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Huge fan of Penn & Teller
mrwes00022 October 2011
I'm a big fan. I think every show they've done thus far has been pretty outstanding. But even the greatest artists must hit a speed-bump, and this is Penn & Teller's. The concept I think is pretty good, but the quality of the show isn't.

The real trouble with this series is that it relies on about one minute of actual information per subject. The other 99%, not including advertisements, is pure hype for the next matter at hand.

Hype can be a good thing, when used with caution, but here it's the only commodity. Every episode is full of, "just wait five more minutes and we'll present the subject, but first..." Five minutes pass and it's merely 20 seconds of information followed by the next five minutes of hype and build-up. Cycle, and repeat.

Frustration is the only real thing one gets from this show. The game is to try and pick out the lie, but the editors, or whomever, aren't very good at hiding it. One can easily discount all fact being provided, and just look at the video at hand. In the first show, the fake was obvious because the "security cameras" we're in almost perfect HD with multiple angles on the same scene. Why would security cameras overlap on the exact same position. I know I wasn't the smart one out of the many dumb who picked up on it. According to their own poll half the audience picked the right one, out of 6 choices.

It feels like its who wants to be a millionaire stuck on question 1.
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zzyzx000-124-27155818 October 2011
I'm a fan of Penn and Teller the magicians. I think the Bullshit series should be taught in schools.

Their recent British FOOL ME series was good because of all the talented magicians.

However, there is no magic in this series. The fake scene is pretty easy to spot, and the problem is, the real scenes are boring. I predict this show will be cancelled after 4 weeks.

Their isn't really much more to say, so I'm filling in the required 10 lines minimum for the review.

Have a nice day and when you go to Las Vegas you can see Penn and Teller at the Rio.
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At first I thought I would hate this show.
Kuchirikato_Kutotamoku7 October 2011
I saw previews of it and had low hopes. There were nothing else on TV so I decided to watch it. I was pleasantly surprised. Now if you started watching this show thinking that it was going to be like Bulls**t, you are going to be a little disappointed. This show is made for families so most of the cussing has been cut out. However their humor is still there, just toned down. Penn does his unique narration over each of the seven stories like he would on Showtime. So if you like Penn and Teller's antics you would like this show. At the same time this show reminded me so much of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. The concept of the show is almost parallel. What's even better is the show will even drop hints of which of the stories are fiction.

I really enjoyed the show, I believe you should give it a watch. I'm sure if you are a fan of Penn and Teller, you will like it. I'm sure if you were a fan of Beyond Belief, you will like it.
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