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Previously in Italy: The Situation fights with Ronnie (and strains his neck); Sweetheart fights with Ronnie (and cries); and Snooki fights with The Situation (and worries about her relationship with Jionni). Now in Italy: The Situation is a sorry sight lounging on the couch in his neck brace. "I can't eat," he tells the camera. "I can't GTL. I'm upset, man." Vinny and Pauly take the opportunity to make fun of The Situation, calling his neck brace "funny." It's hard to blame them. Meanwhile, Ronnie wakes up and apologizes to Sweetheart. The poor girl doesn't know what to think. It's hard to blame her.

Later, the ladies head to lunch and also make fun of The Situation. "How can you get sympathy for a self-inflicted injury?" asks an incredulous JWoww. Back at the house, The Situation just wants to "go home" -- and finds comforting words from, of all people, Ronnie. "Even though we fought, I'm not a bad-hearted guy," Ronnie tells the camera. Soon, The Situation begins to cry. Seriously. The two hug and share a fist bump. The Situation then decides to "man up" -- and dramatically removes his neck brace. "The Situation is back," he declares.

Also back: trouble with Jionni. Snooki gives her man a call and, after declaring that she wants to "suck your butt," becomes angry when Jionni expresses disgust. The two then begin to fight. Snooki suggests that perhaps Jionni shouldn't visit Italy ... and hangs up in a huff. Enter Dr. Ronnie, who advices Snooki not to "change yourself for someone else." Snooki agrees. Pauly then does the unthinkable: he lets non-professional Deena do his hair. Everyone gathers around to watch. When it's all over, Pauly has a Mohawk-style do that is really no more ridiculous then his old flattop-style do. "Yo, I look like one of those guidos on TV," he comments. Amused, Vinny then begins to dress up like the "ultimate guido" using Deena's track suits. Explains Vinny: "All we need is FPC: fist bump, pushup, Chapstick." "You're like every guy I've ever dated," laughs JWoww.

Later, Ronnie pulls aside Sweetheart to talk. Both are sober, but it doesn't matter. Sweetheart soon calls Ronnie a "pig" for calling other girls from Long Island. Meanwhile, Vinny and Pauly are ready to tear their hair out. "It's like listening to the same annoying record over and over and over," Vinny moans. And it's so true. Ronnie accuses Sweetheart of being a total hypocrite. "How many girls' numbers did you bring to this house?" Sweetheart asks. Ronnie scoffs and tells Sweetheart that he'll stop "chasing" her if that is what she wants. Vinny has finally had enough. He intervenes and asks that Ronnie and Sweetheart please stop fighting around the other roommates. "I just want to have fun in Italy," Vinny says. Sweetheart promises to try to honor the request.

At the end of the conversation, Ronnie and Sweetheart are somehow back together.

Later that night, Snooki continues to complain that The Situation claims to have hooked up with her. "I feel bad because I betrayed Nicole's trust," he tells the camera. "Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut, but I still care about the girl." Club time. The gang, including The Situation, start drinking and dirty dancing. Ronnie and Sweetheart are soon making out. Ronnie promises never to hurt Sweetheart again ... but soon hurts his knee after falling on the dance floor. Snooki, meanwhile, is trading words with a bunch of "bitchy girls." One of the ladies throws a drink in Deena's face. Soon, Snooki and Deena are screaming and swinging ... and somehow end up accidentally fighting each other. It all ends with Deena and Snooki laughing at their mistake. And Vinny laughing harder.

Hours later, Snooki calls Jionni and the pair immediately begin to fight. Jionni is annoyed that Snooki is drunk. He asks if Snooki hooked up with anyone. She is offended. Paging Dr. Ronnie! Ronnie grabs the phone and tries to talk to Jionni. Jionni's response: "**** you." Ronnie accuses Jionni of being a jerk. Snooki begins to cry. "I feel like I'm being judged all the time!" Snooki tells the camera. "It's annoying." JWoww is disgusted with Jionni. Sweetheart is disgusted with Jionni. Ronnie is disgusted by Jionni. Deena, meanwhile, is too busy flirting on the phone with her Italian waiter, who agrees to come over at 4 a.m. "He must really like Deena," Sweetheart says.

Deena then notices what appears to be a hicky on the waiter's neck. The waiter claims it came from a fight with his sister. Understandably, but still sort of amazingly, Deena decides to send the boy home. "Poor guy, he struck out twice," Pauly observes. The next morning, EVERYBODY is complaining about Jionni. Apparently, he is holding Snooki back. Snooki, though, wakes up and announces that she was blacked out. She doesn't even remember what happened. JWoww suggests staging an intervention -- not for the alcohol abuse, of course, but because of Snooki's addiction to her BF. "I'm not addicted to heroin or anything," Snooki explains. "I'm just addicted to my boyfriend's penis."

Will Snooki drop Jionni? Will Ronnie stick with Sweetheart? Will The Situation make the neck brace a popular clubbing accessory? Stay tuned ...


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