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Nathan Lane steals the show in this tale of a high school English teacher who becomes obsessed with a student's play.
Under Craig Zisk's frisky direction, the entire cast is superb and wrinkle-free. The screenplay, by husband-wife team Dan and Stacy Chariton, is thin as a poker chip but as clever as it is contrived.
This is the second recent release-after The Great Gatsby, whose overwrought, on-screen text it even shares-that aims to channel great, time-honored storytelling without being able to tell a great story.
The line between “cute” and “cutesy” is violated, repeatedly, in the sometimes funny, often cloying comedy The English Teacher.
The picture is perfectly watchable but rarely compelling, because the filmmakers are too timid to take any chances.
A potentially incisive character study is buried under layers of fluff in The English Teacher.
The film's cutesy vibe is closer to "Glee" than "Election" or "Waiting for Guffman," with Nathan Lane's exuberant drama teacher pitching several yards of camp tent.
The New York Times
The acting, especially Ms. Moore's, is solid. But her strong, sympathetic performance fails to transform The English Teacher into anything more than a sitcom devoid of laughs, except for a soupçon of literary humor. It is a movie at odds with itself.
The English Teacher is a tragedy masquerading as a comedy and doing a disservice to both.
Despite a lead performance by the always welcome Julianne Moore it is rudderless in its presentation and outright stupid in its central conceits.

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