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Ashley Bell's nuanced performance and a surprisingly pyrotechnic finale liven up a gloomy sequel. Title's still nonsense, mind.
Unfortunately, no one involved seems to have bent over backwards to make the movie either original or even all that scary.
Once the “what is real, what is fantasy” questions are answered, and exorcism part deux commences, The Last Exorcism Part II abandons its half-intelligent, tender exploration of Nell's vulnerability and desirability
Unfortunately, while director/co-writer Ed Gass-Donnelly displays an admirable restraint in his general eschewing of gratuitous gore, quick editing and flashy visuals, the results have a generally soporific feel.
Now Bell can break out of the genre. She's served her time.
A stylistic departure from the shaky aesthetic of the first film. Sadly, most of its nervy shocks and creeping sense of unease go the same way.
It's competently made, but pointless.
Scenes of solemn importance drag on to the point of self-parody in an attempt at establishing mood, while dialogue reeks of connect-the-dots spoonfeeding.
Part II is every bit as cheap and far more generic, nothing more than a run of the mill ghost story masquerading as The Devil Made Her Do It.
The actual exorcism sequence, involving three well-meaning cult members and a chicken, is strangely uneventful - and if there's one thing a movie exorcism should never, ever be, it's that.
The film, however, is short on genuine scares and ingenuity.

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