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Errors in geography 

The surname of the Russian engineer is Blok, which is not Russian, but a surname of a Russian poet "Alexander Blok" (of foreign origin), unless of course the flight engineer is related to the poet.

Factual errors 

Europa gravity is just 0.134 g, but the crew walks and acts as if it's 1g during the landed mission.
After landing, the crew comments that the temperature is "holding at absolute zero," which is zero Kelvin (0K). The Europa's temperature actually spans ~50K to '125K.
Hydrazine is a colorless, in the movie has yellow-brown color.
The probe shows shimmering daylight, even though Europa is five times as far removed from the sun as Earth, and in the movie the ice sheet is at least 2800m thick, both of which combined should result in darkness at that depth.
When the ship is falling back toward Europa in its failed escape attempt, the captain releases some radiation shielding to reduce the impact velocity. The mass of an object does not affect its rate of fall in a gravity field. Whether it weighed ten tons or one pound, it would hit the surface at the same velocity.

Revealing mistakes 

At the end of the movie the computer screen is titled "Katye spacewalk", but the screen is displaying Adobe Flash source code for colorpicker controls (import fl.events.colorpickerevent) in the three other windows where you'd expect the spaceship logfiles.
Katya's surname is Petrovna. But in fact "Petrovna" is Russian patronymic name and means only that her father is Pyotr. Patronymic does not identify the person. Correct surname would be Petrova.

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