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The Gift Of Hope
On A Starless Night30 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i loved it.A good family movie.Dear friend if you are on the verge of loosing hope or if you no longer believe in the presence of God please i sincerely request you to watch 'i am Gabriel'.The reason i recommend this movie to you is because it was Hope that kept me alive on a starless night.Hope is one important element of life,without hope life ceases.It is in pain we realize the importance of God and his Grace and the movie does justice in establishing that view. Although the movie plot is predictable, give it a try.It will not disappoint you.It will help rekindle that lost hope in your heart.The movie ended with tears flowing down my cheeks.i will always be glad that my first review was for a movie named 'i am Gabriel'.I hope the reviews and the rating will get better too.
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Well intentioned, but so predictable
ziploked28 August 2012
First of all, the title alone gives the whole movie away if you've ever learned anything about Christianity. This movie is well-intentioned, sweet, and yet watching it feels like you've already seen it. For some reason though, I watched it until the end, even though I rolled my eyes upon seeing exactly what I expected to be the climax of the film.

For those out there who'll lament that its a Christian film and speaks of God...well just don't watch it and don't b*$#@h about it! I'm always amazed how people can be OK accepting concepts in Star Wars like "The Force", and "Use The Force," yet be totally not OK with the parallel concept of God and Prayer. Really...what's the difference? Anyway, I'm not here to rant or preach, I'm just saying that if you don't like stuff like this, don't watch it and then write a complaint about it. If you do like heartwarming Christian themes, this movie has them--it just has a far too predictable storyline to make it a really good movie. It's more of Christian fairy tale than anything else--but then a whole lot of us grew up loving fairy tales, didn't we? Watch it with the kiddies, the ultimate message is good whether you believe in the delivery or not.
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marygia20123 September 2012
Of course its a B movie most people don't react well to Blockbuster movies about Christianity. This like Joshua 2002, Left Behind, people scoffed and then they stopped making the LB movies, when HOPE and FAITH are what we need most in these trying times. Bravo to all participated in sharing this message. I truly appreciate movies that inspire us to be better than we are to trust and hold to what true. Sometimes the tech no blockbuster stuff takes away from the message so we need something simple and straightforward like I am Gabriel so that we can see more clearly

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DrTeeth0071 January 2013
I cannot begin to explain how execrable this film is. I begrudge giving it 1 star; 1/4 star would be generous.

It is so on so many fronts.

First, the acting is the worst I have ever seen. The whole cast was worse than the worst amateur troupe you could imagine. Sorry for the frequent use of the same word, but I am sure IMDb has a swearing/expletive policy, and I do not wish to fall foul of it.

Second, from the story line I was expecting a proper film and not a thinly-veiled Christian evangelical propaganda film. It is so bad, I would advise watching it with a few beers on board.

Calling this a 'family film' and making children watch it would expose one to charges of child cruelty.

You only get one life, do not waste a second of it on this. I did so you don't have to.
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Terrible Acting
tehbyondlegend28 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just terrible First off, not to down on Christian movies just for the sake of it, but almost every Christian movie I watch has terrible acting, with the exception of a few. This one is not in that "exception" category.

On top of which the writers of this movie basically give you the entire plot in 15mins, thus ruining the entire film.

Where's the suspense? Wheres the build up? Where's the mystery? Kid walks up, they almost hit him, they take him to the doctor, he spills everything. Haven't these writers ever heard "god works in mysterious ways?" Apparently not.
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Watch before you judge
prestimion197316 July 2013
I read some reviews before i watched the movie, it did affect my initial idea. I agree that you must'not compare the movie to 'The Passion' or another similar movie, it is predictable and the acting could be better. I am not into any religion, but respect and admire some people who know how to experience it without trying to push their believes to others.

I loved that more then one religion is being interpreted and displayed. And perhaps things are all too obvious and most certainly predictable, but i think it's all about hope in any way, or better the loss of it and how to regain it.

Despite the bad acting there were several moments, that the shivers went down my spine. I'll remember it for sure. And if you are into religion(s), just watch it.
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I Am Gabriel
Chris4 July 2013
I Am Gabriel is inspirational film and all-around very uplifting. After seeing this film it touched my soul as it did for many children and families. Wonderful story by Mike Norris, Kaci Hill, and Neal Odom. Wonderful directing by Mike Norris as well he did a great job on this.

Fantastic acting by the amazing Gavin Casalegno. He brought the Gabriel character to life and seeing him on screen starring as Gabriel it really uplifted me from then on. Great job Gavin.

The story-line itself was very well created and it enlightened and shared a great message. This movie is a #1 recommendation on my end and you will be inspired by it and the message that Gavin's character shares will not only touch your soul, but will change your life but overall the movie will change your life and you will watch this again. This was a great film and you will love it.

Give it watch and you'll be moved.
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I wanted to like it, but I couldn't
mike-ryan4551 March 2013
I like a good Christian movie. I really do. I thoroughly enjoyed many that were panned as marginal like "The Encounter." When I checked the reviews on this one and saw they were so bad I was still quite hopeful that it was just the usual anti-Christian bias and that the movie would be enjoyable even though the rating on IMDb was under four.

Boy was I wrong. The movie was just as bad as the other reviewers said. The acting and story were painfully bad. The kid couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Gavin Casalegno as Gabriel was just out of his league. He might be fine for bit parts and he might develop into something but now, he was obviously barely remembering his lines. Likewise, the husband (Carey Scott) was particular over his head.

The script also was too predictable and painful.

I hate doing anything that discourages Christian independent film makers. We need more of them. But a good Christian movie needs to also be a good movie.
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Err... I think I chose the wrong movie.
conrad-402-7047228 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A few hours before land fall of hurricane Isaac, I was hoping to view a well filmed movie that would keep me 'film satisfied' over the next few days while having no power. Unfortunately, the initial scene opened up to a husband without and a doctor sweating more than the woman giving birth... You just had a bloody fetus come out of your body... I want to see that in your acting. The town setting was all wrong. From the description of the film, I was expecting a poor rural town set in a back country with open farm land and all the issues that come along with destitution. Allowing plenty of beautiful wide angle shots showing the sensitive nature of the town's atmosphere. Instead, its an urban town, plenty of cars rolling around, and IKEA furniture. Oh! I can't forget about farmer John rolling through throwing dirt around mentioning how his crops won't produce due to the minimal water supply the town has been undergoing. Only once in the entire movie did you see a clip related to farming. (1.28.14). A few car chase scenes by the grumpy Sheriff, in militia attire, were pretty entertaining. Plus, he was driving a pretty sweet bronco. Overall, the movie isn't that great use of your film watching time. Be kind to other people, share the love, help your neighbor, and an angel boy by the name of GABRIEL will show up and bless everyone. Jk. We have the power to change what ever we choose. Choose a different film. Also, choose to love others. :) I will say one more thing. The story had great potential. The film was guided down the path of Christianity versus a plot with true beauty and value. I'm really not sure what I was to gather from the film... Am I suppose to feel a relation to one of the characters and inadvertently be washed in the blood? Will I not be able to see GABRIEL the winged boy if I don't try to high five HIM? 1.26.14... I died... Nice tears Dean, looked like you really had something there. Cheers folks
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Nauseating, bile inducing, self righteous twaddle.....
sneakygloworm28 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
UUUUURRRRGGGGHHH, A (TV) film about a failing dust bowl community of about 25, somewhere in the God old....oops I meant good old US of A where a young boy, who, appears to have the power of good (yawn) and the acting skills of of the horned one, arrives to put everything to rights. Pretty much every body in the town is a law abiding citizen and a devout church goer. (bile rising hard now). Then the little boy tells everyone how good they are and does some cheesy miracles and the film probably ends on a high note. But I felt so ill watching this pathetic attempt at human salvation that I was hoping someone would actually call social services and get the vomit inducing little man adopted to a family who believe that children should be seen and not heard.

The blonde bloke from "dukes of Hazard" is in it and Dean Cain from Superman is in it. I had much more fun remembering that they were BOTH in Superman!!! Awesome! Anyway, Dukes of Hazard geezer arrives on Set and then Dean cain arrives on set. They look at each other and Dean Cain says "I see your career has gone down the toilet as well". Foul waste of Money and celluloid.
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This movie is inspirational and spirit-lifting
victhfaing9 July 2015
Well, movies and plays are not and should not be judged mainly by their sophistication or the lack of it. They are written with intentions, goals or objectives. Once that is achieved, a movie can be said to make sense. On this ground I highly recommend this movie, 'I am Gabriel'. From the very beginning, when I saw the quote from Chronicles on prayer, I waited to see the unfolding of such a theme. A community was facing lots of challenges, got so used to her condition, some fled in search of greener pastures, others waited, but none did the right thing until God Himself comes to their aid. All we need is faith and hope in God. It is a biblical fact that the right thing we are able to do, the grace to do those things come from God Himself. It is one theme that Christian movie makers seldom think of. The society also, thinking we can always handle our situations and all, we seldom call on GOD. It is no wonder that we do not expect Him to do anything in our midst and when He does it we view it from our lenses of 'scepticism'. I praise God for the lives of the writers and the producers of this movie. For truly, if God's children call on Him, He will heal their land.
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Give it a chance
afisher01178 October 2012
Okay, admittedly ten out of ten might be a little much, but let me explain myself. Subjectively I enjoyed pretty much everything about this movie and was very surprised to see how low the rating was. Objectively, sure there are some moments where the acting might have been a little off, or where the shot could have been done better, but this isn't a multi-million dollar film we're talking about either. I am Gabriel is a nice, heartwarming, family movie that leaves you feeling good. What more can you ask for? I was appalled that this movie was rated at the same level as films such as 'The Room' and 'Troll'; movies that are so much worse than this film could ever be. Because of this, I gave the movie a ten. It deserves a watch, and a much better rating than it has gotten.
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Unfailing Grace
jennifersnider4230 November 2013
I have been a believer for quite some time and this movie has touched my heart and regenerated that love I have for my Savior, Jesus Christ. It goes without saying that Faith (and Hope) can move mountains. The film certainly projects the message of this very thing. The message is true, graceful, and powerful.

The overall message is that everyone is free to choose, or not to choose His way. That's the Grace He freely gave. I absolutely would recommend this movie to everyone. John Schneider and Dean Cain are extremely powerful in I am...Gabriel. And the actor who portrays The Messenger, Gabriel, deserves more roles like this.
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good intentions
Armand8 November 2012
a religious film in Protestant style. not bad but it remains obvious lesson. or only forced propaganda. and it is fundamental error. a galloping script creates bizarre atmosphere. a not gentle manner to present delicate things. a movie about faith, miracles, hope and new beginning. but as salad or brutal demonstration. a boy. a town. a meeting. as seeds of a metamorphose. a good work in crisis time. but... so many strange things - Muslim pray mat, dialog with Down syndrome young man etc. but its heart is important. naive but important. in a profound way. it is like a child drawing. not perfect. but touching. just nice. precious as fruit of real good intentions. and that is only fact who matters.
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A good and inspiring movie
Paul Moore25 November 2017
I really liked this movie. I am not a Christian, but I thought it was really well done. I think the movie offered hope and I think that is what we all need on this planet is more hope. I liked the fact that there was no profanity, nudity, or other things that so many movie producers feel they need to make a movie sell. I thought the movie was believable and for that reason I gave it an 8 star rating.
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imdb-david30 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Why doesn't the kid ever smile?

I'm all for Christian movies, but there is no doubt as many have said that this is a B movie. There are some minor doctrinal problems (such as - very minor spoiler - no angel is ever shown in Scripture to have two wings. They have six, four or none). Scripture tells us that there are far more people who will reject the message of God's love through Jesus than accept it, so a whole town that turns to him is at best - not normal.

The story is well-intentioned, the acting is almost adequate though it often appears as if 'lines are being read'. There is no significant tension, no surprise twists, or unexpected responses from people the way real life would present. There is praise always given to God, and that is right and good. With a lot of work this could have been good. I like the aspect of the boy being God's messenger, so there are a number of things that are good about it, but the presentation fails I'm afraid.

And what's the deal with the kid NEVER smiling. Surely the Christian life is full of joy at what the Father has done for us, and most Christians I meet smile a lot. He should be giving us an example of the peace and joy of Christian life.

That's mho anyway.

The Gentle Knight
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Wonderful uplifting movie
edithcw16 April 2017
I absolutely loved this movie! It is filled with grace, and hope, and is totally uplifting. I love how everything in the movie points to God as the ultimate Source of everything. I love the way the movie stresses prayer especially impressing upon the viewer that when we pray, sincerely, God is pleased. I have read some of the negative reviews about the acting and feel those reviewers missed the point. This is a movie about faith and hope, and yes, this is a Christian movie. If you want to watch a movie that will touch your soul, this will do it.
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Pray for real revival, but...
Nick Vander3 March 2017
I like Christian movies as much as anyone, and I wish more of them could be made. But this movie was such a bad movie. The acting was so horrible and the movie overall was so predictable. Unfortunately there is nothing positive I can say about this film. I wish and pray for revival in our world (North America especially) but this movie was just so disappointing.

Most of the time I ignore ratings and reviews (especially for Christian movies because of the bias against genuine Christian entertainment) until I have a chance to judge something for myself. But in this case, I wish I had paid attention to the reviews instead of waste an hour and a half of my time.
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a Christian film
Kirpianuscus15 November 2016
it is easy to define it as awful, but this verdict is a mistake. I am ...Gabriel has all the virtues and all the errors of an Evangelical Christian film. first, it is a film about Christian values. and it has a precise target. and the only sin remains the rush to tell the story. to present the miracle. the acting is far to be great but this could not be a real surprise. because the good point in this case remains the presence of John Schneider and Dean Cain in symbolical roles. the atmosphere, the symbols, the change of things, the new birth of community are the pillars of a film who reminds teachings and duties. so, I am ...Gabriel is far to be a revelation. only a Christian film. same recipes, same message, same remind of the essence of a life style.
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Not bad, Enjoyable
katosubzero23 October 2016
23 October 2016

In additional to my original comments that I wrote earlier about this film; "I am Gabriel", it is worth watching.

Some of the best Christian movies are made by a film production company named "Pure Flix". Check out a great action drama titled "Courageous" that was out in theaters about three years ago.

However the only thing more I would have like to have seen is a more MultiRacial cast with one or two African Americans, Hispanic Americans and perhaps an Asian American too. After all, there are people in All races that are Christians and believe in God and Jesus Christ / Yeshua too and all races and nationalities should be depicted in every film in this decade.
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Not bad, Enjoyable.
KATO-SUBZERO23 October 2016
23 October 2016, Sunday: I found this movie today by accident and I am glad that I did. I enjoyed it even though it is Not on the level of such films as "God is Not Dead" or "Heaven is Real" but over all, I liked the story line. The young actor, Gavin who played angel Gabriel did the best he could and he should be applauded for the work he did.

I would much rather see this type of film than a movie with a lot unnecessary profanity/cursing and abuse on women in every scene.

For those who did Not like the movie and have nothing but negative things to say, I offer the negative critic two comments.

1. It was a Free movie. You did not have to pay to see it. 2. A quote from Pastor Joel Osteen. "Everyone has a right to tell you their negative opinion and you have every right not to listen to it." by Pastor Joel Osteen
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Definitely a good movie
Daniel Bikker30 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I just read the reviews after seeing the movie. I kind of understand the negative comments on the acting, yet thats exactly what I like about such actors. They are not the overacting type we have in every "good" movie. They looked like real folks experiencing something unusual. Thou the there is an early kind of revelation in the movie, it still wants to make you wait for the rest in the end. But hey, who cares, I think we can find something in every movie which could do better.

The movie has a message and succeeded in delivering it. Definitely a feelgood family movie. Just don't be expecting a Hollywood blockbuster.
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Wonderful Movie
I just saw this movie yesterday for the first time, I think the cast was classically done.. The Angel Gabriel is just adorable, very calm and well out spoken but I think some things should have been further explained, like the part the girl died in the church and was reawakened.

Also the part, where the sheriff of the town discovered he was an angel, the way he fell down on his knees showed submission but there was no part, where he was actually led to Christ. This is really important in a gospel movie.

But above all, a wonderful gospel movie... The Director did very well I must say.
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Dio è amore!
gesutisalva27 July 2015
I would like to see this film in Italian, because it glorifies God, not man. This film highlights the abysmal difference that exists between the messenger and the one who sends it; also it teaches us to pray and to get changed into joy the most desperate situations. This film teaches us to love. It teaches us to forgive. It is an instrument of salvation in Jesus. thank God! Johon: 16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
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A good feel-good film, if you're not particular.
browntable75914 March 2014
Seriously, this is neither more nor less than a vaguely religious feel- good film. Heartwarming if you're the sentimental type, nice ending, nothing particularly clever about it, but nothing awful either. It's cheesy and clichéd, but I always say there's nothing wrong with a good cliché. I watched it online and I would say if you're into that sort of thing, it's worth an hour and a half of your time, but it's not worth money. In appearance and words, Gabe, the main character, is sufficiently mysterious to make the story somewhat interesting. The other characters are reasonably well-developed considering the number of different stories the movie tries to tell. Some of the side-plots felt incomplete, like there was a back-story that we're supposed to know even though the story didn't tell it, but there's enough to get the general gist of it. Note, it's not "Christian." It's "religious." General talk about God and Jesus, but nothing profound.
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