yes. The two go into an empty room. (The woman thought the man had pot and the man thought the woman had pot so they don't end up smoking it.)

All of the murder scenes are frightening and graphic but there are plenty of other scenes with intense stuff.

A man is locked in a room and taunted by the killer over a intercom. The man shoots at the door blasting a hole in it. He sees the killer through the hole and the killer runs off. This is a very jumpy scene.

A man walks down a dark hallway looking for a woman while carrying a shot gun without knowing if the killer is after him. Very suspenseful scene.

A man falls from a two-story rooftop.

A man screams at a woman to shut up and forcefully pushes her over. (She gets her revenge)

The entire climax of the film involves the two lead sisters having it out.

A fight in the house involves slapping, punching,kicking. A woman is hit in the head with an iPad. The other is knocked over with a chair.

The fight moves outside and one woman chases the other in a car, attempting to run her over. The woman being chased trips but manages to avoid being hit. She is chased into the woods by the other woman who is carrying a scythe. The woman being chased knocks the other against a tree. The chaser hits the protagonist over the head with a rock. Both women stumble out of the woods.

The two women get out of the woods and a real fight begins. Punching, hair pulling, kicking, scratching. Expect it all. One woman overpowers the other and attempts to strangle her. The other sprays her attacker with pepper spray. She then kicks her attacker in the face, knocking her out.

A woman must blow up a car to get the police officer's attention to help her injured friend.

A woman goes to a mental institution to visit her sister. She tells her sister that she loves her, angering the sister and the sister starts beating her head against the door.

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