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Quirky sci-fi thriller from Spain
Leofwine_draca20 October 2015
THE END is, as the title would suggest, a film about the apocalypse. At least, it appears to be about an apocalypse of sorts, but given that this is a film that offers zero explanation or indeed any kind of reasoning about what's actually happening, your guess is as good as mine.

The saving grace of the film is that it's superbly shot, with wonderful outdoor cinematography and lots of vibrant moments. The set-piece with the dogs is as beautifully shot a piece of cinema as I can recall. The plot is simple stuff, with a group of twentysomething friends heading out into the countryside for a get together when 'something' happens - something explosive, and devastating.

When people begin to disappear, things get really weird. The lack of explanations make this both frustrating and rather spooky. The characters are thinly-drawn and there's a little too much time spent on triviality, but for the most part this is an intriguing, quirky slice of science fiction, well made by those talented Spaniards.
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Superb Analysis of Us
d-h-hermanson14 April 2015
One negative reviewer of this film wrote "The point of a movie that's directed to an audience is to give a purpose at the end." But that's not always the case. This film is about love and hate, fear and joy, boredom and mystery and the persistence of hope. I thought the film unfolds well, at first glance looking a bit Agatha Christi, and then for a few moments like a slick Christian apocalyptic genre film, but while there are moments when a viewer might say Book of Revelations, the film turns in a different, infinitely human and humanistic direction ending as an exploration of the truth we all face- humans live and die, and we can do that well or badly. selfishly or generously, thoughtless and unthinking or thoughtfully.

Fin is a deeply philosophical film without a single lecture, and while sometimes quiet (though never for long) I found it deeply engaging. I don't give an 8 of 10 score often, but this is a film I'll watch more than once. A few reviewers here have suggested that Fin lacks in action or special effects. Instead, I offer congratulations to director Jorge Torregrossa for a film that uses special effects and action to assist in the telling of a story rather than allowing such techniques to take the place of a story. Bravo to composer Lucio Godoy for an especially fine score.
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Well acted, well directed
Johnson Smythe19 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Naturalistic acting, lovely cinematography, nicely understated style, good music, well directed. I didn't know what to expect when I chose this on a whim, and was pleased to find myself engrossed.

Subtitles - some people are prejudiced against subtitles but you soon get used to them. It opens up a new world of film: great films you'd never see otherwise, and better in the original than any second-hand Hollywood remake. Also, you never wonder what is being said during action or mumbling - it's all there!

Ending - SPOILERS! Some people seemed confused by it, and it is open to interpretation, but here's my take on it. We see a big explosion at the start, maybe an ancient supernova in Sirius. It brings to mind the big bang theory - part of which is questions about what happened before. Many believe in a cycle of expansion and contraction, all matter eventually pulled back to collide and bounce back in a new big bang. So endings are also beginnings (one message of the film). At the end it is proposed that god has died; that the world-despoiling humans have no real purpose but as a beloved experiment of a god. With god's death we fade away, at the point when we realise we are alone and despair (pay attention to each disappearance). Note that non-humans in the film don't usually seem to be alone - flocks of birds, packs of dogs, goats, two vultures, lambs. However, the supernova is representative of the death of a god, but there are other stars, maybe a new god takes over, starts again. One man, one woman called Eve, in an unpopulated Eden. The EMP at the start serves one purpose as a red herring (has there been a nuclear bomb attack?), keeping you guessing about the type of film it is, but also serves to wipe out electronic technology, wipe the slate, create a simpler world in which to start again. Anyway, just some thought, I'm sure the original novel is well worth reading to find out more. Oh, if the supernova was a god dying it is interesting that we repeatedly see stopped clocks, beyond the point where it gives the viewer information - it has to tie in to Auden's Stop The Clocks funereal poem (which also mentions phones not working, planes, oceans, and stars going out).
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This Is The Way The Film Ends
jabrbi23 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film with English subtitles, so I may have missed some of the subtleties in the original Spanish. However, I don't feel that the film suffered in any way.

A group of friends gather for a weekend to renew 'friendships' from 20 years ago, and the reunion isn't going well - if someone stripped naked and threw their clothes on the bonfire I'd be thinking it was time everyone went to bed. Just before the party disintegrates there's a loud noise, strange lights in the sky and everything stops working, everything.

With no power, so no lights and no phones, everyone goes to bed. In the morning there is one person missing. He just disappeared. The group make for the nearest town and on the way they start to disappear, one by one. Eventually we're down to the last few, and the film ends.

There's no explanation for the power cuts, what the lights were, why people are disappearing, why the people are disappearing in the order they are, why only people are disappearing and not birds and animals and why most people disappear when nobody is looking at them. There's no explanation at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

With the lack of explanation, all you're left with is the journey, and I did find some of the journey interesting. I wasn't that interested in the interactions of the characters and, as usual, I'm glad some of them disappeared. I think I detected a pattern as to the order people disappeared in, but some people vanished in the night, so I'm not entirely sure. As the dwindling group move from their holiday home across a gorge and towards the nearest town there are some good moments: a vulture makes an unexpected appearance and death by goats is a novelty I wasn't expecting.

Sadly, with no explanation, and no real ending, the film is a complete let down. However, until the very end I found the film worth watching, with moments of slowly-building tension, the unexplained disappearances to fathom out, and some great scenery to watch. However, when you get to the end and nothing is explained, watching the film just becomes a very flat experience.

This is the way the film ends, not with a bang but a whimper.
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AWFUL film. It could've been much better.
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was AWFUL. Do not watch it if you don't want to waste 90 minutes of your life. I love the production value in this film, but I thought it had lots and lots of potential story- wise. The point of a movie that's directed to an audience is to give a purpose at the end. This was not the case. The development of the characters was good at the beginning, but in the end it all went downhill. I believe this could've been a better movie. The cinematography was great at the beginning but there was this sort of blue tint in half way through the film that disturbed me because I found no reason for it to be used. The special effects and art direction were acceptable in this film. I still have questions about what the main problem in this film was, or the main storyline.
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Spanish effort
KrystelClaire30 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's difficult for me to review a Spanish film... in English. That's the thing with cultural imperialism, I guess: it's a symptom of how many projects tend do disappear or be disregarded only because they've been done in a language other to English. Apart from my opinion on how works, this is a perfect introduction to this film. Many of the comments not only on this website but around the net compare this with the typical Hollywood blockbuster on every level: acting, special effects, screen writing, budget, etc... It doesn't escape my attention that I'm doing the same right now.

Make no mistake: this is not an independent project. Official Spanish cinema has to watch its money a lot, and this film does that. Probably, money likes at the core of many creative decisions taken while preparing this film. There is a very small group of performers, and the sci-fi gets lost in so many natural landscapes. There is something abstract about the mystery: there is no enemy, no psycho-killer which has decided to terminate with everybody, it's just a kind of psychological desperation which causes people to fade into oblivion and just disappear. Specially ridiculous was the case of the biker who just fades onto thin air, leaving the wheels of her bike moving. So no blood or difficult stunts to perform, probably less repetition on the performers' sides when filming. The only scene in which x-effects are visible is in the scene of the fallen plane. They're static, though. Only part of the scenery.

What remains is a slow-pace which reminded me of The Sixth Sense, and a plot which leaves plenty of questions to decide on part of the audience. For all that, I liked it to a certain extent. I've seen much worse, but also much better. It's a good effort by Spanish cinema industry, at a certain levels much better that the typical Hollywood cr*p which rules the box office.
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Intriguing, Very Well Acted, but the Pointless Conclusion Gives the Same Sensation of "Lost"
Claudio Carvalho27 January 2014
After twenty years, Sara (Carmen Ruiz) invites her friends to reunite again in the same isolated cabin where they met for the last time. Félix (Daniel Grao) goes with the younger escort Eva (Clara Lago) posing of his girlfriend; his ex-girlfriend Maribel (Maribel Verdú) leaves her two children with her mother and travels with her husband Rafa (Antonio Garrido); the wolf Hugo (Andrés Velencoso) travels with his wife Cova (Blanca Romero); the lonely pothead Sergio (Miquel Fernández) travels alone. Sara is worried since their friend Ángel "Prophet" (Eugenio Mira) has not arrived yet. There is a secret about something that happened twenty years ago with the prophet that was the reason to keep them apart.

During the night, the group is around a bonfire and Ángel never shows up, and Sara discloses that it was Ángel's idea to gather his friends on that day. Out of the blue, there is a lighting followed by thunder and all the power is cut – batteries of cellular have run down; the cars have flat batteries and the group argues. Soon Eva learns that twenty years ago, Ángel was forced to consume drugs that have seriously affected him. He became violent and started to foresee the end of the world, ending in an asylum. None of his friends but Sara has ever visited him in the institution, and they first believe that Ángel has plotted an evil scheme against them. One the next morning, Rafa vanishes and they believe he has walked to the nearby town and the group decides to do the same. But soon, each one of them disappears in the end of the days.

"Fin" is an intriguing and very well acted Spanish thriller, with Maribel Verdú that is one of my favorite Spanish actresses and the unknown Clara Lago, one of the most beautiful new faces in the cinema industry. Unfortunately, the pointless conclusion gave me the same sensation I had when "Lost" ended. The writers succeeded in creating the engaging mystery but without any answer to the events but the simplistic explanation of the apocalyptic end of the world, with Eva apparently surviving. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Fim dos Tempos" ("End of the Times")
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okay ...
revbighig15 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sci-fi involves science in its fiction. This movie didn't show me any ~ I'd have to call it a fantasy, a whole different genre where anything can happen. Like, "poof" people disappear or drawings from the future. That aside, I really wasn't knocked out by this fantasy movie. The acting was fine, but it was lacking in forward motion and suspense, unless you call suspense wondering what the end will be. Last night I watched Christian Bales' "The Machinist" and was nearly on the edge of my seat from scene one. There was dramatic tension sorely lacking in Fin. And then they sailed off into the sunset .. er, fog. Into nothingness? The rapture? A new world to repopulate? (Eva? I'm surprised her lousy boyfriend wasn't named Adam...) "Melancholia" did it all much better.
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Very entertaining sci-fi flick that leaves you thinking.
qliner3 December 2013
I really enjoyed this movie. The directing was exceptional and the acting was excellent. Also, the cinematography was extremely visually satisfying and the film quality was good. Some of the scenery in the movie was beautiful. The movie does not have the "B" movie feel at all. I was gripped from the beginning and intrigued until the end. The movie is interpretive so expect that the answers to the most important questions are woven into the story line. If you're left with a question at the end of the movie, ask if the answer is important to the ultimate message delivered by the story. The point is, this movie is enjoyable to watch, highly entertaining, and eloquently conveys the sci-fi theme. Kudos to the writers and director and all the crew.
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Interesting movie
Stephane Benoit1 December 2013
Usually, when there is a weak script, everything fall with it... But this movie is different. Even if the storyline is incomplete, or lack of imagination, the actors are so good that you still follow the adventure (without big expectations) until the end.

The cast is solid, the acting is flawless, the soundtrack is good, so... A script with a bit more originality would have made a very good movie.

Don't expect a kind of apocalyptic movie like The Road, or crude has HELL (Bright), but more of a soft philosophical end of time story, a reset of humanity.

But anyway, congratulations to the actors, you all did a very good job.
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No strong graphics and stunts but a simple pre-apocalyptic theme
Reno Rangan26 September 2013
Okay the movie begins with an old friends gang meets together after the several years of gap in a mountain cabin. They talk and remember the old days they spent together, seems they still have something for each other until that strange night. As they are now far from the human density, they are unable to contact the rest of the world to ask help from the weird situation happening around them. So the journey begins with these old friends in search of safe place near.

Yeah the movie was too soft for apocalypse theme, more like a drama which suit all age groups. There were no strong graphics, everything was simple as some family drama with few thrilling scenes now and then comes to put us on the edge of the seat. I think I liked the director's approach on presenting it in an unusual way and avoiding building collapse, landslides and all the disaster that represents in the pre apocalyptic process.

The movie had a minimal cast with around 9 except opening few minutes which shot in the city. Suspenseful story but fails to reveal itself at any stage of its story penetration which might annoy the audience to dump it into underrated category. It will be a nice adventure-drama if you are not expecting something like '2012' or a similar movie. As it was adapted from a novel it looked we are reading it while watching. Kinda more suitable for family audience except one nude scene from beginning of the story.

There was nothing any special compared to modern apocalypse movies but it was pure artistic with avoided violence even in the deaths of the movie characters. That makes even children can be allowed to watch it if they are interested in this movie. Overall it was not worse like everyone says, some people disappointed because they expected high-end stunts and graphics which were lacking in this story. So keep your expectations low and remember you are watching sci-fi drama not action thriller.

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Supernatural apocalyptic thriller , artfully and stunningly directed by Jorge Torresgrossa
ma-cortes25 August 2013
Thrilling film about mysterious events spread across the planet , being well directed by Spanish filmmaker Jorge Torregrossa . This is a mix of drama, thrills , adventure and end of world doom and gloom ; add to that a really magnificent cast . A group of old friends formed by three couples (Maribel Verdu-Antonio Garrido , Daniel Grao-Blanca Romero Miquel Fernandez-Clara Lago) , and two singles (Carmen Ruiz , Andres Velencoso) gets together for a weekend in a mountain log cabin . Years have gone by and yet nothing seems to have changed between them. But lurking behind the laughter and stories is a murky episode from the past starred by another friend nicknamed 'the Prophet' (Eugenio Mira) that continues to haunt them . Then weird deeds take place , such as rare disappearance , goats stampede , dangerous dogs are hungry and chasing them and many other things . They develops an irrational fear and on their way for help, the bunch starts to disintegrate, just as a new natural order is unveiled before their amazing eyes .

Jorge Torregrossa's The End packs intrigue, intense drama , action and astonishing suspense film about strange sudden incidents altering their plans, leaving them stranded with no line of communication to the outside world and deadly explosions across the Earth . Nice performance for a consolidating as well as promising star-cast , as it stars lovely Spanish players such as Maribel Verdu of Pan's Labyrinth, , Clara Lago of Tongue of butterflies , Daniel Grao of Julia's eyes , Blanca Romero, and Antonio Garrido , among others . Interesting as well as thought-provoking script written by Jorge Guerricaechevarria of Cell 211 fame and The Orphanage's Sergio G. Sanchez . Good direction who does have its thrilling moments , most of them in the second half , being mostly dramatic and tragic . This chiller with supernatural elements was compellingly realized by Jorge Torregrossa , a little famous director , being best known in his native country as a TV director (such as Gran Hotel , Imperium, 14 Abril Republica , Tierra De Lobos) . The motion picture marks Jorge Torregrossa's debut feature as a director but was garnering so much attention from international sites . He offers us an intelligent flick of the apocalyptic world movie, intimate and committed . Rating : Above average . Well worth watching .
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An interesting tale about what happens in The End
esquinton13 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I would like to say I loved this movie, but I can't. It really had a LOT of potential, and I kept waiting for that potential to rear its head. The only character that was developed was played by Clara Lago as Eva. The others were shrouded in a 20 year old "mystery" and I'm guessing developing their characters further would have required revealing the "mystery".

Watching this movie leaves you wanting more, there was no lead, no heroes and no real antagonist. It was more like a scenic detour in the lives of a group of friends as they are faced with an insurmountable situation.

Why the movie exists is pretty much left up to your imagination, as once the end credits roll you will most likely find yourself sitting in bewilderment and asking yourself a million what the heck just happened questions.
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Choosing your friends for the end of the world…
Coventry9 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In case the apocalypse ever occurs, I suppose it'll happen in a flash, and no living soul on earth will be able to make arrangements for where he/shell will be and in which company he/she will spend the final hours. If we would be capable of predicting the exact time and circumstances of the inescapable Armageddon, then I presume we would all prefer to be at home, surrounded by our loved ones. The complete opposite forms the slightly genius premise of this Spanish sci-fi/drama "The End". Nearly 20 years after they last saw each other, six former childhood friends (and their reluctant partners) plan a reunion weekend in a mountain cabin far from the civilized world. Although they initially pretend to be happy be see each other, the lies, jealousy, treason and unfinished affairs from the past quickly come to the surface again. But then, at the campfire during the first night already, there's a sudden bright light in the sky and all electronic equipment ceases to function. Next morning, the group starts exploring the area and slowly come to realize that the animals have gone wild and that all human life seemingly has vaporised. Moreover, they experience that, if anyone get separated from the group, they mysteriously vanish as well. I honestly wished I could grant "The End" with an even higher rating than I did now, because it's an overall very captivating and atmospherically unfolding apocalyptic tale with several original plot elements, terrific performances and some of the most staggering filming locations I've ever seen. The characters are identifiable, their thoughts and reasoning are realistic, and their gradually increasing paranoia and despair is sensible. In fact, "The End" is the type of film that remains downright brilliant for as long as any kind of explanation isn't required yet. And although I know some films deliberate avoid explanations and leave everything open for personal interpretation, it's eventually the total lack thereof that prevented me from giving an even higher rating. Especially when the climax is approaching, the script raises too much questions and contradictions for its own good. Don't go into "The End" expecting any virulent apocalyptic action, neither, as the world goes under without any drop of bloodshed. There's beautiful cinematography and music, a few excellent scenes with mountain goats and a pack of wild dogs, and a devoted cast including the ravishing young beauty Clara Lago. Definitely recommend, but in case you want to see the absolute finest (in my humble opinion, of course) apocalypse movie from Spain, seek out the criminally underrated and obscure "Before the Fall" ("Tres Días")
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A thriller with no thrills
estebangonzalez1027 March 2013
¨The end is closer than you can imagine.¨

Fin (The End) is a Spanish film that was officially selected for the Toronto International Film Festival last year. It's a thriller that really never thrilled me and I was highly disappointed with this film because despite having an unknown director, Jorge Torregrossa (mostly known in Spain for directing TV series), the screenplay was adapted by two well known Spanish writers, Sergio Sanchez (The Orphanage) and Jorge Guerricaechevarria (Cell 211), who have written some great screenplays. It was not the case with The End because one of the weakest aspects about this film for me was the script which never managed to create likable characters or believable situations. If you are going to make a thriller you better back it up with a decent story, but here they never explain the strange developments. This could have worked perhaps as a TV series, but in a 90 minute movie we never got to care for any of the characters and what we really wanted to know never was explained. The End is one of those films that tries to be all philosophical but never ends up saying anything at all. It doesn't reward the viewer for their patience. The film was adapted from David Monteagudo's novel which I have never read and really don't want to after watching this. I imagine it never explains any of the strange events occurring either. There are about nine actors in the entire film and we never really care for any of them. The only positive thing I can say about this movie is that it was nicely shot thanks to the beautiful landscape chosen as the setting for the story.

The plot is pretty simple; a group of friends decide to reunite after 20 years in a beautiful mountain cabin. This group of friends seem to have been really tight, but something happened in their past that has separated them and continues to haunt them. Sara (Carmen Ruiz) is the one who decided to reunite the group for the weekend after calling each one of them. Sergio (Miguel Fernandez) decides to go with his apparent girlfriend Eva (Clara Lago), while Maribel (Maribel Verdu) goes with her husband Rafa (Antonio Garrido). Maribel and Sergio had a relationship in the past, but haven't seen each other since the episode 20 years ago. Felix (Daniel Grao), the Casanova of the group, is dating Cova (Blanca Romero). Everything seems to be just fine as the group is laughing together as they camp outside, but Sara is worried that their friend known as the prophet (Eugenio Mira) hasn't showed up. The reason she is so worried is because he was the one that convinced her to call everyone because he wanted to see them. Apparently the prophet was the reason why the group broke up in the first place after he suffered a severe seizure and began prophesying about the end of the world. He was institutionalized, but Sara said he was recovering very well and that is why she insisted on everyone meeting again. Around midnight a strange incident involving a thundering noise and lightning takes place, which leaves the place without lights or communication. The vehicles don't work either as apparently some strange magnetism has affected them. All of a sudden some of them begin to vanish and no one knows what is going on.

The plot seems pretty interesting but believe me the film isn't. The director never takes time to explain the strange events, and the back stories of each character are never explained clearly. The reason why the group disintegrated 20 years ago is really poorly developed and doesn't make much sense really. I was really disappointed with this and expected more considering the plot seemed pretty inventive. This is just another failed attempt at a thriller which really never has any thrills. The cast in this film doesn't stand out either. The only well known actress here is Maribel Verdu, but she doesn't play an important role. The entire mystery and eeriness of the film is never explained at all which made me feel like everything was a complete waste of time. We see the events unfolding before our eyes, but we are never explained why these things are occurring. The End just felt pointless for me and I wouldn't recommend this film.
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well done, but...
ssto18 February 2013
i almost liked it

everything was laid out nicely, there was the promise of mystery, a hint of drama;

the characters began as nicely scratched, but it almost ended there - too early to achieve completeness in any direction of the story why didn't anyone in the group think aloud of any theory of what was happening? first there was complete denial, then - complete acceptance and unquestioned submission to their faith

also - emotion; there scarcely any emotion in these people, making this otherwise good looking movie - empty

oh, well, i won't say it is bad, though - just, incomplete

5 out of 10
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A Kinda Of Metaphysical Horror Film
bawlocc11 January 2013
I got to check this film out at the Palm Springs Film Festival. The previous reviews I had read for this were pretty negative so I went into it with admittedly low expectations. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got out having enjoyed the film a great deal. The End follows a group of friends reuniting after 20 years at some property outside of civilization. As the movie progresses it creates a very tense atmosphere when unexplained events begin occurring. Without giving away too much I'll just say the film is more or less a Metaphysical Horror Film with more attention focused on what is happening as opposed to how it happens. It succeeds at creating a grand scope within a simple plot and settings. It is much better than it's current rating given on the site.
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KAppledorn3 November 2012
Recently saw this movie in Sevilla, as it was the premiere shown at the Sevilla Film Festival, and I was disappointed. As a fan of Maribel Verdu, Antonio Garrido, and Carmen Ruiz I thought I would be in for a treat. The trailers also looked interesting and I thought the movie would be suspenseful. Nothing further from the truth. The movie struggled to find its way throughout. The first 10-15 minutes were OK, but from then on, the movie fell apart. I don't want to give any spoilers, but the effects were terrible and while it seemed to have a huge budget, it seems as though the director or the post production team didn't know how to correctly create the CGI effects they wanted or create the suspense needed. Towards the end the movie tried to become philosophical, and it just seemed trite. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone.
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