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A feast for Neil Young lovers and initiates alike.
The heart of any concert movie is the concert itself, and in the case of Neil Young Journeys, it's a great one.
Mr. Young's passionate cracked whine assumes an oracular power.
It certainly stays alive in this spare and intriguing film directed by Jonathan Demme, who has helmed two previous Young concert films.
Of course, the music is the thing and the sounds here earn Demme's reverence.
Slant Magazine
As great and intimate as Live at Massey Hall 1971 may be, it's not as transportive as this filming of a Neil Young performance at the venue 30 years later.
The audience is never seen and only faintly heard. This puts a lot of visual pressure on a very inward performer. Young is a beast onstage, to be sure - he seems to re-grow an appendix for each song.
Young's almost mystical musicianship is what saves it.
Boxoffice Magazine
Fans of the 66-year-old guitar god (which is to say the only people who'll see this homespun gem) will revel in Young's winsome cruise down Memory Lane.
The nicest thing I can think of to say about the doc Neil Young Journeys is that at least it isn't in 3-D.

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