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Splendid 1st half followed by a little monotonous 2nd half,still worth watching!
apoorvsharma200628 October 2011
Its really unfortunate to see a film being valued solely on the basis of its box office performance rather than its merit in India.Its because of this thing that useless films like ready ,force or Bodyguard rake in the moolah while films like Mod just fade in the pages of time. Now I'm not saying that Mod is a fantastic film but definitely way better than the useless films mentioned above.

Ayesha Takia runs a watch repair shop in a south Indian hill station where Rannvijay Singh comes everyday to get his watch repaired.He introduces himself as her classmate in school.As expected,Love blossoms but there comes a turn when Takia begins to doubt Singh as to who he is.Then what happens??watch the film. First the positive positive things-

With plastic emotions reigning in the movies today,this one offers a welcome break.There are some splendid tender moments between Takia & Singh & even Takia & Yadav.(e.g. she won't let Yadav enter home drunk but would serve him tea in the morning).The tuning between Takia & Tanve Azmi is very heart warming.The characters are close to life & seem real.

The music is nothing to cheer about but the song "Tu hi Tu" makes a fine hearing.The top notch Cinematography makes this small town Down south India a character in the film & adds to cinematic value & experience.

Now some negatives-The film plunges downwards once the MOD(turn-which in this case means twist) is revealed.The film gets monotonous in 2nd half & drags.Nagesh seems to lose the plot & the film's grip on the viewer looses.The choice of lead(Rannvijay) could have been better.Despite his best efforts,he fails to pull off a complex character.While Takia shines in her role,Rannvijay 's performance leaves a lot to be desired.The performance of both Azmi & Yadav is fabulous.

Despite all these flaws,Mod isn't completely unwatchable.It has its moments with Nagesh getting back to what he really stands for.The signs are positive & maybe,we'll see a Dor or an Iqbal soon!!
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worth a watch
satyajithakkinepally16 October 2011
There r few film makers in India whose portrayal of characters r very deep and touches ur heart nagesh is one of them ....this story is about a girl from a village down south of India who runs a watch repair shop ,very independent in life with a caring father and sisterinlaw around and how her life takes a turn(mod) one day when she gets to meet a man ringing the bell infront of her house...beautifully depicted characters one such is her father's and a neighbour who loves her ...and her father's evening concerts(kishori mahal) the first place u ll fall in love with cinematography....background score could have been better overall this is another masterpiece by nageshkukunoor after aashayein and iqbal
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A Heartfelt movie
mrinalonline22 October 2011
Most times we watch movies without any inner feeling or values, but this one is definitely a worth who loves to go into supernatural and come to real life., the picturization is perfectly done with all factors attached. sometimes life's real values comes from unknown !!! hence understanding them at the correct time is foremost which is shown at the end . The viewpoint is more important because the worth of life and its related effects gives the motivation that everything is not lost and still there is something in it which is depicted very well., i wish this is the essential factor to live a happy life. hence all those who are reading this review watch this movie and enjoy life with a meaningful purpose.
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Sweet & Cute
yogi-d0512 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
'Sweet & Cute'. The first words that comes to ones mind after watching the movie. A good watch in the medium budget movies produced in India. Ayesha looks beautiful as always. I think its Rannvijay's first movie as a solo & he acted good coming out of the sphere of MTV reality shows. Movie is filmed in beautiful & scenic Niligiris. Music is not that great & will not appeal directly to your mind but the guitar play is soothing in almost all songs. The storyline losses its grip at some places & gives you feeling that its all predictable but the end of the movie is different than what one expect from the mentality created by watching a series of bollywood movies where the end is always where everything goes perfectly fine like the fairy tales. However, my sincere request to director that the people watching the movie are not a bunch of idiots & you are not making a typical shahrukh khan movie where you try to show the leads in school 10 years younger & that will go smoothly through the eyes of the people watching the movie. Please replace them with junior artists,people will still understand that what you are referring to instead of dressing the grownups in school dress. At last, I will not say its a great movie but i think good for one time watch.
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Had Potential
CriticGirl9127 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The one thing I cannot deny about this film is that it has its heart in the right place. Unfortunately, it makes several errors that are hard to ignore.

The movie begins well with a simplistic feel. It focuses on the issue of a father waiting morbidly for his wife, who is never to return. Correctly in her place, the daughter is tired of this wait. This point is well connected in the story later. However, in the dull moments of the film where it drags needlessly, it would have been nice to be introduced to the protagonist's mother in flashbacks.

It then moves on to some fan moments of the director as he pays homage to the legendary singer Kishore Kumar. This track was totally unnecessary to the plot, and a mere indulgence on the part of the director. He could have at least connected it by having the protagonist be a singer rather than a mouth organ player later. When things are so forced, the film seems to be straying all over.

Then comes the actual plot where Andy meets Aranya.It's stretched out,yet interesting as a mystery surrounds the air. Who is Andy? Is he really Andy? And the film then goes to the track of DID which was also introduced in Bhool Bhulaiyya, and I have the same complaint here, it is not given the footage it deserves. You don't take a rare major disorder and treat it like a typical car accident. I also had major issue with the fact that the poor protagonist who is blamed for something she had no hand in, is not given enough character for the audience to sympathize with.

Then comes an absolutely unrequired track of a money lender trying to buy off the protagonist by forgiving her loan. This gave me a complete Dor nostalgia and made me wonder about the director's obsession with female buying tracks. Is it not enough to have expressed it through one film? Finally, the protagonist believes love can cure an illness much better than therapy can. And this is what made me feel that the film has its heart in the right place. Unfortunately, I was very confused about what the protagonist wanted. Did she want Andy as she always claimed that she loved Andy? This means that she never wanted Abhay to be cured of his DID. That gave me the creeps. She took him away from Etc which was great. But what about further therapy? What did she plan on that? On the upside, the film is made with a lot of simplicity, and is narrated without unnecessary dramatization. Ranvijay has done a brilliant job here of showcasing two personalities without engaging in antics. Some songs also give a nice, humble feel.

On the downside, which is heavy here, Ayesha's acting is not emotive enough. Yes, she is a tough girl. but even the toughest melt to some extent in unexpected times. The songs were needless and boring for the most. And the worst part of this film was its very half hearted attempt to explore a different and likable take on a much discussed mental disorder. The perspective of love. Not what I expected from this remarkable director.
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