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  • Using the pretense of needing a prescription refilled while his own doctor is away, Finch is able to initiate the electronic surveillance on his and Reese's next case, that of emergency room physician Dr. Megan Tillman. In following Dr. Tillman, Reese learns that she is leading a double life. While she spends tireless sixteen hour days at the hospital, her precious time away from the hospital is not spent sleeping, but rather trolling the singles bars at night. Reese is certain the other party involved in whatever will happen to her is investment banker Andrew Benton, who not only frequents the same bars but who Tillman ran into earlier that day. And Reese discovers that Benton has the date rape drug on his person. As Reese learns more about Benton, which includes past criminal offenses expunged, he figures out that not is all it appears on the surface. He and Finch will have to not only try to prevent the murder as planned, but save Dr. Tillman's soul in the process. Meanwhile, Fusco is being threatened by the Mexican drug cartel he and his colleagues used to assist in their crimes. And Carter thinks she's one step closer to tracking down Reese when she sees on security video recordings what looks to be a personal interaction at a crime scene between a masked man, who she knows is Reese, and Finch (under an alias), a supposed innocent bystander. Reese thinks he can kill both the immediate Fusco and Carter problems with one stone.

  • Reese and Finch surveil their latest POI, Dr. Megan Tillman, while she's on call and after hours to unravel the threat surrounding the promising young physician.


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  • Finch is in an ER seeing a female doctor named Megan Tillman (Linda Cardellini). She looks at his x-ray and figures out that he's had spinal fusion surgery in the last year or so. He just wants pain meds and she gives them to him. While she's turned away he switches out her beepers.

    Finch tells Reese that Tillman is the latest number to be spat out of the computer. She's a talented, hard-working doctor who lives alone. She's well liked and has had no complaints from patients. Reese thinks they'll have to watch her around the clock to figure out why she's on their radar.

    Tillman goes to a club and Reese spots a man who bumped into her earlier. He makes a point to bump into him and grabs his wallet. The guy's name is Andrew Benton and he's carrying roofies.

    It turns out that Tillman's been at the club every night that week, so she's living a double life of some sort. Benton is an investment banker with a history of accusations that make him sound like a potential sexual predator.

    Reese breaks into Benton's place and copies his laptop.

    Carter has figured out based on video of the robbery last week that Reese and Finch (who she has found under his other name) communicated.

    Finch finds that Benton has an expunged college record. He doesn't like Reese's relationship with Fusco.

    A drug dealer pays Fusco a visit looking for money that is still owed him.

    Tillman's back at the bar the next night. Tillman and Benton hit it off at the bar, though she gives him a false name. He invites her back to his place but she passes.

    Reese follows Tillman, who appears to be taking pictures of Benton with a telephoto lens. She's stalking him.

    Fusco tells Reese about being harassed by the drug dealer.

    Benton was accused of giving a woman the date rape drug in college. He got off in part because she waited two days to report the attack. The young woman was Tillman's sister who subsequently committed suicide.

    Carter pays Finch a visit about the robbery he witnessed. She confronts him about it looking as if Reese spoke to him. He says the man told him to stop staring at him and he begged for his life.

    Finch tells Reese he thinks Carter will catch up with him soon.

    Reese follows Tillman to a support group. He talks to her at the coffee machine and tells her he lost someone close to him. She tells him a story about running into Benton and when he introduces himself as "John," she responds with the alias "Kate Leman."

    Reese seems to have figured out Benton's pattern of rape.

    Following the alias Tillman's been using, Reese tracks down a home and finds it filled with materials she could use to dispose of Benton's body. Reese is worried Benton's too savvy for her and plans to get rid of him.

    Reese helps Fusco take down the drug dealers who have been pressuring him. He beats them up and takes their drugs as Fusco watches in amazement and fear at what they will do to him.

    Reese stops Benton's car and knocks him out. He wrecks the guys' car in front of the station and fills the car with drugs.

    Shockingly Benton is released the following day. Fusco says it's because of his high-profile legal team.

    Tillman's listens to what sounds like a suicide voicemail left by her sister.

    Finch spots Tillman heading towards Benton's loft and alerts Reese. At the same moment Reese is knocked out by the drug dealers.

    Tillman hits Benton with a stun gun and ties him up.

    Fusco helped the drug dealers to find Reese. They begin baiting Reese.

    Tillman puts Benton's body in a van.

    As Fusco again watches mouth agape in amazement, Reese deftly extricates himself and disposes of all the drug dealers without bothering to remove the manacles from his wrists. Fusco apologizes and Reese tells him it's time for a change of scenery, dirty cop wise, then admonishes him: "Lionel, don't do this again!"

    Reese makes a point to run into Tillman. He calls her by her real name and references knowing she has a guy tied up the back. He tells her she's a great doctor but she'll never get away with killing Benton. Reese thinks killing Benton will kill her. He says she "doesn't have to do this" and asks for her keys. She gives him the keys.

    Behind the wheel of the van Reese tells Finch that he and Benton are going to "have a little talk." Finch says he's taken care of the Carter problem. Fusco has been transferred to Carter's team.

    Reese sits across from Benton with a gun on the table. He asks whether Benton thinks that people ever really change. Reese says he could let him go, since Benton would always be looking over his shoulder. But then he says that people don't really change.

    He invites Benton to help him make a good decision about whether to kill him or not as the episode ends....

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