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Best ever, but also worse??
JRod1 December 2011
Another year, another frustrating experience. It is almost like they are torturing me each time! The 2010 opening blew my mind with a new song I hadn't heard before, a creative entrance by the model, etc. This year? Snooze fest! Kayne started out well with the 2007 mention about losing his superhero(a family member had died) and not being able to make the show. Cool performance, cool song and it meshed well with the models and their outfits. Although I personally don't care for the half-singing, half rap. Then it completely falls apart with Kayne's duet with Jay-Z, if you can call it that. They weren't really singing, they got bleeped a lot while they went back and forth babbling on about nothing and there were no models on the runway the entire time! They had to cut back stage every 20 seconds just to keep people from turning off the TV. What in the world????

Last year I hated the excessive camera movements, cuts, zooming, focusing madness, etc. This year, I felt like they were more subtle with all those items and it worked a lot better. The camera spent more time loving the models, and a few of the slow-mo shots made my heart skip a beat. Yet they ruined a good thing by using slow-mo too much and I became bored with it. Overall, the camera work and editing was much better and paid more respect to the models, if that makes any sense.

GET RID OF THE CREW COMMENTARY!!! This year was completely off the obnoxious chart. Excessive static, filtering so we only get the high frequency, tinny part of their voice, over-stating the obvious... Get a classy presenter/announcer to do some voice work, please! I liked that the model interviews were just that much more personal. They really tried to flesh them out. Good job there.

I did not like Nicki Minaj at all; she manages to be even more annoying to look at than to listen to. She is sharing the stage with, wait for it...SUPERMODELS!!!! Her look and her song did not work for me at all. I threw up in my mouth like 10 times. I think I would have rather seen someone like Kylie Minogue. She's awesome...

Maroon 5 was just a bit boring; we've heard their song way too much. However, there was a really cool part where Adam escorted his girlfriend down the runway, kneeled down to send her off, then ran up behind her to plant a kiss on her cheek. The kiss was presented VERY WELL with a slow-mo shot. Classic!

After seeing the Michael Bay Victoria's Secret commercial a while back, I really would like to see him direct one of these some day...
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Another Incredible Show Victoria's Secret!
Alex Brooks23 March 2012
Wow. Another incredible Victoria's Secret Show full of mind blowing models, highly creative outfits and huge artists performing. It just gets better every year!

Nicki Minaj completely held her own on stage next to the much taller models. She was feisty, playful and that song is infectious!

Lovely moment when guy from Maroon 5 ran up and kissed his model girlfriend who was walking in the show.

Kanye and Jay-Z performing together- you could see brought the house down. Only such high calibre shows such as the Victoria's Secret fashion show can draw such big stars.

The outfits created were breath-taking. Stand out looks were Adrianna with the black wings in 'I Put a Spell on You'. Candice in 'Passion' wearing that incredible yellow outfit and Miranda Kerr with the Shell style wings in 'Aquatic'. Simply spellbinding.

Another awesome year. Well done to everyone involved and cannot wait until this year's show!
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