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Quite a Conundrum (2012) Review

Quite a Conundrum is a real testament to the natural talent of Phillips that he is able to convey this so well both in his script and spot on directing. He complements the overall cinematography with his own incredibly intense editing style as he cuts from one thing occurring to the next or sometimes simultaneous things that are going on. The technique keeps the audience on their toes and eyes glued to the screen. Even the ways the characters are introduced is nothing short of ingenious. Quite a Conundrum represents the very best of indie filmmaking. This is a dark comedy with horrific elements done and handled in the very best possible manner. This is not the goriest film but it doesnt need to be.The shock power lies in the great story.
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Top 20 Horror Films of 2013

by Seth Metoyer,

It's that time of year where horror sites and fans present their Best Horror Films of 2013 lists. For some reason I've typically steered clear of top lists in the past. I think it's mostly because of the constant whining and bellyaching that occurs once lists are released. Plus there will inevitably be good films that didn't make the list. However, mostly it's the constant cries of "That wasn't a horror movie that was a thriller stupid!" or "That movie released last year dummy!" or "There are too many mainstream releases here losers!" or my personal favorite "That film totally sucked so you guys suck!", that really get to me.

This year I decided to go ahead and make a MoreHorror Top 20 Horror Films of 2013 list because a lot of people seem interested in our take. Yes there are some mainstream Hollywood films on the list,
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Film Review: 'Quite a Conundrum'

Written by Jonathan Weichsel,

Quite a Conundrum combines elements of the home invasion thriller with mainstream comedy to create a different kind of indie film. The dialogue in Quite a Conundrum is right out of an old Kevin Smith movie, and much of the situational humor would feel at home in something by Judd Apatow, but the suspense and horror bring the film into dark places that few comedies go.

Tabitha (Erin Cline) and Mimi (Sasha Ramos) are two trashy best friends who listen to too much bad music and have loud, obnoxious conversations about sex. Described by another character in the film as “a step above Jersey Shore,” they might actually be a step below the characters on that show. Watching a film with main characters such as these sounds like it would be a chore, but writer-director Thomas L. Phillips makes a point of humanizing his shallow protagonists,
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This Latest Horror Comedy Is Quite a Conundrum

Horror comedies are a dime a dozen and few ever get the formula right, but sometimes someone will hit the nail on the proverbial head! Such is the case with the new indie flick Quite the Conundrum. Check out the trailer right here!

Directed and written by Thomas L. Phillips, the flick stars Sasha Ramos, Erin Nicole Cline, Emily Rogers, Anthony Rutowicz, Joe Coffey, Chris Greene, John C. Lucas, Juli Piechovski, and Catherine Trail.


Sex, Drums, Tequila, Social Networking, A Pirate, Morning After Pills, Jesus And A Gun…It’s One Hot Mess! It's Hilarious, Dark, Sexy, Twisted, And Sadistic. It's Quite A Conundrum.

It should have been just a normal day of sex, fun, alcohol, hormones and debauchery for Tabitha and Mimi, two twenty-somethings who care about nothing but themselves and what chaos they can cause. But that so-called normalcy gets tossed out the window when an unexpected
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