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"Eureka" Just Another Day... (2012)

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After getting the news that Eureka is being shut down, Carter thinks it was inevitable. At Carpe Diem, Vincent wants people to help eat his fridge of perishable organic produce.

Carter says Zoe is coming back today to say good-bye.

Henry's upset because Grace's hearing is today and he knows nothing about it. Carter mentions that Henry knows nothing about how they spied, which gives him an idea.

At GD, it's packing day. Jo has her hair down. Zane asks Jo about her job offers, including at Area 51 and something in DC. Zane could go work at CERN in Switzerland or MIT.

She has to make a list of pros and cons to decide, she wants to be practical about it.

Allie does a scan on Holly. She still can't remember anything since coming to Eureka, like becoming an astronaut or dying. She also doesn't remember dating Fargo. Allison urges her to get familiar with GD again.

Fargo sulks in his office over losing his girlfriend, his job and his town. He says it was going great, they were exceeding expectations. They have six weeks to pack up.

Or they do until someone from the DOD comes and tells them they have to pack up today.

Carter brings Zoe in. She's about to graduate from Harvard. They pass moving vans on the way back in to town.

Carter says he won't miss saving everyone from themselves.

At GD, Fargo resolves to take a stand against the move out orders. He plunks down in the center of the entry and activates a strong force device that roots him in place.

On the road, Carter tells Zoe it'll be nice to be rid of all the craziness. Just then, their SUV drives through a rift of some kind and all of a sudden they're in the rotunda at GD and Carter has to slam on the breaks to avoid running over squatting Carter.

Fargo thinks they were wormholed.

Out on the road, Andy sets up crime scene tape. He sticks his arm through the wormhole and it comes out in GD. Fargo swears it has nothing to do with his strong force amplifier. He turns it off. Andy tosses a pine cone through the worm hole.

Henry asks Zane if he can get back the evidence against Grace.

Carter checks in on Parrish, who is delighted to be leaving. He points out all his equipment has been shut down. He excuses himself to go get a cucumber facial and steam at the spa.

Zane tries to get the info but risks crashing the file transfer to DC so he has to shut it off.

Holly goes to Carpe Diem and tries to remember. There's a flash and Parrish walks in in a robe and cucumber mask. He drops his robe. "Mantastic," says Vincent.

With Carter on the scene, Parrish explains that he was walking from his treatment room to the steam room. Holly remembers getting wormholed by Dr. Fargo, and she liked it.

Parrish's chest is burned, which might mean the wormhole is not as stable as the last one. Carter races off to section five.

Back in his garage, Henry opens the files and sees video of himself transmitting coordinates.

In the GD rotunda, Fargo tries to argue the value of innovation in Eureka. Zoe and a few others join Fargo on his sit-in.

Carter leaves Henry a message. Zane thinks it's possible something got jostled in the move. Zane asks Carter if Jo has said where she wants to go. Carter suggests he just ask her.

Jo comes for a progress report and he tells her he's making of list of pros and cons. She mocks him back, telling him to wait and see how he feels about it. Not what Carter meant about talking to her. "It's not my fault she talks back," Zane says.

Carter chases after Jo. She says it would be too depressing if it didn't work out. "More depressing than not trying?" Carter asks.

They're interrupted by Jim Taggert (Matt Frewer) chasing after Lojack the dog.

Allie checks out Parrish, who is interested in how long Holly's memory loss will last. Allie is worried about Parrish's burn, which is essentially from having a layer of his skin sliced off. Wormholes shouldn't do that, unless two wormholes are intersecting.

Taggert follows Lojack down the hall. As he runs by Andy, Andy grabs the leash and then fall through a wormhole as it opens in the floor. Allie calls Jack to give her an update and Lojack pops out in front of Carter along with Andy's hand.

Andy is wheeled into the lab in pieces. Allie points out that Andy is made of titanium and the effects on people could be much worse.

At a diner outside of town, Henry ignores a call from Carter. Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino) joins him. He can't believe he helped her. She says they both wanted Eureka to live up to its promise. Henry asks her to help Grace.

Jo tries to explain the situation to Fargo at his sit-in. Carter is worried that he can't find Henry. When Zane mentions Henry's not in town, Carter knows something is up. Zane confesses to pulling info off the data stream.

"Do you mean the quantum teleportation data stream?" Fargo asks. Even Carter knows that sounds like wormhole.

Zane says it has a quantum field stabilizer, but Jo knows it was on the first truck out of town. They can't stop them from forming, but they want to try to make them collapse on themselves.

Jo and Carter watch as Zane retunes the data stream to make the wormholes collapse on themselves. "If you pull this off you can write your own ticket," Jo says. "Is that what you want me to do?" Zane says. "I want you to do what makes you happy." "What if that involves being with you?" Zane says.

Zane finishes what he's doing and alarms go off like crazy. They run to the hallway and find it blocked by a giant wormhole. "I thought you said this thing was going to implode?" Carter asks. "I said theoretically," Zane clarifies. "I really hate that word," Carter says.

Back at the diner, Henry pleads with Beverly to help Grace. He wants her to talk to the DOD on Grace's behalf, but she doesn't feel like getting arrested. He leaves.

Henry tells them they have to stabilize the wormhole. Carter suggests a version of Fargo's force stabilizer thing.

Fargo gets off the phone, leaving a message for someone reminding them they owe Eureka. He calls it his hail mary.

Holly finds Fargo and kisses him. She remembers enough.

Carter comes for Fargo's device. Zane tries to amp it up. The device only works if it's attached to a person. Carter knows he's up.

"Oh, I remember now, you guys are smart and the sheriff is the strong force, he holds it all together," Holly says.

Carter races off with the device, prepared to walk into the giant wormhole. "This is our home. This is what I do," he tells Allie.

He kisses her and drives in. He falls through a giant wormhole of the past six years, with scenes of Allie, Jo, Zoe, Vincent and Nathan Stark and everyone through the years.

Carter wakes up on the lawn in town. Henry pulls up.

Back at GD, Holly tells Fargo she's been asked to join a super secret project and she gets to pick her own team.

Fargo takes a call from the Secretary of Defense. Eureka's been sold.

In town, Henry and Carter watch the trucks leave. Carter feels bad they still lost. A car pulls up and Grace gets out. Allie explains that the feds received an anonymous tip leading to Grace's release. It led to Senator Wen and evidence that tied her to the abduction of the crew. She was being held in a matrix of her own.

Andy brings Zane to Jo at the station. She gives him a lingerie box, with a jewelry box inside. It has a ring in it. She drops to one knee, saying she doesn't want to miss out on "us" again. "So what do you say, will you make an honest woman out of me?" she asks. "In any timeline," he tells her.

At Carpe Diem, Vincent apologizes to Carter and Allie and Henry and Grace that he's out of champagne. Instead he has a bottle of 1947 from the gentleman outside.

In strolls "Trent Rockwell" aka Trevor Grant (James Callis). He thinks Trent Rockwell sounds more like the name of a billionaire who has the money to sink into a giant project with no hope of return. He bought Eureka after Fargo called.

But with Fargo stepping down they need a director for GD. "I'd be honored," says Carter, then he realizes Grant didn't mean him. He meant Henry. "What do you say, you ready to change the world?" Grant asks.

Henry agrees.

Later, everyone celebrates at Carpe Diem.

Allie tells Carter they wouldn't be there without him. There's no place he'd rather be. She asks if he's sure. He is.

"Good, because I'd really like our baby to be born here," she tells him. She's pregnant. He shakes off a tiny bit of dj vu and tells her he can't wait.

Everyone celebrates and goes about wacky, daily, normal life in Eureka.

Andy goes home to Sara, Carter and Allie hang out with their children. When it's time to leave, Carter takes Zoe to the airport. They're driving in the rain, just like on the day they arrived.

They drive past a car and as it approaches, they realize they're looking at themselves from six years ago.

"We'll deal with that tomorrow," Carter says.


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