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Don't Listen to the Negative Reviews. This is the Best Film Ever!

Author: Michael Lanfield from Toronto, Canada
15 August 2015

The documentary film UNITY is an incredible one. I am not even sure how to explain it. It is a film about getting people to see that all beings and things are essentially all one. We are in all other beings. It is a film about love, tragedy and hope. It is a film that dives into perceptions, opposites and tries to awaken the love in people's hearts that we have lost since infancy. It is love that connects all of us to all other living things. We are in everyone and that is why when we kill another, we also kill a part of ourselves. The narration from 101 celebrity narrators is woven in perfectly through the chorus of voices acted as one, and the music from Jonsi and Alex was dramatic, yet powerful accompaniment to the film. The movie flowed perfectly from one scene to the next with the combining music, narration, and footage of such inspiration and awe. I highly recommend everyone watching the film.

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A much needed documentary

Author: Carol-Mae Barton from England
13 August 2015

A powerful documentary depicting the very best and worst of humanity. A call for humans to evolve and to move beyond our current barbarity.- An exploration of the human ego and the destructive part it has played in our history. As the title suggests the documentary is a call for unity, leaning on the teachings of gurus such as Sri Ramana and more recently Eckhart Tolle. The documentary was heavily geared towards veganism, but though there were some upsetting scenes of animal abuse I wouldn't imagine they were as graphic as those in Earthlings, which I have only heard about, but have never been able to watch. It is a documentary that everyone should see. It allowed us to look objectively at what we are doing to our home the earth, and all that lives on it. Perhaps in doing so it will help instigate some positive change.

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Best documentary I have seen

Author: Mark James from Newcastle upon Tyne
12 August 2015

I was a huge fan of Earthlings, and Unity comes from the same people so I had high hopes for Unity, and it did not disappoint. I have just returned from the premier and was a sell out, which is rare on a Wednesday evening. I would comfortably say this has to be the best documentary I have seen, and takes the number one spot on my list. The documentary attempts to explain we come from the same place and are all one, so why do we will each other.

I would highly recommend seeing this thought provoking documentary. This was the only movie I have been to that people have stood up to clap.

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A Must-See Documentary for Everyone!

Author: snowboardgirl73 from San Diego, California
14 August 2015

Compelling, eye-opening, heartbreaking, beautiful, truthful and above all, necessary. Everyone needs to watch this. From the very first seconds of the film, your heart breaks, it aches and your mind races. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery, examine your moral code, reconsider behaviors you took for granted and force an introspective review of your life. It puts perspective to the relative minute importance of humans, yet the impact our selfishness and arrogance has had on fellow earthlings and our planet. The film will make you cry, it will anger you, sometimes it will be extremely hard to watch but you won't be able to stop watching. This documentary is fuel for THE social movement of our times, it is hope for our planet and humanity.

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Greatest Documentary Ever

Author: bobby Renolds from Canada
14 August 2015

I saw the film when it first came out to theatres and what an amazing one it is. The writer/director Shaun Monson is brilliant! He weaves the narration and voices into one and the music is very powerful. Not only is the film brilliantly telling the truth it is trying to awaken the love and compassion that was lost when we were young. The film goes into perceptions and opposites and explains why eating meat and other animal products is leading us to wars and devastations on this planet. The only way we will create peace on the planet is no longer seeing opposites and to stop eating all animal products. A great film that I recommend everyone to see.

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One Earth United for Equality for All Forms

Author: sacredvessel
13 August 2015

A truthful depiction of how we as a so called civilized and intellectual society still remain primitive in our thinking in respect to how we treat ourselves, each other and other forms of life. This movie should be a wake-up call for humanity, it's truly unfortunate that this movie has been barely promoted in mainstream, and it was scheduled for only ONE showing on 8/12/15 in the city of Charlotte, NC at just two theaters at 7pm.

Such a great opportunity to help shift human transformation to higher consciousness if millions of people could see this film. It was less than 20 people at last night's showing....why? When a movie like "Straight Outta Compton" is be broadcast everywhere, one like Unity gets very little attention. I found out on Monday about Unity through viewing a video on YouTube. Hopefully this rating will get Unity promoted more to help millions of people wake up!

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A painful version two of earthlings with a lot of disgusting clips

Author: Bengel Gnats from Germany
18 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First I have to say that I am an optimistic and idealistic person who is normally not squeamish. And with that attitude in mind I was looking forward to the release of "Unity" for the last 2 years.

Sadly I am more than disappointed having watched the 1 hour 36 minute long movie. Repetition over and over, the editing is okay, the music alright, the sound mixing is bad (but maybe that is down to my hifi system), one can sometimes not understand the narrators, but the message is an complete idealistic nonsense.

*SPOILER* I mean, of course uncontrolled ego is bad, war is bad and to harm other beings is bad and to eat meat and fat is bad, too. But does one have to see a bowel surgery for more than 30 seconds to understand that? Do you have to watch war scenes without end to understand that? It is a shame that a movie with such a potential was literally lost in space. Besides that there are all over repetitions which really get on ones nerves. Many questions are asked but only little answers are given. What is love? .... What is the meaning of life? What is ego? and so on...

And I know, that are big questions, but what is the point of asking these questions without really giving an answer or at least to speculate in a more philosophical than an esoteric way.

For example: What is love? My guess is: Love = Care Very simple and in a nutshell what the filmmaker probably once to say. But it drags on for more than 10 min to get to that point. Couples of different ages are shown who are kissing each other. Sometimes a couple of gay men is shown and and clips of animals cosing each other. But is that the only way to show love?

I really was very curious about that movie, but it was really not good.

What also disturbed me was the repetition of earthlings, yes, that movie in which you look for 90min, how animals are butchered or tortured. Most people who watch that movie are vegetarians or even vegans and do not really like to see that, or am I wrong?... Well, it turn me at least in a conscious very rarely eating meat person. But way do you have to watch that in "Unity" all over again?

Resume: After having watched the movie, I now have to abandon my ego (delete this review), love everything (kiss everyone and anything) and get my consciousness sorted out (before I die and no one told me how to do it). Hmmm...

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