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The sweet and innocent Carrie
coryroset22 January 2013
First of all, this show is not based on SITC HBO show. This series is based off of the novels written by Candace Bushnell. So all those people whining that this is a different Carrie and that the show got it all wrong, well, honestly, HBO got it wrong in the first place. So quit whining. And people complaining that young Carrie's face is all wrong? Yes, because the show is going to find another girl that looks EXACTLY like SJP. Seriously? And this show is on the CW. It's not going to be the same as a show on HBO.

All this nonsense from die-hard SITC fans aside, this show is pretty adorable. This is about Carrie before she became the Carrie we all know and love. Before the boys, heartbreak and living life in the city. This Carrie is still young and just learning about life and is just trying to get through high school. Overall, this show is fun and lighthearted and brings back some nostalgia for the '80's. It's well acted, the clothes are great and the relationships are relatable.
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This is a CW show
agapybee15 January 2013
You need to understand that this show is not a SATC prequel, it's a CW show. It doesn't feel like SATC and it certainly doesn't have the essence of HBO.

People should stop complaining about it not being SATC, cause it's not. So, don't expect SATC's humor, don't expect SATC's plot and stories, and over all, don's expect SATC's characters. I don't know how old people who judge this show are, but why the heck are you watching it if you're over 30? This show is not for SATC's fans, it's for teenagers, and you shouldn't judge this according to your feelings. And don't get me wrong, I love SATC, that's why I'm not even thinking of comparing these two.

As for the actual show, it is a pleasant teen show, with beautiful people and amazing clothes. It's not entirely based on Carrie's life and the fact that it takes place during the 80s is charming.

Watch it if you like shows like Gossip Girl and 90210.

*CW and HBO are networks
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NOT a new TV series I will automatically write off
Peter Anton14 January 2013
Two negative reviews to one positive. Time to check in. I had an odd schizophrenic feeling (intrigued by the romance, but put off by the neurotic woman stuff) about Parker's Carrie and never really got into it. So I was biased going into Diaries.

The pilot played twice tonight back to back and I started a recording on the first hour not sure if it was a two-hour pilot or an immediate repeat. I had reception problems so bailed out and was going to abandon my interest but just watched the second playing in real time as long as it was there. I was captivated almost immediately.

For one thing, I think AnnaSophia is cute as the dickens as well as a compelling actor having just seen her in Bridge to Tarabitha. But beyond that, I thought Diaries was even truer to the Sex in the City theme than the original, if that makes any sense. There's something about the innocence of an origin back story that's more interesting than the ongoing series of contrived situations that all seem the same from week to week. The acting in general is easy and realistic without all the jargon and cultural quirks of much of today's TV.

Prime time television dramas and situation comedies generally tend to all have the same smell to me like dumpsters and garbage trucks have no matter what people throw away. Diaries seems fresh to me. I may well lose interest somewhere into the series, but I am going to put this on my recording schedule and look forward to a new addition to my core viewing listing.
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Fun and Fresh
clare cekarb17 January 2013
At first, I was annoyed because it's not SATC all over again. Then I realized, the SATC moves WERE SATC all over again and I was soooo tired of SATC over and over and over! This is different. It's cute, fresh, surprising and sweet. And it has some actual acting talent (as did SATC, of course!). It also offers a wonderful visual experience (the 80's always done) and the scenes feel real and authentic. It would be easy just to do a tableau of 80's images with no plot and this is not that. I'll keep watching for true entertainment and I'll try to keep my SATC-expert-know-it-all self quiet (perhaps I can soothe her with a cosmo?)
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nothing even remotely 80's about this show
plummoderndesign22 August 2013
This is a very weird show, as it is very "little girly" with the cute voice over, etc. Yet, there are some pretty racy type things..which is fine if you are older and watching this. But then, if you are going to cater to both young and older audience, then give us some real nostalgic authenticity. Because as a person who was this age in the 80's, there is nothing even remotely fun about watching the show from that viewpoint either. The props are not that accurate, the clothes are not accurate, the phrases are not accurate.. who used the phrase "drama queen" in the 80's? That came much later. So it isn't even fun to watch for nostalgia. I am a few episodes in, and haven't once thought "oh wow, I remember that!" The music is okay, but they could choose better moments with that too.. it just seems like the production crew isn't really in touch with this era.. at all. And the show doesn't really seem appropriate for young girls, so I really don't see where this is going. Hopefully they figure it out later.
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LOVE AnnaSophia
Rogue-3215 January 2013
Watched the pilot last night out of curiosity when I saw that the wonderful AnnaSophia Robb was starring as the young Carrie. I liked it.

I'm from New York, raised in Brooklyn, and when I was a teenager I started taking the subway into the City (Manhattan) on weekends, going to movies, matinees of Broadway/Off-Broadway plays, restaurants, stores, etc., and the exposure to such a huge, unlimited-opportunities place made me fall in love with it immediately. So I can relate to the way the show depicts the young Carrie's joyful reactions to discovering this vast and infinitely seductive new world.

AnnaSophia is an incredible actor; she's elevated everything I've seen her in by her mere presence and she most definitely does the same with this project. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I'll definitely continue watching just for her alone.

(PS: I've decided to not think of the show as a prequel to Sex and the City - and it IS Sex AND the City, not Sex IN the City - but rather to see it as a separate character for the most part; that way all the comparisons to SJP are avoided and I can simply enjoy it for the charming offering it looks like it's going to be.)
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Not SAC but huge potential.
Marc Israel16 January 2013
OK, I freely admit this is not even close to the original. However, this show is cute, engaging and clearly has the potential to become one of my favorites. It is also a bit predictable, but that is only because we have all seen SAC and know it's rhthym. In a time with endless reality TV, cop / blow things up shows The Carrie Diaries brings some fresh air with it. I'm eager to see where the writers take us and to see character growth. To the die hard SAC fans: change the channel if you're going to pick apart every small detail. To everyone else: enjoy AnnaSophia Robb's cuteness and thoughtful performance of the now famous and unforgettable Carrie Bradshaw. BTW, I've given the show a 10 rating because I already feel the haters trying to make their presence known.
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It has potential!!!
shydimple514 January 2013
I think the pilot show is a great start and the music makes it good as well. I know that other viewers don't believe that this can be a Sex & the City, but it really does have potential and I strongly think that it's gonna make it!! I'm very excited to watch the next episode and so on.... The characters are cute and the music is good for the time the era that it's in. The beginning of the show tells how everything starts and where everything gets into place. Viewers out there should really give this show a chance to blossom into something great!!! =) As for "Carrie" not really looking like "Carrie" in Sex & the City, it will come later as she matures into the show and keep in mind that this is when she was younger!! She has to have time to go thru "childhood" and bloom into "adulthood" and her features body, mind, and soul will change throughout!
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A very interesting show (or shall I say, a prequel....)
piacabanero2 February 2013
The first thing I had to point out after I read some reviews is that you probably didn't know about The Carrie Diaries (and its sequel, Summer in the City) in the bookstores, released by Candice Bushnell about two years ago. Maybe you guys are so hammered up with the SATC TV show than the book, that's why. This thought lead to negative reviews saying Carrie's face became round, Carrie doesn't have a sister, etc. Well, the author has her ideas and I shall say that her intentions are shown pretty well in this new show.

I watched the pilot when I was resting due to a stomach ache. The first thing I noticed was the glimmer of the 1980's- surprisingly well done. Also, we get to see Manhattan in Carrie's eyes and how wonderful it was. I can understand most characters and to know if this could be my favorite show, I might need to watch more episodes.

Also, I have to say that AnnaSophia is great to be back on our screens. She definitely grew over the years- from a cute kid to a blossoming actress. Good on her and the fellow actors on the show!

I would say this is a lovingly decent sort of show..... we'll see.
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Worth watching, but not for die-hard SATC fans
Natalie Madeleine23 January 2013
I didn't really want to watch this show, as I had nothing but bad expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode, and I'll definitely watch the next episodes to come. As many have said, the show isn't really true to what we've learned about Carrie in the SATC show, however this show (or the first episode, anyway) was actually quite good. The actors look true to the age they're playing, and the acting was pretty well done. If you're expecting to watch a show that's completely true to the SATC story, this might not be the show for you. However, if you're looking for a new show with all the expected CW criteria, then this show is definitely worth watching.
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bangel332224 March 2013
Sarah Jessica Parker recently commented that this show was 'odd'. She was being polite. What she meant to say is that it is downright boring. It has no depth whatsoever, and no point. The characters in my opinion are dull and lifeless, and I agree with previous comments that obviously fans of SATC will be watching this and it is so disappointing when they change so many details of Carrie's life in this show. The little girl who plays her sister is a bad, bad actress, and her friends just aren't believable in their supporting roles. I really don't see this show going anywhere and I really hope it gets canceled and they put something decent in it's place.
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Must watch!
Sarah Ritua9 January 2014
Honestly, if you want to understand what goes through a normal and ordinary teenage girl's or guy's mind, this is basically it! The dirty parts, maybe not so much, but it's still a really good series to watch. I found out about this 2 days ago and started watching it. I recommended my friends to start watching it with it and they love it! Not only does it give that teenage drama and everyone's gotten in their lives, it gives a life lesson in every episode, a piece from the show that people can actually value and not see it as a show that revolves around sex and relationships. It shows how teenagers are nowadays. Other than that, the cast is absolutely amazing! Great choice in actors (Austin Butler everyone has the hots for him how could you not)and their characters are so alive and so very true to the generation. I can relate to the kind of issues they all go through, not Mags or the internship or the sex, just the relationship problems and how it's never easy. I really love the show, it got me hooked the moment Sebastian started talking to Carrie. I just finished catching up and might even watch my favorite episodes before the new episode this Friday! So excited for it. It's sad to know that it's actually a cancelled show, it disappoints me to know it because the show is hands down amazing. It has everything, the drama, the pressure, the reality, family problems, just everything everyone could possibly go through.
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Doesn't gel with SATC - a bit painful for SATC fans
phd_travel23 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
No matter how well intentioned "Carrie Diaries" is, things just do not gel with Sex and the City. I don't think SATC fans will like this series.

Major miscasting: First of all Anna Sophia Robb's facial features are too different from Sarah Jessica Parker - her round eyes and heart shaped face make her completely unimaginable in the role of a young Carrie. There must have been a young actress more similar to SJP.

Background inconsistencies: The story suffers in that the family background isn't right for the character of Carrie Bradshaw. I know SATC hardly showed any of Carrie's family but what they have now just isn't right. A sullen younger sister is so wrong - Carrie never mentioned a sister in the whole SATC. Should have been an only child. Her father also seems too upper middle class for Carrie's bohemian persona.

Kudos to the production for creating an 80s Manhattan - can't be that easy. The friends are mildly interesting, the slut, the gay guy etc. bring to mind an earlier Samantha and Stanford. Her love interest Austin Butler isn't that cute.

Overall it's a series that shouldn't have been made.
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Bad Idea
Lane Bruwer28 January 2013
This show was not thought out AT ALL. If they are trying to be true to sex and the city Carrie Bradshaw they've failed. Carrie tells us bits and pieces about her childhood in sex and the city and the first very obvious mistake they've made on the Carrie diaries is that she is being raised by her father and her mother has and the city Carrie Bradshaw was raised by a single mother, her father left her and her mother when she was 5. The writers and producers should probably have done a better job of either letting us know that this show actually has nothing to do with sex and the city Carrie, or they should have done better research.
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I suggest skipping this one
fawn_jane18 August 2013
I don't even mind that Carrie Bradshaw here breaks canon from Sex and the City, which seems to be what most of the negative reviews go on and on about. I don't even mind that much that the lead actress looks like a "Bratz" doll. I could almost even overlook some trite teenager-coming-of- age stuff.

But after a few episodes the show just became painful to watch. The central conflicts in the show are downright trifling and unnecessary. Watching this show is like listening to some spoiled over-privileged white girl helplessly whine and complain about their nonexistent problems.

The last straw for me was the Thanksgiving episode. I won't spoil it, but basically what happens in that the writers utterly reduced Carrie to having NO common sense, just so she can fail and then whine and complain about how she failed. Lazy, stupid writing.
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Amazing - love love love it
samantha mark15 March 2013
I am a 42 year old intelligent woman and I just adore this series.. I love that there is no swearing, sex scenes, car chasing, violence - it is light and a great mood enhancer - I always feel better after watching this program - the 80's theme is great however not very authentic - in saying this still very enjoyable - it is great to watch something wholesome when we live in such a dark world at times.. I hope they continue making this series for many, many years to come. Carries hair is fantastic and all the acting is very good.. the love connection between her and Sebastian is also very interesting to watch.. he is a very good looking lad - all the cast are very good actors and believable.. I really can't say enough about this show.. wish it was on every night
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I hate this series
kay zane14 January 2013
This is from the view of a New Yorker (who is actually living in Manhattan) and has been a die-hard fan of the real SATC:

1) This series doesn't have the typical witty comments as the original SATC. Instead, you get cheap lines like "sausage in the key hole". Not to mention all the clichés and oversimplifications.

2) They put Carrie Bradshaw in Century 21 out of all the boutiques that they could've used nearby (even in the fake 80s). Obviously whoever did this never lived in NYC! Do you know what Century 21 is??? It's like TJMax/Ross/Walmart of discount department stores!!! Seeing Carrie Bradshaw in Century 21 is just traumatizing! Errr... not to mention the missing Twin Towers that should've been next door??? Do NOT make a show about NYC when you don't even know where anything is!!! It's like the Burger dude the real Carrie dated back then who made his character in his novel to wear a scrunchie in Manhattan!!!

3) Anyone who has traveled between CT and Manhattan knows that it'll take at least 2 hours or more each way during non-rush hours. How in the world did Carrie went into the city for a party and managed to get back home in CT in such a quick time in the 80s is still a mystery to me.

4) Carrie was supposed to be left-handed. For some reason, the younger fake Carrie is right-handed.

5) Looking forward... So the fake younger Carrie is 16 now. Do you really want to watch her NEVER fining love for the next 20 years????!!!

Epic fail!
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Its Watchable, Interesting But Typically Obvious & Way Too Lame
Mickjmor14 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly believe from seeing it I think the pilot itself is quite interesting, It shows how Carrie's life was like in High School & how she was before she even turned 30! But lets be honest & say that their must of being some sort of face lift or car crash to make us believe that this is a young look alike to our well known Carrie from Sex & The City. There's even mention of her having a Family? There was no mention of her having a dad or even a Gothic sister in Sex & The City! I'll be honest the actress AnnaSophia Robb has a lot of potential but I believe she can do better then this, I liked the other actors as well that we're also in the lead roles, but I just felt like that the 80's timing was wrong, way over done & too prissy for the way all the guys we're shown in the pilot! Where we're the true 80's men's men with the testosterone? Plus it was inaccurate & no one wore cloths like that unless your a rich Hollywood star in the 80's. Plus this show has really bad influences of teaching a younger female teenage generation from 13 to 17 that it's okay to have sex when your young & it's okay to steal dresses if you having a fun time doing it. I just didn't care what was going on I liked the acting but the background & story was lame & typically obvious. Not perfect but interesting for how it's portrayed. I'll be honest I think this Carrie will not be as Crude as I thought she would be? Well shes not Crude at all. This version has morals. I was worried at first but this version is very different! Its more childish. Its like watching a nickelodeon show with a bit of character. I found it very quirky and mediocre but it worked for me. I am not going to be one of the people watching it day in and day out.. But people will like it in some way, but its not an adult show, it is it's own show. So problems will arise with the original fans being older and grown out of that generation of age gap. But to me this isn't for the true fans, there are gimmicks here and there.. but its not what their really focusing on in this show.

I think the fact its on the CW it might do well.. Because its not a very popular channel. So it might get a bit of attention.. Because this show is a prequel to something well known. But if it wasn't? It wouldn't be getting this much attention.. Hands down. I wouldn't say it will make up to 6 seasons or even two movies like they hope?! But it might make up to at least 2 Seasons because of the excitement. I wouldn't say this is movie worthy either or at all.. But it will give you happiness in a way.

But AnnaSophia Robb is no Sarah Jessica Parker hands down. So obviously the inaccurate link to Sex and the City is down a notch but it's following the novel to The Carrie Diaries.. but not all the way. I really think that this show is not for the true fans. To me this didn't even seem like a prequel! It was just an excuse to get more marketing.

I gave it 3 Stars because it's not the prequel that the fans we're asking for, it's not the same to the original show. I would of gave it 5 Stars for a stand alone show if it wasn't a prequel.
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Somewhat Entertaining but Pretentious Load of ----.
northdallas246814 February 2013
I've watched the first 5 episodes so far and this is a review of the series up to this point. Let's brainwash the working peasant young people to worship and glorify the lazy snooty stick-up-the-a-- filthy rich because they're so much better than we are. Oh that's right we already have brainwashed them like this, but this show continues that process and ups it a notch.

And lets use inaccurate clichés about different things in life to further the brainwashing effect in the process, no spoilers so I won't give examples. And just when it looks like it might break away from the pretentiousness and be slightly more realistic or down to earth, it turns around and hits you over the head with more snobbery and pretentiousness. Yet despite despising all this, like a train wreck I can't seem to look away and I keep tuning in, which is why I give 4 stars. Even though I can't stand the fake pretentiousness it's still somewhat entertaining, but overall forgettable and nothing great.

In spite some reviewers saying that it's completely different than SATC it does use the same basic formula for the show. "Carrie Bradshaw" hanging out with her 3 friends but this time it's 2 girls and a guy. They spend a lot of time talking about relationships and sex while eating at restaurants like SATC. "Carrie" narrates the show like SATC. They show Carrie working on a diary instead of the newspaper article. They sometimes use the same camera angles and shots like showing Carrie from outside her window working on her diary while her voice narrates about life for the last shot of an episode, and other similarities to the original SATC.
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mariade sandelini19 January 2013
I think this is awful. This main character is not looking like carrie bradshaw the original at all. just some chick-lit-no-charisma-girl next door. No, this is really bad. why destroy all that the real SATC build up for severals of years. I hope SJP and the other old cast members speak up and say that they think this is not good at all... because it isn't. Maybe some 14-year old girls love this show. but the older fans like myself feel like this should never had been made. If they wanted to make a show about a young carrie, why didn't just call it with some other name like "a teen in the city" or whatever, and she could call herself cherrie sadshaw or something else but not carrie bradshaw. No, i think this spoils everything.
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This has got to be one of my new favorite TV shows
pinkmonkey5043 November 2013
Honestly, I was hooked from the very first episode. I also loved how they kept Carrie's narrations in this show similar to Sex In the City. I think Annasopia Robb and Austin Butler have the realest relationship ever. All of the actors are absolutely wonderful. This show is really interesting. I love the over-all idea of "becoming who you want to be". I am a 17 year old girl and some of Carrie's quotes from this show really speak to me. I actually somewhat admire her character as a kid. So what if they changed Carrie Bradshaw's life up a little bit, I still think the Carrie Diaries is definitely worth watching. It's a great show for teenagers. I also love how the show isn't filled with profanity and raunchiness. Yes, they do talk about sex...but it's in a tasteful manner. Also, who cares if the time period wasn't portrayed correctly. A different generation is watching this. I doubt this show is for anyone who can actually remember the 80s, no offense. I like the music they chose for the show and the clothes. This probably has to be one of my new favorite shows. I LOVE IT. Everything, especially how New York is portrayed so well. PLEASE KEEP MAKING MORE SEASONS OF THE CARRIE DIARIES. And honestly, I think the show would receive more viewers if it were on ABC family. What fabulous and rather engaging TV show.
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don't use SATC characters if you are not going to give us their story
dandan2825 January 2014
I don't mind this show. My husband won't watch it with me, but I like it. It IS entertaining. I just wish they hadn't tried to use names of characters from previous years of TV to try and make a go of a series. If you're not gonna at least attempt to make it a bit more like what we know and love from Carrie Bradshaw, then don't name your character after her. It's not like we knew a ton about Carrie's life before SATC but, the few details we did would have been awesome to have been used in this series. I don't care if it is CW, HBO, or NBC creating this show. Once there has been a strong character built, ya kinda need to stay with it. Kudos to HBO for getting us to fall in love with your characters. Kudos to the CW for giving those that love SATC a shot at holding on to beloved characters, but the details matter. I'll keep watching The Carrie Diaries, but at least I now know that it's not really the character I fell in love with. It's just her name.
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Kind of a Review on the Show and kind of a Description of the Show.
Eclipse15 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
At first it might seem strange to take a series that helped define HBO and put the prequel on, of all places, the CW, but it ends up making more sense and actually working out – as a targeted drama – quite well.

In the arc of the story, long before there was Sex and the City, with the columnist, shoe-lover and perpetually single Carrie, there was The Carrie Diaries, featuring a 16-year-old version of Carrie, but also based on the books of Candace Bushnell.

THE CARRIE DIARIES': 8 THINGS TO KNOW The Carrie Diaries is set in 1984 and stars AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie, who lives in Connecticut with her sister Dorrit (Stefania Owen) and their father, Tom (Matt Letscher). In this version, Carrie's mother has recently died and Tom is left to raise two teenage girls – no easy task. The younger Dorrit is rebelling more openly (pot, stealing, illegal videotaping of Purple Rain, etc.) than Carrie, who is called upon to be something of a surrogate mom. But at 16 she has other interests, namely the cute rich kid/rebel Sebastian (Austin Butler) and the lure of another man – Manhattan. Yes, that last line comes straight from The Carrie Diaries and it's clumsy, as are a number of others, but there's something sweet and engaging about this series even though it's not so much about drawing hearts on notebooks as it is learning to party in Manhattan.

THE CW: STILL DOING WHATEVER IT IS THAT IT DOES That is to say that Robb is an adorable teen Carrie who spent the summer grieving for her mother and is clearly a girl who has been brought up well. But she's also entering a period of sexual awakening, and that will certainly take the sweetness out of it for some people (or not, depending). In the show, Carrie is not the popular girl. She hangs out with a small group of best friends who help her out. There's Mouse (Ellen Wong), Maggie (Katie Findlay) and Maggie's boyfriend Walt (Brendan Dooling). In the second episode there's a shot of Maggie on her knees in front of Walt. And in the first episode, Mouse, who comes off as pretty straight-laced, talks about losing her virginity to her older boyfriend and describes it thusly: "It was like putting a hot dog through a key hole." Luckily, there aren't too many of those lines. But still, you can't unhear it.

Ah yes, so everybody's been laid except Carrie. Well, Maggie and Walt haven't had sex even though Maggie's practically mounting him at every opportunity. What's holding back Walt? He's just coming to terms with the fact he's gay. And besides, Maggie's two-timing him already anyway with a local cop (her father is the police chief).

Remember, this is the prequel to Sex and the City -- it just hasn't morphed into the HBO version of adult sexcapades. But it's to be expected that The Carrie Diaries will be more forthright as it deals with these coming-of-age issues.

Ironically, since Carrie is still a virgin, there's still something quite innocent about the series – at least that part of it. More popular girls are trying to tempt Sebastian away, but he's still hooked on Carrie and her curly hair. It's kind of quaint and far less cynical than Gossip Girl.

But that might change. Because Carrie desperately wants to get out of Connecticut and we all know how hard she will fall for Manhattan. In this show, her father gets her an internship in Manhattan and when, on a shopping trip, she meets Larissa (Freema Agyeman), a stylist for Interview magazine (Carrie's favorite), the art and fashion world and people of the late night begin to have a real allure for Carrie. The connections to her later life are being made.

Now, Carrie Diaries isn't perfect. Sharing a pedigree with Sex and the City makes for a tough comparison. But it's certainly a perfect CW show. Everybody looks young and pretty, etc. But at least in The Carrie Diaries, they're not vampires or comic book characters. They are real people with plausible emotions. And in the hands of Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, The O.C.), Amy Harris (Gossip Girl), Bushnell and two other executive producers from the CW's Hart of Dixie, the storytelling has a chance to be handled maturely.

It's just important to remember that – voiceovers and wild dresses aside – the prequel is still a couple of boroughs removed from the original.
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Loved it
laurenbrigittepool3 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching the series and it left me very curious but also very impressed. It was not a show that really needed a lot of episodes. It just felt like a very very long movie. Even though it's been taking up my time for the past 3-4 days, I must say that I would not mind watching the whole series again. It was a pretty messed up plot since Carrie was with so many guys, and so many plans were made and then destroyed with other plans. The last two or three episodes actually made me cry which I was not expecting from this show. I think that anyone who is around their mid to late teens would be suitable for this. I just think that it should be a higher rating because I certainly think that some girl who is 13/14 who is watching this would not be suitable since there is a lot of discussions about sex. Anyway, I think this show was successful and ended in a nice way. I hope that it gets renewed someday.
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Mostly bland high school drama
SnoopyStyle22 August 2014
The show begins in 1984. Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) is a 16 year old high school student in Castlebury, Connecticut. Her dad (Matt Letscher) is left alone with her and her little sister Dorrit (Stefania Owen) after the death of her mother. Sebastian (Austin Butler) is the new pretty boy with the troubled past. Her best friends Maggie (Katie Findlay) and Walt Reynolds (Brendan Dooling) are dating except she's sleeping with an older man and he's gay. Her other friends are the smart Mouse (Ellen Wong) and nemesis-turn-friend Donna LaDonna (Chloe Bridges). She tries to have a life in Manhattan with an internship at a law office which she quits for one at Interview magazine for her flaky boss Larissa (Freema Agyeman). In the second year, she meets wild Samantha Jones (Lindsey Gort).

This show received lots of heat for not being a strict prequel to 'Sex and the City'. The tone is definitely a run-of-the-mill high school drama. It's pretty tame and unimpressive. I don't really care if it doesn't connect all the dots with SatC. However if the name isn't there, this is a very bland show. ASR is a very impressive young actress doing a solid job. Katie Findlay could be the next breakout star. She has a great story at the end of the first season. In fact, that was the only high point of the show. The rest is a passable affair.
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