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Season 1

16 Nov. 2011
Jet-Powered Office Chair
John Bowler heads to San Bernardino to find Don Giandomenico. He's just like anybody else on the block, except that his garage contains, among other amazing things, a homemade Jet Bike. After testing this mind-blowing, hand-tooled machine on an airport runway, the two decide to make something completely wacko: the world's fastest (and no doubt first) jet-powered office chair. Bowler dons the fire suit for the test-ride of his life!
5 Oct. 2011
Ultimate Rock Crawler
Bowler meets Cameron Carlson, a heavy machine operator who has built a truly amazing engineering wonder: the jaw-dropping, rock-crawling Chain Link. It can do ALMOST anything when it comes to crazy terrain, but John challenges this Ojai "dude" to take it even farther... Straight up!
12 Oct. 2011
Turbo-Charged Leaf Blower
Chris Krug is your average every day Georgia neighbor, except that he happens to have dropped a helicopter engine into his minivan. Bowler challenges Krug to build the ultimate multipurpose lawn tool out of one of his homemade turbojets... and where's there's smoke, there's fire!
12 Oct. 2011
The Moon Jumper
Just outside Reno, Nevada, Bowler meets the Needham brothers, a pair of wildly adventurous young science and engineering geeks who have built what they call, a "Moon Jumper" in the middle of the desert. It is pure, gigantic fun, but when John gets hold of it, this two-story teeter-totter for one person doubles in scope and becomes an astounding spectacle to behold, a bona fide thrill ride, and one of the most formidable builds of the series. The Needham Brothers soar!
26 Oct. 2011
Basketball-Playing Robot
Steve Norris is a great robotics engineer, and a terrible basketball player. So (obviously) Bowler challenges him to build a robot who can shoot hoops. Together, they construct a gigantic contraption they call "Basket-Bot," the Jordan of Steve's much-shorter robot population.
26 Oct. 2011
Water Cannons on Wheels
In addition to making a million things that shoot fire, Phoenix-based inventor, Lance Greathouse builds the coolest wheelchairs ever - crazy robotic chairs that go off-road, operate mock machine guns or simply look and sound like something out of science fiction. Bowler thinks fire is too obvious for Lance, so they brainstorm to create a pair of warring water chariots, and have it out, dousing each other in a crazy jousting match... with a VERY watery end.
26 Oct. 2011
Swamp Flyer
George Jacobs is a self-described "Swamp Critter," known throughout aviation circles as Gyro Jake. This aerodynamics genius lives in the Everglades' swamp with his cat and peacock and builds one-of-a-kind Gyroplanes from scratch. Now, John challenges Jake to put his aerodynamic expertise to work in the water. What they make is nothing short of swamp genius.
5 Oct. 2011
The 26-Foot Lawn Dart
In Detroit, John has teamed up with Len Puch, and "Speedcult," a group of Detroit fabricators with a taste for metal, speed and rock n' roll. Together, they combine a homemade fire-throwing roller coaster with an air-powered dragster. Now THAT's a Lawn Dart!
19 Oct. 2011
World's Weirdest Bike
There's this guy in Oakland... His name is Johnny Payphone. He makes contraptions of the pedal-powered sort with his buddy "Mudd," who lives in the garage. Yep. For real. When Bowler shows up it's the chance to make something only these two unlikely geniuses could imagine: a kind of motorcycle powered by two huge springs. These three guys together are at once hysterical, brilliant... and dangerous.
16 Nov. 2011
Lawn Mower Hovercraft
Gary Sloat is about as "normal" as anyone else from Davenport, Iowa. He, like so many other dads in his neck of the woods, likes to make stuff. He just happens to make more complicated stuff than most other folks, out of stuff that isn't supposed to be the stuff he makes it into. So, rather than spend a bunch of money and make something effectively, Gary tries to make things work out of what he already has. And that is why John challenges Gary to make two hovercraft out of a couple of Lawnmowers.

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