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You're making me sound like a sket. A "sket"? Is that a prostitute?
paolo ceccacci29 October 2017
A teenager came home late, violating the curfew dictated by his mother. As a result, she took his mobile phone, menacing him to take even his laptop next time he will be back late. Shortly after, she noticed a MMS received in which three guys took advantage of a girl (Jessica Lester), killing her by gunshot. Detectives watch the footage to find out who are the perps. At first they find an early teenager who has uploaded the video online and then it's easy to discover who the victim was: she was a track-and-field athlete who missed the last training. Back in her home, Brooks and Casey are shocked in seeing she's still alive, safe and sound. What really happened was the rape, the murder has just been staged by a fake gun. Lawyers have to convince the jury that the sex wasn't consensual as stated by the three brats.

This episode show us the new millennium rape: made by teenagers who aren't ashamed of bragging and spreading footage to all schoolmates in a blink of an eye. Victims should have guts in press charges against them, but it's not easy.
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