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Entertaining and Thought Provoking

Author: jonathan-476-144118 from Los Angeles
15 September 2012

This is a low budget movie, made for about $100,000 (in 2011 dollars). And is the first feature film by the producer Art Olivier.

Considering those facts, the production quality is amazing. Disregarding them, is it worth your time? Probably, yes.

It is fictional account, but is very well tied to facts and events associated with 9/11. The film weaves a speculative tale that provides a credible (or at least interesting) alternative explanation for the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Strong believers in the goodness of government will find the cognitive dissonance disturbing, and will shut their minds to the speculative plot line. Anyone with an open mind and ignorant of 9/11 conspiracy theories will find it interesting, but a bit hard to follow in places. 9/11 conspiracy theorists will find it fascinating.

The pacing is brisk, the acting is not bad, and the storyline intricate. Not a dramatic masterpiece, but a great vehicle for provoking thought and discussion, and fun to watch. I liked it better than Atlas Shrugged I. For most people, it is well worth the $20 cost of the DVD. Forget about seeing in the theater, it is too controversial for distribution in the U.S.

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Answers way more questions than the Official Conspiracy Theory

Author: Rick-408-903796
9 October 2012

The acting and special effects may be questionable, but the movie answers way more questions than the Official Conspiracy Theory offered by Bush and Cheney. It explains the 3 key questions that the 9/11 Commission Report did not: 1. How did 6 ton steel beams fly 600 feet laterally at 60 mph? What provided such an explosive force? 2. How did the steel and concrete beams and floors collapse at free fall speed for 2.4 seconds acknowledged by NIST? 3. How did NORAD and ANG fail to intercept 4 subsonic aircraft within an hour, even from bases near NY and DC, when they train to this within minutes, and have anti-aircraft stingers missiles at the Pentagon?

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Great Attempt at a Whitewash

Author: Grim Fandango from United States
26 January 2014

The film, likely shot by a Hollywood group, covers a lot of ground and offers up many potential culprits, and a specific reason for the attack.

But it misses one group completely, a group that actually benefited greatly and lost nothing.

They missed mentioning the dancing and celebrating young men who had video equipment set up aimed at the WTC from across the Hudson River, PRIOR to the first plane striking. They knew in advance. They were dancing around and celebrating, while everyone else was in shock. They have become known as the "Dancing Israelis" and if you want to know more just Google them.

They missed the real estate mogul, owner of dozens of high-rise commercial properties in NYC and Chicago who took ownership of WTC1 and WTC2 just six months before they were destroyed. These towers were chronically under-occupied due to rent that was out of line, and were in dire need of massive overhauls for elevators, HVAC, fiber data cable installation, and the biggie, they had ASBESTOS on the steel beams that would cost many millions to be removed. He, seemingly stupidly, took them on anyway, insured them to the hilt with a terrorist damage rider, and had his horrible investment turn into a massive windfall on the morning of 9/11. His name was "Lucky" Larry Silverstein, the best friend of Bibi Netanyahu and a dual citizen of Israel. Bibi had this to say about the 9/11 incident; "It's very good…….Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)" A good detective always determines who benefited from the crime as the first step. America is attacked by 19 Muslim men from Saudi Arabia, led by Osama bin Laden, from Saudi Arabia (an ally of Israel). Instead of attacking Saudi Arabia, America responds by attacking Iraq (an enemy of Israel) and Afghanistan (an enemy of Israel). American blood and treasure has been offered up to destroy an avowed enemy of Israel because Saudi Arabia, an ally of Israel, supposedly attacked an American city.

I think this film needs a sequel. Or, maybe, this back-lot Hollywood production was especially written as a purposeful cover up

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A story of how 9/11 was accomplished as an inside job

Author: (dave_dial-1) from United States
26 April 2012

This thriller tells the story of how the destruction of the World Trade Center towers might have been accomplished as an inside job. The story is told from the viewpoint of the participants. The whole operation is done as a top secret project started at the direction of an elite member of "The Council" (conspiracy buffs will immediately recognize who they are) and coordinated by a small team of CIA agents assigned the job. A team of aerospace engineers is assembled to design the remote-controlled planes for the attack and is sworn to secrecy, even to the point of not specifying how the planes are to be used. ("That information is above our pay grade.") The filmmakers went to quite some trouble to use as much publicly available information about 9/11 as possible, such as Secretary of Transportation Norman Maneta's account of what took place on 9/11 in the Presidential command center deep beneath the White House, using the exact dialog as given by Maneta. 9/11 may not have happened exactly as depicted in this film, but it does conform to what most of us have been able to find. Kudos to director/actor Paul Cross and producer Art Olivier for getting the most "bang" out of a shoestring budget.

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Good idea but no cigar

Author: rayantoky from United States
22 August 2013

Nice idea and comes close to the truth. However there has never been enough evidence to prove the existence of two planes at the Towers and a plane at the pentagon.(They may have the Pentagon part right.) The videos shown as proof were basically cartoons. The plane that was seen at the site was a flyby commented on by Diane Sawyer. No 'black' boxes were discovered. No engines except one planted one of the wrong size. The ones who got the story right prove that NO PLANES went into buildings on 9/11. Not even drones or remote controlled planes. I would like to see this film, although certainly not for $20 as it is just an example of more disinformation foisted on the public to muddy the waters even more. The media which partners with the government is as culpable. No surprise as they all wear the same stripes.

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